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Hello my friends, today I'm gonna be talking about lucid dreaming.
Lucid dreaming is when inside of your dream you consciously realize that you're dreaming.
I've actually been fortunate enough to have a couple lucid dreams.
One of them I was just hanging out outside and I saw this tall building and was like,
"I wonder if I could jump up on top of that?" So I just walked up to it and jumped
and it was kind of like Halo how you can jump extremely high.
And I just floated way up there but I couldn't quite get to the top.
There was another dream where I realized I was dreaming. I was hanging out outside late at night
and it must have been somewhere where I wasn't supposed to be hanging out because a cop car drove up and I was like,
"oh man, I'm gonna be in trouble." you know? But then I realized, "duh, I'm dreaming!"
So, I just looked at the cop car and…
That's one of the sucky parts about lucid dreaming. Right when stuff starts getting way exciting, you wake yourself up!
If you've never had a lucid dream, don't worry, There's stuff that you can do to up your chances.
What's the point of having a dream if you don't remember it? So, the way to go about this is to get yourself a dream journal
and every time you wake up from a dream, just write it down. Write down whatever you can remember.
If you practice this over and over then eventually you're gonna get really good at remembering your dreams and everything is going to get more vivid
and eventually…
Another super easy thing you can do is change your diet up a little bit.
No I'm not talking about that healthy non-sense,
I'm talking about some good old chocolate!
Alright, another step that's crucial to having lucid dreams is, "reality checks".
What your going to do throughout your waking day whenever you remember,
just look down at your hands and count your fingers.
What we're trying to do is build up a habit of looking down at your hands and counting your fingers
and just looking at them so that when your dreaming your more likely to look at your hands inside of your dream.
What's going to happen is while you're dreaming, usually something funky is going on with your hands like,
maybe you'll have an extra finger, or maybe you'll have giant hands, or tiny hands.
The idea is to notice that something is weird so that in your dream you're able to realize,
"wait a second, I'm dreaming."
Alright, same concept as with the hands, light switches.
Walk around your house throughout your waking hours and just flip lights on and off anytime that you remember.
Chances are in your dream you'll wanna go flip a switch
and what happens in dreams with light switches
is they often won't work or weird stuff starts happening.
Daddy don't!
So I wanna hear from you guys down in the comments.
Have you ever had a lucid dream?
If you have, what was it about? Share your experience. Post a comment, post a video response.
And all you people that haven't had a lucid dream,
I wanna hear what would you do if you were all of a sudden inside of a lucid dream? What would you do?
The imagination...
Alright guys it's been cool, make sure you leave your comments below,
It's been a good time. I'll see you next week on Wednesday.
Peace out.


Lucid Dreaming Techniques

845 タグ追加 保存
Hhart Budha 2014 年 6 月 10 日 に公開
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