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  • Previously on Episode One.


  • In this three part series we are taking a seven day six night trip from Tokyo to Kyoto,

    この3部作では 東京から京都へ6泊7日の旅行をしていますが

  • but not by the usual route along the Pacific coast known as theGolden Route”, which


  • most tourists take.


  • Instead we are traveling through Japan's “New Golden Routewhich delves into the

    代わりに 長閑な内陸へ向かい

  • country's rural interior, continues along the beautiful Sea of Japan coast, and finishes

    美しい日本海沿岸を通って 京都を終着地とする日本の「新ゴールデンルート」を

  • at Kyoto.


  • A great way to travel along this New Golden Route is the Hokuriku Arch Pass, a 7-day pass

    新しいゴールデンルートを旅行するには 北陸アーチパスを使うのがおすすめです

  • exclusively available to overseas tourists that allows for unlimited use of all the JR Lines

    このアーチパスを使うと 海外からの旅行者は北陸新幹線を含め

  • shown on this map, including the Hokuriku Shinkansen.


  • In episode one, which covered the first two days of our adventure, we made our way from


  • Tokyo to the Snow Monkeys in Nagano.


  • Now in Episode 2 we'll make our way along the Sea of Japan coast and end in the mountain

    エピソード2は 日本海沿岸を通って 山間の町

  • town of Takayama.


  • So join me, Sam Evans, as we travel from Tokyo to Kyoto along Japan's New Golden Route.

    それでは私 Sam Evansが日本の新ゴールデンルートに沿って東京から京都への旅をご紹介します

  • Day 3


  • We start the day traveling to Itoigawa City in Niigata Prefecture, where we'll enjoy

    この日はまず 海岸沿いの景色を楽しみながら自転車に乗り

  • a scenic bike ride along the coast before having lunch at a local sushi shop.

    新潟県の糸魚川市に向かい お昼は地元の寿司屋でいただきます

  • We then head to Toyama Prefecture where we will take a train into the Kurobe Gorge, one

    その後 富山県に向かい 日本最深で最も美しい峡谷である黒部峡谷に

  • of Japan's deepest and most beautiful gorges, and end our day at Kuronagi Onsen.

    電車で行き 黒薙温泉で一日を終えます

  • After getting off the Hokuriku Shinkansen at Itoigawa Station, we backtrack a little

    糸魚川駅で北陸新幹線を下車したら 少し戻って電車で能生町へ行き

  • and take a local train to reach the town of Nou, where we head to theMarine Dream


  • roadside Station.


  • From there we'll enjoy a scenic 40 min bike ride along the coast, all the way to Sushi


  • Katsu, a sushi restaurant not far from Itoigawa Station.


  • It's the morning of Day 3 of our adventure and we are here in Nou in Niigata Prefecture.

    旅行3日目の朝です 新潟県の能生町に来ています

  • Now what we're going to do this morning is hire a rental cycle and cycle a few kilometers

    今朝は レンタサイクルを利用して 数キロ先の糸魚川中心部に入ります

  • down that way into central Itoigawa.

    良いお天気ですね 鳥のさえずりも聞こえます さあ 行ってみましょう!

  • It's a beautiful day, the birds are singing, so let's get on with this!

    自転車をレンタルしたので 出発です!

  • So we've got the rental bike, let's go!


  • We just arrived at Sushi Katsu, a traditional local sushi restaurant right by the coast


  • so you can bet the fish is going to be amazingly fresh.

    おいしい寿司のランチの後は 北陸新幹線と電車を乗り継ぎ

  • Following our delicious sushi lunch we make our way by Hokuriku shinkansen and local train


  • to Unazuki Onsen.

    そこで 黒部峡谷鉄道トロッコ電車に乗り換え 黒薙駅に向かいます

  • There, we transfer to the Kurobe Gorge Railway to Kuronagi Station.

    黒薙駅から 絵のように美しい山道を20分ほど歩いた秘境の川辺にある

  • Our stop for the night is the remote riverside Kuronagi Ryokan located a picturesque 20 minute


  • hike from the station.


  • So we finished our wonderful riverside bath and we've sat down to our 3rd night's


  • meal.

    伝統的な旅館の食事です これで3日連続になりますが

  • And it's a traditional ryokan meal, which we've had now 3 nights in a row but notice


  • that they are all different, depending a lot on local specialties.


  • Day 4

    旅館の朝食を楽しんだ後 黒部峡谷鉄道の最終駅である欅平を訪れます

  • After an enjoyable ryokan breakfast we head further up the gorge to Keyakidaira, the final

    高山までの道中 美しい景色を眺め

  • station of the Kurobe Gorge Railway, where we will take in some of the beautiful landscapes


  • before travelling all the way to Takayama, to enjoy some of the local cuisine.

    黒部鉄道の終点 欅平に到着しました

  • We just arrived at Keyakidaira the final stop on the Kurobe Railway.

    この場所は美しい自然で有名です では散策に行ってみましょう

  • This place is famous for its natural beauty so let's go and explore.

    これから 黒部宇奈月温泉駅から北陸新幹線で富山まで行き

  • It's now time to make a journey towards Takayama via the Hokuriku Shinkansen from


  • Kurobe-Unazuki Onsen to Toyama, and then take the Takayama line to Takayama, where we'll

    高山の有名な旧市街地に到着したら 地元の料理をいただいて一日を終えます

  • head to the famous Old Town district to end our day with some local delicacies.

    黒部峡谷から始まった一日ですが 最後に古い町並みが有名な高山に到着しました

  • After starting out the day in the kurobe gorge we finally arrived in Takayama, which is famous


  • for its Old Town, and it's one of the most beautiful and well preserved in all of Japan.

    高山では絶対に試したいものが二つあります 絶品の飛騨牛 そして地酒です

  • When in Takayama there are 2 must try things: the delicacy of Hida Beef, and the local sake.


  • Tonight we're in a sake brewery's restaurant where I am going to enjoy both, ahead of our

    明日は金沢へ向かう前に 高山を散策する

  • big day tomorrow in which we are going to explore Takayama's old town before heading


  • on to Kanazawa.


  • Itadakimasu!


  • And that concludes Episode 2 of our journey.


  • Make sure to join us in Episode 3, as we explore more beautiful locations


  • and enjoy unique experiences


  • and finally make our way to Kyoto where our adventure will come to an end.


  • If you are looking for more information about this itinerary, click the links on the screen

    もしくはジャパンガイドのサイトへアクセスしてください ジャパンガイドは日本から直接届く全てを網羅した

  • now, or head over to, your comprehensive, up-to-date travel guide, first-hand


  • from Japan.

    ご視聴ありがとうございました この他の日本についての動画を見るにはチャンネル登録をお忘れなく

  • Thanks for watching, and be sure to subscribe for more videos about Japan.


  • Happy travels.

Previously on Episode One.



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