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  • Apple held their annual worldwide developer conference at their Cupertino headquarters Today, the company announced all sorts of features and products that will soon come to the watch.

    アップルは、彼らのクパチーノ本社で彼らの年次世界的な開発者会議を開催しました 今日、同社は、すべての種類の機能や製品を発表しました 近いうちに時計に来るだろう。

  • IPhone, Mac iPad and other Apple products CEO Tim Cook kicked off the event with a few new features coming to the Apple TV.

    アイフォン、Mac iPadなどのApple製品のティム・クックCEOが、Apple TVに搭載される新機能をいくつか紹介してイベントをキックオフしました。

  • So we're introducing multi user support for TVO.


  • S T.


  • V.


  • O s also delivers Apple music, so we're extending support to two of the best and most popular game controllers available.


  • Xbox one s on PlayStation Dual shot four.

    プレイステーション・デュアルのXbox one'sは、4つのショットを撮影しました。

  • Now let's talk about Apple Watch.

    さて、今回はApple Watchの話をしましょう。

  • Apple showed off new watch faces, along with a few new features coming to the watch.


  • First, we're bringing Mawr Apple APS to watch the new audio books App, So let You Listen toe Apple books and voice memos so you could easily record your thoughts and calculator.


  • And we're now making it possible to create APS that run independently on the watch, no longer requiring a companion iPhone app, and you can stream great content like podcasts, music, live sports games.


  • Now, to make it even easier for you to discover these APS, we're excited to bring the APP store to apple watch, then do you noise APP uses the microphone to detect decibel levels and can notify you if it's reached a level that could impact your hearing over time.


  • Also coming to the Apple Watch cycle.

    また、Apple Watchのサイクルにも来ています。

  • Tracking.


  • Knowing more about your menstrual cycle gives you a window into your health from simply ensuring that you're prepared.


  • Understanding your personal patterns and regularities cycle tracking is also available without a watch in the health app in IOS.


  • Now let's talk about IOS, the world's most powerful mobile operating systems.


  • Yes, it's IOS 13 Too long awaited features are finally coming to the iPhone dark mode and swiped a type way.

    はい、それはIOS 13です あまりにも長い間待たれていた機能は、最終的にiPhoneのダークモードとスワイプタイプの方法に来ています。

  • We're bringing dark mode toe Iowa s Look at that gorgeous dark wallpaper and notifications look great.


  • Let's take a look at our widgets.


  • Look, just awesome.


  • Let's take a look at some APS.


  • We'll start with news.


  • Check it out with a gorgeous dark appearance.


  • So nice and your calendar.


  • Your daily events have never looked so awesome with this really beautiful palette and notes.


  • Now, when you type, you can swipe Oh yeah, just like that.

    今は、入力するときにスワイプで Oh yeah, just like that.

  • While some of the main apse are getting all sorts of new features can go through some of my recent playback, of course.


  • Start playing some music here and now for the first time ever, Time sync lyrics.

    今ここで音楽を始めよう 史上初、Time syncの歌詞。

  • But of course, there is much mawr Toe Iowa's 13.


  • Starting with APS.


  • Let's start with safari Male and notes.


  • Now Safari has new options to quickly change text sizing and as per website preferences.


  • Male gets desktop class text formatting controls, including support for rich fonts and notes, gets this beautiful new gallery view support for shared folders and much mawr.


  • But what we really went deep is with reminders.


  • We've completely reinvented the app, rewriting it from the ground up to make it mawr intelligent, intuitive and powerful and easier than ever to create reminders.


  • Also getting a bit of an overhaul.


  • Apple Maps We've been driving and flying all across the United States, collecting land and aerial data to have significant new detail to the map.

    Apple Maps 私たちはアメリカ全土をドライブしたり、飛行機に乗ったりして、土地や航空データを収集して、地図に重要な新しいディテールを加えてきました。

  • With look around, I get a gorgeous high definition.


  • Three D view.


  • There will be new privacy controls as well.


  • We always protect your identity and activity, and there's no need to flip a switch toe.


  • Ask maps to start respecting your privacy.


  • Now for the first time you can share your location to a nap just once and then require it to ask you again next time it wants it.


  • Some maps tryto work around these protections by scanning for Bluetooth or WiFi signals to infer your location.


  • What we're shutting the door on that abuse as well.


  • Sign in with Apple is the fast, easy way to sign in without all the tracking.


  • It's simple.


  • AP.


  • I allows a developer to put a sign in with apple button right in their app.


  • You just tap it and your authenticated with face I'd on your device logged in with a new account without revealing any new personal information, emoji are getting more features like jewelry, lipstick, hats and stickers created automatically based on your memo.


  • Gee, the camera's getting improved lighting effects.


  • You'll be able to apply photo effects to videos, and you can finally rotate videos.


  • The photo APS is getting a redesign and some new features to you could see videos like this time lapse play automatically for me, really bringing my library back to life.


  • Carplay is getting a bit of an overhaul, while Siri's shortcuts will now suggest automation is based on your habits.


  • This year, we have our biggest update to carplay since the beginning.


  • It all starts with a carplay dashboard where you could now have your music next to your maps, and you still have room for Syria's smart suggestions, like a garage door opener when you get close to home or a view of your next calendar, event shortcuts enable you to use your APS through Siri and in the shortcuts app, you can create your own personalized, multi step shortcut.


  • The iPad is also getting an overhaul, with Apple giving it its own operating system.

    iPadはまた、オーバーホールを取得している, Appleはそれを独自のオペレーティングシステムを与えると.

  • IPad OS.


  • In addition to the new iPhone features, the iPad will be getting more multi tasking features like split screen and slide over.


  • But what I think is super cool.


  • So watch what happens when I swipe over.


  • I can now pin my widgets right on my home.


  • Strange.


  • There are also more multitasking gestures, along with support for drag and drop, while the files app on the iPad will be more functional and folders in the iCloud drive will be shareable.


  • For instance, in iCloud Drive, we now support folder sharing, and the iPad will finally support thumb drives and SD cards, which will show up in the files app.

    例えば、iCloud Driveでは、フォルダ共有をサポートするようになりましたし、iPadではついにサムドライブやSDカードをサポートし、ファイルアプリに表示されるようになります。

  • That's right.


  • You can now plug in a thumb drive.


  • You'll even be able to change fonts as Apple's adding fonts to the APP store to be used in APS.


  • There's finally a new Mac Pro.

    ついに新しいMac Proが登場しました。

  • This is the new macro, and it's incredible.


  • Theme base model of the new Mac Pro has an eight core Intel Xeon processor, 32 gigabytes of RAM in a 256 gigabyte solid state drive.

    新しいMac Proのテーマベースモデルは、8コアのIntel Xeonプロセッサ、32ギガバイトのRAMを256ギガバイトのソリッドステートドライブに搭載しています。

  • It starts at $6000 and will be available this fall.


  • Of course, a computer that powerful needs a display to go along with it.


  • So Apple has launched the pro display XDR Ah, 32 inch LCD six K retina display with a super wide viewing angle and what Apple calls extreme dynamic range.

    だからAppleは、プロディスプレイXDRああ、超広視野角とAppleが極端なダイナミックレンジと呼んでいるものを持つ32インチの液晶6 Kの網膜ディスプレイを発売しました。

  • The monitor starts at $5000 and will also be available this fall.


  • Of course, there wasn't just a new Mac.


  • There's also a new Mac OS called Catalina.

    カタリナという新しいMac OSもあります。

  • The biggest news for Mac OS iTunes is finally being broken up into three separate APS, apple music, podcasts and TV because Apple Music and Catalina is the best music app we've ever made with its singular focus on music.

    Mac OSのiTunesがついにAPS、アップルミュージック、ポッドキャスト、テレビの3つに分解されつつあるのは、Apple Musicとカタリナが音楽に特化した単発的な最高の音楽アプリだからです。

  • It's so simple, but it has all the powerful music features you expect from iTunes all while being just blazingly fast.


  • Let's turn our attention to podcast.


  • It brings a dedicated podcast listening experience to the Mac, and it features all the great features you used to.


  • And I was like, Listen now where you can see new episodes and keep track of your listening across all of your devices.


  • And finally, the Apple TV app, your new home for TV and music on the Mac.

    そして最後に、Macでテレビや音楽を楽しむための新しいホーム、Apple TVアプリです。

  • Now you love having access toe watch now, including all your great channels like HBO and Showtime.


  • And it has all your purchased movies for iTunes as well.


  • The iPad will soon be able to function as a second monitor for the Mac.


  • Now it's great you can spread out your work right across to your iPad.


  • While support is coming for a whole lot of voice control.


  • Voice control lets you control your Mac entirely with your voice, and not just that.


  • We're also bringing it toe IOS as well.


  • There are new security features like find my and activation lock and it has a new twist because can now even locate Apple devices that are offline now.

    私とアクティベーション ロックを見つけるような新しいセキュリティ機能があり、今でもオフラインのアップル デバイスを見つけることができるので、それは新しいひねりを加えています。

  • This is particularly important for Max because often your laptop is folded up in a bag asleep and no longer on the network.


  • So in the unfortunate event that your Mac ever is stolen, the thief will find it completely useless because they can't even install or boot it unless you reactivate it with your credentials.


  • Of course, other APS air getting new and improved features.


  • Now you'll find, of course, the beautiful new photo browsing experience in Photos, the updated start page in Safari, the brand new gallery view in notes and a completely redesigned Reminders app.


  • But also, for the first time we're bringing screen time to the Mac now has all the same great features from IOS.


  • So you and your family can now understand the complete picture of your use across all your devices, and all the limits are enforced across all of your devices.


  • We think this is gonna be great for families.


  • And if there's an iPad app you love, you may soon be able to play it on the Mac.


  • Apple's project Catalyst will allow developers to create Mac APS, based on iPhone APS.


  • And it's new technology that lets developers quickly and efficiently create APS for the Mac based on their existing iPad.


  • APS.


  • Now there's over a million iPad apps out there.


  • We think some of them would be fantastic on the Mac.


  • Apple also announced new products and features that will make it easier for developers to create augmented reality APS and check this out motion capture.


  • Just point your camera at a person, and we can track in real time positions of their head, their torso and their limbs and feed it as an input into the A R experience.

    カメラを人に向けるだけで、頭、胴体、手足の位置をリアルタイムで追跡し、A R体験への入力としてフィードすることができます。

  • And that was the 2019 W W D C.

    そして、それが2019年のW W D Cでした。

  • What did you think?


  • Any features or products you're especially excited about?


  • Let us know in the comments.


  • Have a great week.


Apple held their annual worldwide developer conference at their Cupertino headquarters Today, the company announced all sorts of features and products that will soon come to the watch.

アップルは、彼らのクパチーノ本社で彼らの年次世界的な開発者会議を開催しました 今日、同社は、すべての種類の機能や製品を発表しました 近いうちに時計に来るだろう。

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