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  • James Harden reported to the Toyota Center for covert Testing on Tuesday.


  • But a league source told ESPN the Rockets star must have six consecutive Negative Cove in 19 test before the MBA will actually clear him to practice with the team.


  • Ah, league source told us if he continues to test negative, he could be cleared as early as Monday.

    リーグの情報筋によると 陰性のままなら 早ければ月曜日には 釈放されるとのことです

  • Let's now bring in R N B A reporter Tim MacMahon for more on this Tim Where does James Harden's relationship with new Rockets head coach Stephen Silas stand?

    今、R N B Aのリポーター、ティム・マクマホンにこのティムの詳細を持ってきましょう ジェームズ・ハーデンと新しいロケッツのヘッドコーチ、スティーブン・サイラスとの関係はどこに立っていますか?

  • Well, It took a step in the right direction on Wednesday.


  • That's the first time that there was any communication between the two, uh, in a little while.


  • And Stephen Silas sum that up in five words.


  • I said hello to him.


  • So obviously you know they're the relationship is to be built.


  • If you're being optimistic, it's been non existent, really, to this point, the one silver lining here for the Rockets is that Stephen Silas, you know, a rookie head coach, has really earned a lot of respect throughout the organization, from ownership to the locker room with the even keeled way that he's handled the situation and the way that he's approached his job with the guys who have reported the campus to mark, his cousin said.


  • He's a guy who coaches with the best intentions.


  • No personal vendettas, no personal agendas.


  • He's more than willing to meet James Harden halfway, even a little more than halfway once James Harden actually gets into the gym with Rockets, which could be Monday at the earliest.


  • Gotcha.


  • Yes, and he will not be in tomorrow's first pre season game as they go to play the Bulls, but meanwhile, staying in Texas Chris Top score.


  • Zynga's had surgery to repair a torn meniscus back in October.


  • What more can you tell us about his timeline to return?


  • Yeah, and at the time the Mavericks are optimistic he'll be back for the start of the season.

    マーベリックスが楽観視しているのは 彼が今シーズンの開幕には 戻ってくるということだ

  • Of course, they thought the start of the season was going to be in the latter half of January at the earliest, so that's still looks like maybe the earliest that Porzingis could get back on the court.


  • He's doing some stand still shooting now, some straight ahead running.


  • They plan to really ramp up his basketball activity at the beginning of January.


  • That's when you'll start cutting.


  • He'll start jumping, you know, hopefully progress pretty quickly to practice, but obviously they will air on the side of caution.

    彼はジャンプを始めるだろう うまくいけば練習にはかなり早く進歩するだろう しかし、明らかに彼らは警戒している側に空気を送るだろう

  • But the hope is that he will just miss, you know, something like 2 to 3 weeks of game action to start the season and then get back in the maverick starting lineup.


  • All right, because the Mavs they're so much more fun to watch when they have him and Luca together on the floor.


  • Mavericks open up the preseason Saturday against the Bucks.


  • Tim MacMahon Thank you so much.

    ティム・マクマホン ありがとうございます。

  • Let's continue to whip around the N b A.

    引き続きN b Aに鞭打っていきましょう。

  • Doc Rivers.


  • His era underway in Philly with the Sixers, everyone hoping and thinking, perhaps Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

    シクサーズとフィリーで進行中の彼の時代は、誰もが期待し、考えて、おそらくジョエル ・ エンビードとベン ・ シモンズ。

  • That duo can finally mesh into a championship duo.


  • New on SportsCenter.


  • Doc Rivers assesses what he has in front of him in Philadelphia.


  • How we look, you know, Aziz, someone said, we look great against us, You know what I mean?

    俺たちがどう見えるか 誰かが言ってた 俺たちは俺たちによく似合ってる 分かるか?

  • You really never know.


  • I think overall, our guys are getting a new system and so I'm gonna be patient with.


  • But overall, I like how we're moving.


  • I like how everybody kind of accepting their responsibility, But we're really trying to get them to see who we think we should be.


  • A za group, our identity, our our style of play, our style of play defensively, our mindset.


  • So in some ways I do think chemistry, uh, team togetherness, continuity.

    ある意味では相性もあるし チームの一体感もあるし 継続性もある

  • I think that will play just like it did in the bubble.


  • I think that will play a major factor in these early games as well.


  • Alright, so notable decline and then efficiency when Simmons and Embiid sharing the court.


  • Probably not the process the Sixes were hoping for, but some shooters to space the floor for Simmons and Embiid could solve that problem.

    おそらくないプロセスではなく、シックスが期待していたが、いくつかのシューター シモンズとエンビードのための床のスペースにその問題を解決する可能性があります。

  • Maybe they're Maury thinking the same thing, adding Seth Curry and Danny Grain this offseason, both 40% shooters from three for their careers.


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James Harden reported to the Toyota Center for covert Testing on Tuesday.



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