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  • fireworks soared into the sky above the Sydney Opera House, as they do every year.


  • But the harbor city below was a ghost town.


  • Fittingly creepy send off for a year that won't be missed.


  • Mhm, the city precinct was restricted to those with restaurant and hotel bookings amid efforts to limit the spread of coronavirus as local clusters continued to spread.

    Mhm, 市の管区は、コロナウイルスの拡散を制限するための努力の中で、レストランとホテルの予約をしている人に制限されました 地元のクラスターが広がり続けているように。

  • Thes Sydney Harbor Bridge was the focal point for the show, with Sydney deciding to press ahead with shortened firework display across the Tasman in New Zealand.


  • It was a different story as Auckland became one of the first places in the world to usher in 2021 revelers on the waterfront watch the five minute fireworks display from the sky tower with brightly colored fireworks and laser lighting shooting into the night sky over the city's harbor.


  • In the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the pandemic originated a year ago, thousands gathered across the city center for the countdown to 2021.


  • A za life in the city has largely returned to normal, while in the Indian beach resort of Goa, tourists and locals alike watch the sun set on 2020 in Europe, New year's eve will be a far quieter affair when the clock strikes midnight in France.


  • The country will be under a strict curfew from eight PM to six AM The government says no more than six adults should be gathered around the table.

    国は午後8時から午前6時まで厳しい門限の下にあります。 政府は、6人以上の大人がテーブルの周りに集まるべきではないと言います。

  • It's a similar situation in Spain.


  • The central Seoul square in Madrid, with thousands of people traditionally gather for New Year.


  • Celebrations will be closed from 10 p.m. A.


  • Zoo Authorities continue to encourage people to stay at home.


fireworks soared into the sky above the Sydney Opera House, as they do every year.


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2020年に向けて世界の地味なサヨナラ (The world's subdued goodbye to 2020)

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