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Hello there, viewer! Great to see you again.
Fine dining is a very pleasant experience:
we go to an awesome restaurant, order our favorite dishes and savor the taste in great ambience.
This lesson will show you how to place your order and speak to the staff in a fine dining restaurant.
Listen to them all, and check out the vocabulary section towards the end.
It’s a good idea to practice the lines by pausing the lesson and repeating the dialog anywhere you want to!
Let’s get started now!!
Hi, my name is Joy and I will be your waitress.
Can I get you started with anything?
I would like to order something from your wine list.
Here it is. You can select from this menu.
Okay, I’d like to order a bottle of red wine. I’ll have the 2005 Napa Valley Merlot.
Good choice. I’ll be right back with your wine.
Thank you.
Hi. Are you ready to order?
Not really. I’m pretty confused. Can you suggest something good?
Of course. Our specials are the New York steak and crispy roasted lamb.
Yes, I’d like the New York steak, well done. And my side orders will be a baked potato and a salad.
All right. Will that be all for you?
Yes, thank you.
Okay. Your order will be ready soon.
How was your dinner?
It was great, thanks.
Would you like something for dessert?
Yes, please.. I’ll have a slice of cheesecake.
Okay. Would you like some coffee or anything else with that?
No, that’s all, thank you.
How was your meal Ma’am?
It was great!
Can I get you anything else?
Just our check, please?
Sure, I’ll be right back …
Here you go.
Here is my credit card.
I can take that for you.
Thank you.
The waitress is a woman who takes your order and serves you at a restaurant.
A waiter is a man with the same job.
The menu is the list of dishes available at that restaurant, and the prices, so that you can make your choice.
You’ll be given a menu shortly after you’re seated and you can take some time to look at the choices.
Crispy is when food, or the outside of the food, is brittle and may crumble easily.
You may like crispy fried chicken, but you probably don’t want crispy mashed potatoes!
When you use well done to refer to a steak, it means fully cooked, with no pink in the center.
Most people don’t like well done steak because it’s harder to chew and it’s not as tender as steak that's less well done.
That sweet little something that you like to have at the end of a meal is called dessert.
If you’re given a mint or small chocolate with your check, that’s not called dessert, even though it’s something sweet.
The check shows how much you owe for your meal. You may have to ask for the check or it may be brought to you without your asking.
Thank you for watching this lesson. We’ll be back with a new one tomorrow.
Do come back and check it out.
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【注文・お会計篇】レストランで使える英語 (Improve Your English - Speaking English At a Fine Dining Restaurant - Simple English Lessons)

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