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  • -We are the dwarves of Erebor.

  • We have come to reclaim our homeland.

  • -You have no right to enter that mountain!

  • -Do not think I will kill you, dwarf...

  • -What if it's a trap?

  • -It's trap

  • -We've been chased by this horrible

  • gigantic slandering beer into Beorn's house.

  • -Beorn is a man who is sometimes a bear

  • or a bear who is sometimes a man.

  • -He is what we call it in this movie, a skinn-changer.

  • -He is a very very big man and comparison he's a giant.

  • -And as it is retrieved take refuge in his house.

  • -Allright, now you will get some sleep!

  • -Beorn's set, I think we all remember because we all had to look smaller so his set was big,

  • which made us look small it was huge and it made all of us feel small I used to

  • -It was huge and it made all of us feel small I used to

  • be able to stand on that shit look at the crew sitting at the camera and they

  • looked like tiny little people it was great to me that made for a

  • a really entertaining couple day shooting.

  • -Well I remember sitting in this enormous rocking chair

  • and it totally committed that you actually looking at a tiny person

  • in a normal sized chair.

  • I have not subtitled longer than this, alas!

  • they build other entire world's when they've done it you done

  • how they've done it you don't know intricate carvings

  • big rugs beautiful wooden structure massive its timber

  • I found bones house absolutely mesmerizing is one of my favorite parts

  • in the book and

  • the creation that they did inside out beautiful bond

  • I think that's one of the sites that will be remembered he was a movie

  • leon amazing said on the most magnificent sets are seeing them worked

  • in

  • Bay owners in tune with nature intensive his house in his relationship with

  • animals

  • just got a classic fairy tale field to the environment

  • big drinky here

  • it's kinda like being a little kid again you get to

  • you get to sit at a table with me and to the table under your arms

  • believe me you know we're gonna be here for two days you don't want to be

  • talking into too much food

  • summers it Martinique for to

  • K they do replenishment good

  • Tuesday to look at it look at it have I

  • we've got such a zine breed and Notts can't really complain because their

  • house is about right foot so

  • I'm you know step the radiated really we

  • Party DUP at to baggy and

  • mean trash the place we partied up with the elves

  • Rivendell and we trashed the place but we didn't do that bad fields and I think

  • that tells you something

  • we went very well behaved around the table at bay what's

  • it will help you shoot him those days he was always from

  • when all the drawers with I'm public from old

  • to sign much fun we get paid to do it

  • stripping life

  • I'm

-We are the dwarves of Erebor.


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ホビット:ベオルンの家』独占コンテンツ(ミカエル・パースブラント、ベオルン本人との共演 (The Hobbit: Beorn's House - Exclusive Content (With Mikael Persbrandt - Beorn Himself))

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