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  • President Dwight D.


  • Eisenhower agrees to help the British overthrow Moussa deck operation Ajax is born.


  • Welcome to watch Mojo.


  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 cu data with tanks moving toward the National Palace.

    そして今日は、戦車が故宮に向かって移動している cu データのトップ10をカウントダウンしています。

  • Ah, you and refused to resign, making good on his promise to defend Chile's democracy with his own life.


  • Napoleon had succeeded in his coup within a coup, setting himself up toe ultimately become dictator and all without a single life lost.


  • In his announcement tonight, the commander of Egypt's army said It's time to bring the country together for this list.


  • We're looking at the most well known and impactful takeovers by small state, political and military groups.


  • Our rank is based on how large these coup d'etat loom in history.


  • We're excluding failed coups as well as mass uprisings and revolutions that aren't usually considered coups in a few 100 years.


  • Which of these do you think will be most remembered?


  • We'd love to hear your opinions in the comments.


  • Number 10 The 1980 Turkish coup data in 1983 army intervened after Turkey changed prime ministers 11 times on the country became unstable on July 15th 2016, an attempted coup rocked Turkey with tanks rolling into the country's capital, Istanbul.

    10位 1980年のトルコのクーデターデータ 1983年の軍が介入した後、トルコは11回も首相を変えて国が不安定になった2016年7月15日、クーデター未遂事件は戦車が国の首都イスタンブールに転がり込んでトルコを揺るがしました。

  • The cool leaders cited the erosion of secularism and democratic freedoms under President Erdogan.


  • The attempt failed, however, and Erdogan retaliated with a massive crackdown against dissent.


  • By daylight, smoke could be seen on the skyline of the capital, along with the sound of sporadic gunfire.


  • Many of those who challenged President Erdogan for power were seen surrendering in Istanbul.


  • This was far from Turkey's first experience with coups.


  • In the 19 sixties seventies and eighties, the government was overthrown thrice during the most recent overthrow, in 1980 Council of Turkish generals decided to take control as the country spiraled into chaos and violence.

    19 60年代70年代と80年代には、政府は、トルコの将軍の1980年の評議会で、最も最近の転覆の間に3回転覆され、国が混沌と暴力にスパイラルとして制御を取ることを決めた。

  • They arrested over half a million people and sentenced hundreds to death.


  • The council controlled Turkey until 1982 whereupon coup leader Cane on Evren was elected president.


  • Number 9, 1971 Ugandan Cu data and I want to promise you this will be a government off actions No one.


  • The life of Ugandan general idea mean may have inspired the 2006 film The Last King of Scotland, but it was his military coup in 1971 that first said I mean front and center on the world stage.


  • On January 25th of that year, Ugandan troops led by a mean blocked off airports and major roads in the nation, while President Milton Obote was in Singapore attending a conference nicknamed The Butcher of Uganda.


  • The general provoked international criticism during his reign, including accusations of violence, torture and ruining Uganda's economy after establishing military rule in Uganda.


  • A mean demonstrated, eccentric and ruthless behavior media mean was ousted in 1979 by exiled Ugandans and the Tanzania People's Defense Force and fled to Saudi Arabia, where he remained until his death in 2003.


  • If the people off Uganda wants me, I will go back to Uganda.


  • Andi.


  • I am sure I will contribute more for the people off.


  • Uganda number 8 1952 Cuban CU data This coup may have been bloodless but led to a brutal dictatorship and the Cuban revolution.

    ウガンダ番号8 1952年キューバCUデータ このクーデターは無血であったかもしれないが、残忍な独裁政権とキューバ革命につながった。

  • It was actually Fulgencio Batista's second coup after he led the successful sergeants revolt in 1933.


  • Batista served one term as president in the early forties, then decided to run again in 1952.


  • But the polls didn't look good, so he just seized power instead.


  • During his rule, Batista established a police state and close relationships with organized crime.


  • Nonetheless, he enjoyed strong US support.


  • The coup prompted one Fidel Castro toe lead an armed revolt which in 1959 would hand him control of Cuba's destiny.


  • For over half a century, number 7 1973 Chilean CU data.

    半世紀以上にわたり、番号7 1973年チリのCUデータ。

  • Even his coups installed military governments throughout South America.


  • In the sixties, Chile clung to democratic rule.


  • For a time, however, President Salvador Allende's socialist policies and nationalization of the copper industry infuriated the US On the advice of National Security adviser Henry Kissinger.


  • The Nixon administration waged economic warfare against Chile and plotted a coup.


  • They decided Thio stop him from being inaugurated as president of Chile.


  • Um, he hadn't even set foot in the Moneda Palace, Uh, when Nixon and Kissinger just simply decided to change the fate of Chile.

    彼はモネダ宮殿にも足を踏み入れていなかった ニクソンとキッシンジャーがチリの運命を変えようと決めた時だ

  • As the country struggled with an economic depression and inflation, the CIA exacerbated unrest.


  • On September 11th, 1973 General Augusto Pinochet deposed Allende, installing himself as dictator with tanks moving toward the National Palace.


  • Ah, yes, refused to resign, making good on his promise to defend Chile's democracy with his own life.


  • His bloody, decades long reign saw the torture and execution of thousands of political dissidents, with declassified documents revealing that the CIA continued to play a supporting role.


  • Amnesty International says that Chile serves as a reminder that perpetrators of atrocities consistent be held to account decades after the fact Number six, the Spanish coup of July 1936.


  • While this coup became much larger and more drawn out that intended it was ultimately successful, she asked, managing to meet our criteria here.


  • In July 1936 the right wing nationalists staged a coup against the leftist government of the Second Spanish Republic.


  • However, government forces managed to hold out through much of the country, resulting in a three year civil war.


  • In the end, though, thanks to another coup within Republican forces, the Nationalists were victorious and leader Francisco Franco took power.


  • The atrocities that Franco and the Nationalists committed became known as the white terror.


  • Spain would only transition to democracy after Franco's death in 1975 number five, Egypt's 1952 coup data in July 1952 a group of Egyptian nationalists known as the Free Officers Movement seized power from British back to King Farouk, decrying the king is corrupted.


  • Beholden to foreign interests, They abolished the monarchy and made coup leader General Mohamed Naguib.


  • Egypt's prime minister and first president.


  • Naguib himself was overthrown a few years later by free officer Gamel Abdel Nasser.


  • The shift in power led to widespread reforms and eventually to the Suez crisis, when the UK, France and Israel invaded Egypt to regain control of the Suez Canal.


  • It also inspired anti colonial and anti monarchical rebellions throughout the region.


  • And this wasn't the last time Egypt's government was overthrown.

    エジプト政府が倒されたのは これが最後ではない

  • In 2013, the Egyptian army removed President Mohamed Morsi, leading to President Abdel Fattah el Sisi s authoritarian regime.


  • In his announcement tonight, the commander of Egypt's army said it's time to bring the country together.


  • Number four, the 1948 Czechoslovak CU data the international tensions that defined the Cold War were just gaining steam by the winter of 1948 in Czechoslovakia, the government comprised a communist prime minister and a non communist majority and president.

    第四に、1948年のチェコスロバキアのCUデータ 冷戦を定義した国際的な緊張は、1948年の冬までにチェコスロバキアでは、共産主義者の首相と非共産主義者の多数派と大統領で構成されていました。

  • That wasn't enough for the Communist party, They purged non communist members of the police force and had police and militias take over Prague.


  • Fearing Soviet intervention, President Edvard Benesch agreed to form a new, communist dominated government.


  • The move became known as victorious February and ushered in four decades of communist rule.


  • It was a pivotal event in the drawing of the Iron Curtain across Europe and spurred on the establishment of the Marshall Plan and NATO.


  • It wasn't until the nonviolent Velvet Revolution of 1989 that democracy was restored in that country.


  • Number three, the 1953 Iranian coup data.

    その3 1953年のイランのクーデターデータ

  • Iran's history would have taken a very different course without the school.


  • In 1953 the US and UK orchestrated the overthrow of a democratically elected prime minister, Mohammad Mossadeq.


  • US.


  • Referred to the operation is Operation Ajax and the British.


  • As Operation Boot.

    Operation Bootとして。

  • Wrestling with Britain's control of Iranian oil reserves, Mossadeq decided to nationalize the country's oil industry.


  • Even worse, he nationalizes the profitable Anglo Iranian oil company Damn!


  • The British are livid and withdraw their technicians in protest.


  • The crisis that followed Somoza deck faced increasing pressure and fall back on emergency powers with the help of the CIA, and six.


  • He was ousted by a faction of the Iranian Imperial Army three days later.


  • Mossad Ex surrenders to Iranian police He has tried for treason and placed under house arrest for three years.

    モサドの元彼はイラン警察に降伏しました 彼は反逆罪で裁判にかけられ、3年間軟禁されています。

  • This eventually led to Shah Reza Pahlavi taking on a larger leadership role which culminated in the Shah's own overthrow by Ayatollah Khomeini during the Iranian revolution of 1979.


  • Number two.


  • The coup of 18 Brumer Ah Committee of five ruling members governed France from 17 95 to 17 99 until it was overthrown by a young military genius known as General Napoleon Bonaparte.

    それは一般的なナポレオンボナパルトとして知られている若い軍事の天才によって転覆されるまで、5つの与党メンバーの18ブルマーああ委員会は17 95から17 99にフランスを支配したのクーデター。

  • Whatever the result is, it will be perfectly legal.


  • The deputies have dissolved directory.


  • In its place, they have created an executive consular commission.


  • This act effectively ended the French Revolution and was committed without bloodshed by Napoleon.


  • On November 9th, 17, 99 or 18 Broom Our Year eight.

    11月9日、17日、99日、18日のBroom Our Year eightで。

  • In the French Republican calendar, Napoleon established a French consulate, serving as first consul until naming himself emperor in 18 04 Napoleon had succeeded in his coup within a coup, setting himself up toe ultimately become dictator and all without a single life, lost he would rule France until 18 14, when he abdicated the throne and was exiled after an unsuccessful military campaign into Russia.

    フランス共和国のカレンダーでは、ナポレオンは、18 04ナポレオンは、自分自身が最終的に独裁者になるために自分自身を設定するまで、最初の領事としてサービスを提供し、クーデター内の彼のクーデターに成功していた、彼は王位を退位し、ロシアに失敗した軍事作戦の後に追放された18 14、までフランスを支配するだろう失われた。

  • Bonaparte would briefly return a year later but was exiled again after his infamous defeat at Waterloo.


  • Before we reveal our topic, here are a few honorable or sometimes dishonorable mentions the October revolution, also known as the Bolshevik Coup.


  • Some call it a coup, others a revolution, but we're squeezing it in for leading to the creation of the Soviet Union.


  • In 1941 Iraqi coup data, this Nazi backed coup ousted the pro British regime and led to the Anglo Iraqi war.


  • 1969 Libyan CU data.


  • After overthrowing King addressed the first colonel Moammar Gaddafi ruled Libya until 2011.


  • The 1979 Salvadoran CU data.


  • This military takeover led to the 12 year long Salvadoran civil war theme 2017 Zimbabwean CU data.


  • Robert Mugabe's long rule ended when the army arrested him and forced him to resign.


  • In the televised address, an army spokesman denied that a coup was underway, saying it was targeting what it called criminals around the world's oldest leader.


  • The spokesman blamed Mugabe's AIDS for causing quote social and economic suffering.


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  • Number one.


  • The Ides of March A Tu brute thes words from Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar have become synonymous with betrayal.

    イデス オブ マーチ A Tu brute シェイクスピアの劇「ジュリアス・シーザー」からの言葉は、裏切りの代名詞となっています。

  • Roman General Gaius Julius Caesar seized power in October 49 BC but a coup on the Ides of March in 44 BC cut his rule short.


  • Though his reign lasted only four years, his killers could not turn back the tide of history.


  • Roman senators saw Caesar as disrespectful and overreaching and stabbed him to death at a Senate meeting.


  • The conspirators included Caesar's former friend and possibly biological son, Marcus Brutus.


  • They drove their blades home with blow after blow.


  • Theus assassination plunged Rome into civil war.


  • As Caesar's ally, Marc Anthony and heir, Octavian sought to avenge his death.


  • He was my friend, faithful and just to me.


  • They succeeded, but later turned on each other when all the dust settled.


  • Marc Anthony and his lover, Cleopatra, were dead.


  • Octavian was Rome's first emperor and the Roman Republic was finished.


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President Dwight D.



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