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Stanford University.
>> Today, I'm going to deliver a news to Professor
Andrei Linde, who is the founding father of inflation.
So inflation is the theory about the bang of the big bang,
it explains why we have all this stuff in the universe.
So today I'm going to tell him, our experiment, Bicep two based
at South Pole, has found the smoking gun evidence of inflation.
He has no idea that I'm coming.
[SOUND] >> Oh.
>> What?
>> So I have a surprise for you.
>> Wow.
>> It's Phi Sigma at point two.
>> Discovered.
>> Yes.
>> What.
>> [LAUGH] >> Just a second.
Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake.
>> Phi Sigma as clear as day are at point two.
>> Can you repeat it again?
>> R point two plus minus point alt five.
>> Point two.
>> We must [SOUND] stop there.
>> We don't expect anybody here.
It's probably some kind of delivery.
Did you order anything?
Yeah, I ordered something [LAUGH] 30 years ago.
[LAUGH] >> Finally it arrived.
>> Cheers, cheers.
>> Congratulations.
>> We are talking right now about the billionth of the billionth
of the millionth of a million of a second, after the big bang.
So we see the face of the big bang, it is an image of these gravitational waves
which is purely quantum gravity feature of, of what was produced in the big bang.
So this, is the remaining part of the story.
>> It's all there.
>> It's all there.
>> They all three different experiments.
>> Yes.
>> If this is true, this is a moment of understanding of nature.
Of such a magnitude, that it just overwhelms.
and, let's see.
Let's, let's just hope that this is not a trick.
I always live with this feeling.
What if I'm tricked?
What if I, I believe into this, just because it is beautiful?
What if
So this is really helpful.
[LAUGH] To have events like that.
It is really, really helpful.
Thank you so much, for doing it for us.
>> Yeah, yeah, yeah.
>> For more, please visit us at stanford.edu.


Stanford Professor Andrei Linde celebrates physics breakthrough

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