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  • Welcome toe watch Mojo.


  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Hardest Selda bosses Stay on your edge, Ling.

    そして今日は、セルダのトップ10のボスのための私たちのピックをカウントダウンしています あなたのエッジに滞在、リン。

  • This formidable adversary was made by Ghani and brought me to a Warriors demise 100 years ago.


  • For this list will be looking at those bosses who can make links scream in frustration or fear before we jump into the video.


  • We've done a deep dive of this list Number one entry over on mojo plays, so be sure to check it out once you're done.

    私たちは、このリストナンバーワンのエントリの深いダイブを行ってきました モジョの演劇の上に、ので、あなたが行われたら、それをチェックアウトしてください。

  • Number 10 Majoras Mask The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask sticking to the franchises Standard formula for a three phase final Boston counter.

    ナンバー10 マジョラスマスク ゼルダの伝説 マジョラスマスクは、3つのフェーズの最終的なボストンカウンターのためのフランチャイズの標準的な式に固執しています。

  • Majoras Mask is on.


  • Leah's difficult as Link wants the battle to be.


  • While all three forms have their hurdles, especially the final version, Majoras wrath.


  • The fierce Deities mask greatly reduces the threat offered by the boss.


  • However, if Link is confident enough to face Majoras Mask without an ace in the hole or ops against eliminating the boss remains as early as possible, then this boss battle can be quite a punishing one.


  • The Legend of Zelda games are rarely about their difficulty, but Majoras masks.


  • Titular boss can put up quite a fight.


  • Number nine, Stall Lord, The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.

    9位 ストールロード ゼルダの伝説 トワイライトプリンセス

  • Yeah, armed with a spinner and up against the bony dragon with a scimitar stabbed into its skull.

    ああ、スピナーで武装して 頭蓋骨に刺さったシミターを持った骨付きのドラゴンに立ち向かった。

  • Link better have a strong stomach because he spends most of this fight bouncing all over the place.

    彼はこの戦いのほとんどを費やしているので、リンクはより良い強い胃を持っている 彼はすべての場所をバウンスします。

  • Stall Lord is unlikely to kill Link, but landing hits on the boss while getting used to the spinner and avoiding the stall troops can be frustrating.


  • Star Lord Second Form is considerably less annoying than its predecessor and the fight becomes far easier on subsequent play throughs.


  • But the first time going up against this dragon is a test of patients and timing.


  • Number eight Mall dorm.


  • The Legend of Zelda A link to the past with boss fights are not just about the massive creatures trying to send link into the afterlife.

    ゼルダの伝説 過去へのリンクとボス戦は、あの世にリンクを送り込もうとする巨大な生き物だけではありません。

  • Sometimes the arena is the hardest part.


  • Featured in multiple games and always annoying.


  • Mall dorm is a wormlike boss with a tail for a weak point and a fondness for knocking link down holes in a link to the past.


  • The fight itself is simple enough, but falling down a pit situated in the arena.


  • Reset small dorms.


  • Health.


  • The player must be constantly aware of their position while timing their attacks.


  • Just write a striking any part.


  • Besides mall dorms, Tail will send Link flying number seven VAT.

    モールの寮の他に、テイルは、リンクの飛行番号7 VATを送信します。

  • The Legend of Zelda.


  • Diminish Cap for what is generally a pretty easy game.


  • The minutes cap ramps up the difficulty considerably in its final hours.


  • VT.


  • Is worthy of a final boss, a three stage encounter that requires linked to use many of the tools and skills he picked up throughout his adventure.


  • VA T does not waste any time as its first reborn form uses projectiles that must be destroyed before the boss could be damaged and also teleports to keep link at a distance.

    VA Tは、その最初の生まれ変わったフォームは、ボスがダメージを受ける可能性がある前に破壊しなければならない投射物を使用しており、また、距離でリンクを維持するためにテレポートとして任意の時間を無駄にしません。

  • The second form is on a whole other level, mainly because the cloning mechanic needs to be used before link can move on to various hard but manageable third phase number six Thunderbird Zelda to the adventure of Link, a side scrolling RPG, quite unlike any other entry in the franchise.


  • The adventure of Link is a contender for the hardest Zelda game ever, While far from the only tough boss, Thunderbird is a hard hitting and unforgiving and game encounter after Link casts Thunderbird and makes the boss vulnerable to damage, it just becomes a matter of avoiding a symphony of fireballs while striking blows to the creature's head.


  • The reflect spell can make the battle easier, but this is one encounter that is primarily reflects.


  • Driven Thunderbird is like The Legend of Zelda is version of a bullet.


  • Help Boss Number five Puppet Gannon.


  • A Legend of Zelda the Wind Waker link Better get comfortable using a boomerang and abo puppet.


  • Gannon is visually striking in all of its three phases, but the challenge lies in the fact that Link has to strike its tail with light arrows to score a hit.


  • Although its attacks are not especially difficult to avoid, Puppet Gannon never stops moving, which makes it quite infuriating to cut the first form strings using a boomerang before attacking its tail with the arrows.


  • Regardless of what animal or bug, it happens to be mimicking puppet Gannon is a proper test of links, quick reflexes and sharp shooting skills.


  • Number four Yorg Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask Yeah, as the boss of the Great Bay Temple, your can be very irritating on a blind play through this boss with teeth for days, moves quickly, fires out many means to frustrates or a link, and has it difficult to avoid close quarters attack that bites hard in the original game.

    ゼルダMajorasマスクの数4ヨルグの伝説 うん、グレートベイ寺院のボスとして、あなたのブラインドプレイで非常にイライラさせることができます何日も歯でこのボスを介して、迅速に移動し、多くの手段を発射してイライラさせるか、リンク、そしてそれは元のゲームでハードに噛む近接攻撃を回避することは困難を持っています。

  • The fight can be cheesed by just firing arrows from the Arena Central Platform.


  • But the three DS remake removes that option and throws in a second stage that involves a lot of sucking and bonds with the slower movement of Zora Link in the remake, York might even surprise veterans of the Nintendo 64 Original Thing Number three.


  • Thunder Blythe, Legend of Zelda.

    サンダーブライス ゼルダの伝説

  • Breath of the Wild.


  • This thing is fast.


  • Watch yourself breath of the wild.


  • Open ended nature means the main bosses can be faced in practically any order, even if the other phantoms are defeated first.


  • Granting link access to useful items like dogs protection, Thunder Black Gannon is still never anything short of crushingly difficult, while a bit of a glass cannon thunder black hits quick and hard, and its second form wraps things up with even more electricity and the occasional laser attack.


  • One wrong move or poorly timed Perry could leave link vulnerable toe a combo and thunder Black Gannon does not waste any opportunities.


  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.


  • Number two Dark Link.

    2番 ダークリンク

  • The Legend of Zelda.


  • Ocarina of time e you be it as the final hurdle of Zelda to or a mini boss in ocarina of time, Darkling tends to always put up a fierce battle.


  • Unlike most other Zelda bosses, Dark Link is a bit more unpredictable, as a strategy that worked wonders in one play through might not be as fruitful.


  • In another, Dark link is a countering machine and reflects the main protagonists fighting style, although with a few limitations spamming attacks or using the megaton hammer contribute lies the battle on occasion.

    別の場所では、ダークリンクはカウンターマシンであり、攻撃をスパムするか、メガトンハンマーを使用していくつかの制限が貢献しているが、主な主人公の戦いのスタイルを反映しています 時折、戦いがある。

  • But then there could be times when Dark Link just seems to decide to mess with the player way before we unveil our topic.


  • Here are a few honorable mentions.


  • Calamity Gannon, The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild because freeing all the divine beasts makes this fight easier, but not easy.


  • Yeah, yes, you could start a business Twin Rover, The Legend of Zelda.


  • Ocarina of time because ice and fire combined to create one challenging boss.


  • Fight horseback Gannon Dorf The legend of Zelda Twilight Princess because Zelda does not always have her aiming gloves on.

    馬に乗って戦う ガノンドルフ ゼルダの伝説 トワイライトプリンセス ゼルダは常に彼女の狙いの手袋をしているわけではないので。

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  • Number one Monk Mass Kashia.

    ナンバーワン僧侶マス カシア

  • Legend of Zelda.


  • Breath of the Wild as the final fight in the Champions.


  • Valid DLC Monk Moscow She feels like a celebration of the entire game, going through multiple stages that harbor back to other breath of the wild bosses mask.


  • OSHA has the speed of thunder, Black Gannon, the raw destructiveness of the Guardians and the sheer awe factor of Calamity.


  • Gannon whittled down the bosses health enough and Mass Scotia will create clones or power up to a supersized version of himself.


  • With each phase requiring linked to use different tactics, Link and the player have to apply everything.


  • They have learned to overcome the final trial.


  • You can get away with it if you want to know why we chose our number one pick for this list.


  • Head over to Mojo plays and watch our in depth analysis of the entry.


  • Check the link in the description below.


Welcome toe watch Mojo.


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