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  • Israeli performing artist Ellen New Far is scarred and proud.


  • Just a month ago, she underwent a double mastectomy as part of breast cancer treatment, and now the 49 year old stand shirtless beneath a pink blazer, posing for the cover of Leisha, one of Israel's most popular women's magazines.


  • New Far is no stranger to the spotlight, though she has a long history as a performer, journalist, director, choreographer and activist.


  • I am wonderful.


  • I chose not to do reconstruction, which makes me flat and fierce.


  • New Far has the BRCA gene, which is associated with an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.


  • She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 33 underwent chemotherapy, a lumpectomy and radiation.


  • When the cancer returned 16 years later and she opted for the double mastectomy, she decided not to endure further surgery.


  • Look, this is something that women are dealing with all over the world, and they're so afraid of not going through reconstruction so they don't have to deal with being so different, and they don't have to deal with the shame of somebody looking at them or not looking at them feeling attractive or not attractive.

    これは世界中の女性が直面していることなのですが 復興しないことをとても恐れています そうすれば、自分とは違う存在であることに 対処する必要はありませんし 誰かに見られていることを恥じる必要もないのです

  • If This is part of what women are going through.


  • This should be an option because it's the safest option.


  • One conduce New Far hopes her cover shoot for Lesia Weekly will inspire other women going through similar issues.


  • It's a very personal choice, and I guess I'm brave enough to do it and carry my my scars and love them.


Israeli performing artist Ellen New Far is scarred and proud.


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