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  • vaccines give us hope, but the rollout has been a travesty.


  • President elect Joe Biden wants to release MAWR available doses of coronavirus vaccines when he takes office, according to a spokesman, as the United States capped the first week of the new year with grim pandemic numbers, we've had 4000 deaths, 4000 deaths yesterday and things continue to rise.


  • Escalate.


  • That's my number one concern.


  • To get the virus under control.


  • I'm committed to get 100 million shots in people's arms in the 1st 100 days.


  • The US vaccine rollout has begun slowly as hospitals have not been able to administer the shots as quickly as they receive them.


  • The monumental effort has fallen far short of the goal of getting 20 million people vaccinated that the Trump administration had vowed to reach by the end of 2020.


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  • Duck Low, a spokesman for Biden's transition, told Reuters quote, The president elect believes we must accelerate distribution of the vaccine while continuing to ensure the Americans who need it most get it as soon as possible.

    ダックロー、バイデンの移行のためのスポークスマンは、ロイターの引用に語った、大統領選は、最もそれを必要とするアメリカ人ができるだけ早くそれを得ることを確実にしながら、我々 はワクチンの配布を加速する必要があると考えています。

  • The announcement marked a departure from the Trump Administration strategy of holding back a supply to ensure required second doses of the vaccines are available, manufacturing would have to be consistent enough to supply those second dose is on schedule three or four weeks after the first, according to the U.

    発表は、ワクチンの必要な 2 回目の投与量が利用可能であることを確認するために供給を保持するトランプ政権の戦略からの出発をマーク、製造はそれらの 2 回目の投与量を供給するのに十分な一貫性が必要があります 3 つまたは 4 週間後のスケジュール上の最初の後に、U によると。

  • S.


  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    疾病管理予防センター(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)。

  • As of Thursday, roughly six million people across the United States had received a first injection of the vaccines, less than one third of the more than 21 million doses shipped to date.


  • The pandemic showed no signs of abating this week, claiming the lives of more than 4000 people across the country for the second consecutive day on Thursday.


  • This as the White House Coronavirus Task Force said there could be a new variant of the virus that evolved in the United States and is driving spread, according to reports by CNBC.

    ホワイトハウス コロナウイルス タスクフォースとしてこれは、米国で進化したウイルスの新しい亜種がある可能性があると述べたし、CNBC のレポートによると、普及を推進しています。

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention later refuted that theory.


vaccines give us hope, but the rollout has been a travesty.


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