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  • it's a matter off choosing Who to sever, Who, Who not to save its not nice.


  • Rich Saxena works on the front line of South Africa's battle against covert 19, with infections now at more than a million, driven by a more contagious variant.

    リッチ・サクセナは南アフリカの最前線で 隠密19に対する戦いに取り組んでいます 今や100万人以上の感染者を抱えています より伝染性の高い亜種によって 駆り立てられています

  • He and other nurses say they can't cope because that what we're full and it is nothing the hospital management culture of damp.


  • By the way, he and other representatives of the young nurses and our betrayed union described grim conditions in South African hospitals, including patients sleeping on the floor and morgues that are full.


  • Our communities must prepare to die and die in numbers.


  • Porsche Masako is a nurse at Loreto Hospital.


  • She says they are still being given substandard personal protective equipment.


  • I'm telling you as it is right now, I would never encourage any of my kids to be either a doctor or in is because that is suicide.

    私は子供に医者になることを 勧めたりはしない 自殺行為だからだ

  • In South Africa, the country has recorded the highest number of coronavirus infections in Africa at 1.15 million, or about a third of the continent's total.


  • This week, death surpassed 30,000.


  • Health ministers William Keyes said hospitals were struggling to manage the influx of patients.


  • You know, body bags on the floor.


  • Young nurses in Double President Lerato Mountain Z says the country needs a stricter locked down.


  • Nurses are demoralized, they are panned out and they are just dragging themselves as they are.


  • The Onley, only people that we're currently rely on doctors, nurses, health care, support stuff all equally are really in a bad state.


  • Keesey has said South Africa will vaccinate 40 million people, or two thirds of its population, in order to achieve herd immunity, though health workers have also voiced concerns that authorities have not acted fast enough to secure the required vaccines.


it's a matter off choosing Who to sever, Who, Who not to save its not nice.


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B1 中級 日本語 アフリカ 医者 保健 患者 ポルシェ 感染

南アフリカの看護師は、厳しい状況に不満を持っています。 (South Africa nurses complain of grim conditions)

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