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  • the fun, carefree image Israel is hoping to project to the Arab world.


  • Armed with social media, Lorena Khateeb is from an Arabic language social media unit inside the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

    ソーシャルメディアで武装したLorena Khateebは、イスラエル外務省内のアラビア語のソーシャルメディアユニットの出身です。

  • Her team's mission.


  • Using social media to convince Arabs to embrace the Jewish state.


  • With a Z, you can see we're in the martini Yehuda market.


  • We traveled to many places in Israel to show the rial simple life of the Israeli citizen and the coexistence between Arabs and Jews.


  • This way we workers, Israel's ambassadors in the virtual world.


  • And this is how we build bridges between cultures and nations, away from all the politics the small team is spearheading a campaign via platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is part of a multi pronged diplomatic effort to win over popular acceptance in the Middle East.


  • But overturning decades of hostility is no easy feat, despite Israel, having recently secured landmark Washington brokered deals with the governments of the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco.


  • On October, report by the Israeli government found that during August on September, more than 90% of Arabic social media commentary regarding the normalization deals waas negative.


  • Israeli officials recognize the challenges.


  • The region has widespread support for Palestinians living under Israeli occupation or is refugees across the Middle East.


  • Lecturer and Palestinian analyst Hassan had Tibbs take on those attempts.


  • Um, until now, not enough time has passed and there aren't any studies that indicate a deep change in the public opinion.


  • In these Arab countries, fetal can build in a lot of beer.


  • E think that in the long run, it will not happen because of the reasons I mentioned which are related to the selfish nature of Israel and the aggressive nature of Israel and how it violates human rights and international laws on other laws which Arab residents in these countries respect men.


  • L R A.

    L R A.

  • L a T off on Arab battery Mona Yeah, that Foreign Ministries 10 member Arabic language team includes both Jews and Arabs.

    アラブ人のバッテリーを外したモナ 外務省の10人のアラビア語チームには ユダヤ人とアラブ人が含まれています。

  • Lorena went to Dubai recently on, of course, posted lots of picks on social media, saying she felt at home.


the fun, carefree image Israel is hoping to project to the Arab world.


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