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  • I see you, motherfuckers.

  • (Ace) 'Nicky Was not only bringing heat on himself but on me too.

  • 'The FBI Watched every move he made but he didn't care. He just didn't care.'

  • (Nicky) 'lf you're gonna Watch me, I'm gonna Watch 'em right back.

  • 'I spent a feW bucks. Top dollar. Who gives a shit?

  • 'I got the latest anti-buggin' equipment from the same places that sell to the CIA.

  • 'I had special police frequency radios, FBI de-scramblers, cameras that see in the dark.

  • 'And because of that, the miserable sons of bitches never caught me doin' anything.'

  • (Ace) 'I got my job on the line and this guy's havin' the time of his life.

  • 'He has every cop in the state Watchin' him and he's out playin' golf.

  • 'And at the Worst possible time for me.

  • 'I had my license hearing coming up and I didn't Want to leave anything to chance.

  • 'lf I can't Work in Vegas, Where am I gonna go? '

  • You've been very open With us. I mean, your books and papers.

  • The Commission Will appreciate that.

  • - All I ask is a fair hearing. - This kind of honesty Will guarantee that.

  • - Good. - All right, We'll move on to...

  • I Wanted to hear the summary about Kansas City...

  • What the fuck is this?

  • Where's this guy gonna land? The fairway?

  • They're fuckin' agents, Frankie. Look at this.

  • (Ace) 'The Feds Were Watching Nicky play golf for so long, they ran out of gas.

  • 'Just What I needed, right in front of the Control Board.'

  • $100, Whoever hits the plane.

I see you, motherfuckers.


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Casino (8/10) Movie CLIP - The Feds Run Out of Gas (1995) HD

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