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  • Here's how to connect your Amazon Echo toe WiFi.

    Amazon Echoのtoe WiFiを接続する方法をご紹介します。

  • If you're setting up in Amazon Echo Speaker for the first time, follow the prompts on the Amazon Alexa App.

    初めてAmazon Echo Speakerで設定する場合は、Amazon Alexaアプリのプロンプトに従って設定しましょう。

  • Watch our video on the full echo speakers set up for more details, which can be found in the description below.


  • After plugging in and adding your device, you will get to the point in the set up process where the apple ask if your speaker is displaying an orange light.


  • If it is, press yes if your device didn't turn orange or if the light turned purple, press and hold the action button at the top of your device until the light turns orange back on your phone.


  • Thea is going to search for available echo devices near you.


  • You should see your device name in the menu.


  • Press it in the next menu, select your home WiFi network and follow the prompts to connect your device to the Internet.


  • If you've already set up your echo and simply need to change the WiFi settings, here's what you'll need to dio on the Alexa App Press the devices icon.

    あなたはすでにエコーを設定して、単にWiFiの設定を変更する必要がある場合は、ここでは、あなたがアレクサアプリ上のディオに必要なものです デバイスのアイコンを押します。

  • Then press Echo and Alexa.


  • Then choose your device on the next page next toe WiFi network.

    そして、次のページの次のtoe WiFiネットワークでお使いのデバイスを選択します。

  • Tap the word change and then follow the on screen prompts to complete your WiFi connection, which may include holding down the Echoes action button to force it into pairing mode.


Here's how to connect your Amazon Echo toe WiFi.

Amazon Echoのtoe WiFiを接続する方法をご紹介します。

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