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Hello there! Each of us has eventually travelled away from home.
We all love to share our travel experiences with others because it widens our horizons and gives us a greater awareness.
Today’s lesson will show you how to talk about your travel experiences with others.
Shall we get started ?
Hi Trench. You’re looking good. Did you go for a vacation somewhere?
Yes, I’ve just come back from Hawaii.
Hawaii! Wow, that sounds exotic! I’ve heard that Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Na Pali Coast are amazing.
Yes, I agree. The islands are so green and the water’s so blue.
The beaches go on forever and the food is fantastic. I’ll always remember this vacation..
Did you swim along the shore?
Yes, I went swimming every day. I had the time of my life.
How was the weather there?
It was nice...bright and sunny. You should go there when you can.
It feels like paradise here on earth and I’m sure you’d have a great time.
Yes, I think I would.
I’ll be flying to New York during Christmas.
What struck you so suddenly?
I just want to spend my Christmas holidays with family this year.
Well, you should book your ticket now.
You must be kidding! There are still 6 months left until Christmas.
Yes, but seats will be full by the end of October. You shouldn’t wait if you’ve made up your mind.
But maybe prices will be cheaper in October.
Cheaper prices won’t do you any good if there are no seats.
You’re absolutely right. I’ll do it right away.
I was thinking about a cruise vacation this year. What do you think?
That sounds great. Where do you plan to go?
I want to cruise to the Maldives.
The Maldives? Oh! That is a great place for family vacation.
Sandy beaches and clear blue sea...
But I’m worried about the expense. I’ve heard that travel agencies charge a lot of money for Maldives packages.
I think that it depends on the kind of accommodation and travel you choose.
Well, of course I want to have the best of everything.
Then get ready to spend a lot of money. You’re not traveling alone, are you?
No, my wife and I will go together.
Well, you can try to look up good deals online. You might be able to save yourself from spending a fortune.
You look upbeat. What’s the occasion?
My company has sponsored a trip to L.A for me.
That is great news! So what’s the purpose of your trip?
I’ve been invited to attend a seminar organized by the company.
What is the seminar about?
It’s related to the launch of products manufactured by our firm.
That sounds interesting. I hope you enjoy your stay in L.A.
Thanks Bob. I’ll keep you updated!
Going on a holiday for a long time, enjoying oneself, or taking a break from work is called vacation.
When you enjoyed something very much, you could say you had the time of your life.
It means “What gave you the idea suddenly?”
A cruise is a trip on a big boat in the ocean.
You go on a cruise for fun and enjoyment. It usually lasts several days.
When you spend a fortune, you spend a lot of money.
A seminar is a meeting in which a group of people might receive training
or lectures from speakers on some topic or have discussions.
It’s usually held for the purpose of learning or interacting.
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休日英語- 旅行や休日の英会話 - バケーションで英語を話す(Holiday English - English Conversations During Travel and Holidays - Speak English on Vacations)

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