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  • in the skyrocket with no real end in sight, US.


  • President elect Joe Biden relayed an alarming estimate Wednesday in a round table discussion with healthcare workers.


  • Biden said as many as 200,000 more people in the U.


  • S could be dead by January, maybe exceed 400,000 people by the time we get sworn in.


  • That dire warning came as President Donald Trump continues to falsely claim that he has won the election and his administration refuses to share key data on Cove in 19, including how new vaccines will be distributed to the country's more than 300 million people.


  • One person in particular standing in Biden's way.


  • Emily Murphy, head of the General Services Administration, who must recognize Biden's election victory so that a transition of power can begin.


  • But so far, Murphy has refused to do that.


  • Biden on Wednesday up to the pressure on her toe act.


  • The law says that the General Services Administration has a person who recognizes who the winner is, and then they have to have access to all the data and information that the government possesses to be prepared, and it doesn't require there to be an absolute winner, it says the apparent winner, three apparent winner.


  • And we've been unable to get access to the kinds of things we need to know.


  • That's the Onley slow down right now that we have.


  • But with many states hitting new records daily for cases, hospitalizations and deaths, Biden is forging ahead with his own co vid plans.

    しかし、多くの州では、ケース、入院、死亡のために毎日新しい記録を打つと、バイデンは、彼自身のco vid計画を進めています。

  • On Wednesday, he heard from covert I see you, nurse Mary Turner, I myself, this help have held the hand of dying patients or crying out for their family that they can't see.

    水曜日には、彼は秘密から聞いた私はあなたを参照してください、看護師メアリー ターナー、私自身は、このヘルプは、瀕死の患者の手を保持しているか、または彼らが見ることができない彼らの家族のために泣いている。

  • I've taken care of coal workers as they fight for their lives on a pedal later, and knowing that they got sick because of the hospital or their government hasn't protected them.


  • Congress has shown no sign of moving forward on a coronavirus relief package, and Trump has not been seen in public since he played golf over the weekend.


  • I'm hoping that the reason why my friends on the other side have not stepped up to do something is because of their fear of retribution from the president on hopefully, when he's gone, they'll be more willing to do what they know should be done, has to be done in order to save the communities they live in.

    反対側の友人が何もしないのは 大統領の報復を恐れているからです 彼が亡くなったら、彼らが住む地域社会を救うために、やるべきことをやる気になるでしょう。

  • Democrats have proposed a $2.2 trillion spending package, while Senate Republicans have sought a much narrower $500 billion bill.


in the skyrocket with no real end in sight, US.



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バイデン、40万人のCOVID死亡を警告、GSAに行動を求める (Biden warns of 400,000 COVID deaths, calls on GSA to act)

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