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  • Hello and welcome to The English We Speak with me, Feifei

    こんにちは、The English We Speakへようこそ。私と一緒に、フェイフェイ...

  • and me, Roy.


  • We may sound a little differentthat's because we are not able to record in our normal studios during the coronavirus outbreak.

    私たちは少し違うように聞こえるかもしれません - それはなぜなら、私たちの通常の コロナウイルス発生中のスタジオ。

  • In this programme, we have an expression that is used to describe publically criticising someone.


  • Roy, why are you hiding under the desk?


  • Well, I'm a bit scared at the moment. Neil said you were throwing shade at me, so I don't want to get hit.


  • I guess it was you who smashed the window throwing all that shade around.

    殴られたいというのは、あなただったのでしょうね。窓を叩き割って 周りに陰を作る。

  • Roy! I'm not throwing anything physically.


  • I was throwing shade at youthat means I was publically criticising you.


  • I was telling everyone how terrible your favourite T-shirt is.


  • You always wear it, but the film on it is so uncool.


  • Who likes 'Gibbons by the Sea'?


  • I doit's a brilliant film. You should stop throwing shade. I love this T-shirt; it's a classic.

    そうですね、素晴らしい映画です。あなたがすべきなのは日陰を投げるのはやめてこのTシャツが好きなんだ それは古典的なものです。

  • It's not a classicit's old.


  • Also, I did smash that window as I literally threw a bag of your other terrible T-shirts out of the window.

    私は文字通り投げたので、そのウィンドウを粉砕しました。酷いTシャツを袋に入れて出す 窓の

  • We'll talk about it more after these examples


  • AJ got really angry when she caught her friend throwing shade at her.


  • Hey! Don't throw shade at my job! It may not pay well, but I enjoy it!


  • Joan never throws shade.


  • She's so chilled out.


  • This is The English We Speak from BBC Learning English and we're talking about the expression 'throw shade', which describes the act of publically criticising someone.

    これはBBCのThe English We Speakです。英語の学習と 投げ影 行為を記述する 批判する

  • I can't believe you threw my bag of T-shirts out the window.


  • I know you don't like my T-shirts, but you should stop throwing shade at me.

    窓の外私が好きじゃないのは分かってるTシャツだけど、影を投げるのはやめた方がいいよ 私を食べてしまった。

  • OK, I will. I'm sorry, Roy. Actually, do you want to know a secret? I love your T-shirts.

    わかった、そうするよすまない ロイ実際には...秘密を知りたい?あなたのTシャツが大好きです。

  • I wanted to buy one, but I couldn't find one.


  • Well, I have a spare in the bag. You can have my other 'Gibbons by the Sea' T-shirt and then we can have matching T-shirts in the office. We'll look so cool.

    まあ、バッグの中に予備があるのであなたが持っていてもいいわよもう一つの「ギボンズ・バイ・ザ・シー」Tシャツ でお揃いのTシャツを用意して 事務所の方。かっこよく見えるようにします。

  • Yes, we will! Bye, Roy.

    そうだな!さようなら ロイ

  • Bye, Feifei.


Hello and welcome to The English We Speak with me, Feifei

こんにちは、The English We Speakへようこそ。私と一緒に、フェイフェイ...

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