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  • this'll is actually with Watch Mojo.

    this'll is actually with Watch Mojo.

  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 immortal anime characters.


  • Tha tha e mails.


  • It's no Monica.


  • Big data for this list will be looking at animals cast of unkillable, its very own everlasting legion that seemed to shrug off death almost daily.

    このリストのためのビッグデータは、動物のキャストを見ていることになります unkillable、その非常に独自の永遠の軍団は、ほぼ毎日死をすくめるように見えた。

  • Keep in mind will still be including characters that were eventually vanquished down the line in some way.


  • Justus.


  • Long as there was a phase where killing them wasn't an option.


  • Is there a particular eternal we missed?


  • Let us know in the comments, and, as always, you can catch me on Twitter at Ash Jabo.


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  • Number 10 Cube, Madoka Magica.

    10番 キューブまどかマギカ

  • He's fluffy.


  • He's adorable, and you'll ruin your life with just a contract.


  • Cuba a Za part of the incubator Race Cube, a sole goal is seeking energy to help stave off the destruction of the universe.


  • The process for this trick naive youths into becoming magical girls who inevitably fall into despair and become witches, thus creating vast quantities of emotional energy for the incubators toe latch onto eat them.


  • Such a demanding job requires a sturdy frame, and while Cube appears harmless, he can't be killed.


  • Slice him!


  • Riddle him with bullets.


  • He'll just randomly appear again and turn his fresh corpse into a midnight snack.


  • Wait.


  • Number nine Van Hockenheim.

    9番 ヴァンホーケンハイム

  • Full metal alchemist Brotherhood.


  • Imagine our surprise when who we originally believed to be the Elrich Brothers Absentee father turned out to be the sole survivor of a long dead civilization cursed with immortality by the very monster that slaughtered his people.


  • Yeah, After his deal with the dwarf in the flask goes awry, the naive Hoffenheim is granted an ageless body as payment for helping the original homunculus as Hume, a physical body.


  • Centuries of wandering certainly allowed him to accumulate knowledge on the means to fight his nemesis.


  • But his father ring skills still leave a lot to be desired.


  • Ning Aitana Duato number 80 Barca know everyone's gangster until an actual gangster who happens to have drunk from the elixir of life shows up all right.

    ニン・アイタナ・ドゥアト 80番バルカは、たまたま命のエリクサーを飲んでいた実際のギャングスターが無事に現れるまで、誰もがギャングスターであることを知っています。

  • While not without his good qualities, Ferro has no issue when it comes to dishing out a back alley beatdown when someone decides to rubbed it in his eye on.


  • Since he's an executive of the Martello family, the man knows how to throw a punch.


  • With his body now able to heal any wound on repair any lost ligaments, he can always come back swinging even harder.


  • Next time.


  • Ha ha!


  • Number seven Salty dura.

    7番 塩辛デュラ

  • She's missing ahead and yet is still one of the deadliest things to occupy this crazy city.


  • In constant pursuit of his stolen cranium, Celt is revealed to be a mythical being known as Dullahan, capable of slaying the souls of whoever crosses her Carlos.


  • Regarding females, it's no Monica critical data.


  • Throw in shadow manipulation and her expert skills is a rider on this headless hunter can easily slice apart whenever the underworld had to offer human or otherwise.


  • You don't on to think such an ancient being fell in love with a nude like Shin Ra.


  • There's hope for us yet lads.


  • Pancetta cardi Yeah, Number six cars.

    パンチェッタ・カーディ うん、6台目。

  • JoJo's bizarre adventure as a pill, Ammen Cars is an intelligent, adaptable and lethal being from a time before mankind existed.


  • Given how he could only be damaged by something like Haman, you could say he was already Well on his way to becoming immortal.

    ハマーンのような何かによって 傷ついたことを考えると 彼はすでに不死への道を歩んでいたと 言えるでしょう

  • Uh huh.


  • Then he got his hands on the Redstone of Asia, ascended to a super being and gained the power to control a life on the planet.


  • Uh huh.


  • With not even sunlight facing him anymore.


  • The only way to knock cars off his pitch was toe literally launch him into the vacuum of space.


  • Not that he killed him, but it did give him plenty of time to be alone with his thoughts.


  • So stay shiny, shiny, and I know they qaswarah Congress, you know, number five hidden narrow toe ship it in.


  • Turns out all those sick a fence praying to be immortal.

    病気の人は不死を祈って フェンスに祈っていると判明しました

  • Just chose the wrong God.


  • A devoted follower of Josh in Hayden was granted a tin of life to the point where he can get his head cut off and keep on spitting vulgarities.


  • Turkey met with a fierce ideology, no fear of death on Curse based Jutsu that allowed him to reflect his own damage onto others he done made for one of the accounts Keys deadliest members hard to deal with the zealot who can kill people by literally stabbing himself.

    トルコは激しいイデオロギーに会った、彼は彼が行った他の人に彼自身の損傷を反映することを許可した呪いベースのJutsuに死の恐怖はありません 彼は文字通り自分自身を刺すことによって人々を殺すことができる狂信者に対処するために、アカウントキーの最も致命的なメンバーのための1つを作った。

  • Number four viral grin.


  • Lagon, back when he was just a run of the mill be Eastman Viral was a vengeful combatant capable of slaying his prey with his own hands or from the cockpit of a giant mecca.


  • Not gonna she don't any king Theune Logano made him an immortal in exchange for his cooperation.


  • And just like that, he became unkillable, vengeful combatant thing.


  • Alexei Miller.


  • While he would later come to cooperate with Simon and the rest of team Dai Greene, his new found in Paris ability certainly came in handy when he was launched into a war against the anti spiral.


  • How can you watch us?


  • Cynical on the mic Number three Zama Zoo, Dragon Ball Super.

    マイクにシニカル ナンバー3座間動物園 ドラゴンボールスーパー

  • Whether in the past, the future or is a different person entirely, this guy remains a colossal asset coming up, ruled by a galaxy sized ego and hatred for humanity.


  • Zama Sue made it his mission to wipe out all humans on impose himself as a supreme being of justice.


  • Upon achieving this in an alternative future, as Goku Black, a younger vision decided to up the stakes and ensure the demise of all humans by using the's super Dragon balls to make himself immortal.


  • Well, not cut.


  • You don't cut out what time Get all how sure It stopped Goku from ripping him a new hole.


  • But a fat lot of good it did him against, you know, right Number two C two code chaos regarded as a, which all her life, what was once an innocent Gil became an ageless beauty After unwittingly absorbing the code of immortality.

    しかし、それは彼に良いことをしたんだよね ナンバー2C 2つのコードカオスは 彼女の人生のすべてとみなされていて、かつては無邪気だったギルが知らず知らずのうちに不死のコードを吸収した後、不老不死の美しさになったんだ。

  • No matter the manner of execution, it is impossible for C two to perish unless she willingly gives her undying state to someone else.


  • But as you are already on the ice quite handy.


  • When you're an accomplice of the infamous revolutionary zero ons, you're going to war with an empire.


  • After granting the power of the gas, de Lucia, C two became his most vital agent immortal body, allowing it to overcome whatever the battalion forces sent her way.

    ガスの力を付与した後、デ・ルシア、C 2は、大隊の力が彼女の方法を送ったものは何でも克服できるように、彼の最も重要なエージェントの不死身の体となった。

  • Okay, Okay.


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  • Number one burn the seven deadly sins.


  • The man steals everything he comes across, whether it be the strength of his opponents, the admiration of fans, the hearts of multiple ladies and, yes, even the waters of the Holy Grail.


  • Following on from a bloody battle with a demon ban finds himself granted the ability to heal from any wound, no matter how fatal, all thanks to the dying efforts of his beloved Elaine E.


  • The results haven't only made Bun impossible toe beat in a scrap, but did wonders for his humility, learning that with eternal life comes great wisdom.


  • Just kidding.


  • He's the copyist bastard around.


  • Oh, do you agree with our pigs?


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this'll is actually with Watch Mojo.

this'll is actually with Watch Mojo.

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