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Tell everybody I'm on my way
New friends and new places to see
With blue skies ahead, yes I'm on my way
And there’s nowhere else that I'd rather be
Tell everybody I'm on my way
And I'm loving every step I take
With the sun beating down, yes I'm on my way
And I can't keep this smile off my face
Cause there’s nothing like, seeing each other again
No matter what the distance between
And the stories that we tell will make you smile
Or really lifts my heart
So tell'em I'm on my way
New friends and new places to see
Who is it?
Hello! How are you?
That’s fantastic! I’m so glad you’re wearing pink lace suit.
Cause you won’t believe what’s waiting out there for us.
It’s fantastic. You should gonna have a look.
Come with me! It’s lovely to see it.
Oh my God!
There you’ll never see another. I see only one in the world.
There it is, Emilia.
That is cool,isn’t it?
Yeah, that is the only one.
It’s the only pink Lamborghini like that.
There is a record of the play with this.
There is what we got to play with it all afternoon. I’m jealous now.
Oh, you should be.
It’s a very special thing to play with it exactly.
And I believe many masses waiting in there for you, darling.
I just gonna talk to boring old man.
You got something more interesting to talk to.
Do you like it? Yeah!
It’s quite bright.
It’s not difficult to spot.
We won’t tell anybody that you didn’t have a seat belt on.
Promise? Yeah!
Right! That is all the beeping thing that’s telling us about the things that is too closed to us.
Shop the information that there’s a pink Lamborghini.
Requesting clearance to take off
On two seven
You make us see and waiting, Sir!
Rolling now!
Wow! Well, you did it!
You actually asked for take off!
You stud! That’s fantastic! You ready?
We’re gonna speed up!
Oh, it’s very very fast indeed.
Let’s put this in gentle.
Give it a wave.
Nice pretty quick, isn’t it?
That’s one quick car.
Look! All there you go!
We’re discussing away here.
Everything has to be pink.
T-shirt? Give her a t-shirt.
Think of a Lamborghini t-shirt.
With Lamborghini on it.
There you go, look!
There you go!
Pink Lamborghini girl.
Well, if anyone can wear a pink Lamborghini shirt,
it must be you cause you’ve been in a pink Lamborghini.
Not many people have done that.
Hearty congratulations to Rays of Sunshine
for organising yet another wonderful unique and special occasion
for somebody who really deserves it.
So, to want it is a big player and makes my contribution to clearly quite a big event.
Thus, congratulations to them!
So worthwhile.
I just want to say thank you to Rays of Sunshine
They’re amazing charity for all the work they’ve done… hard work.
And I know it hasn’t been easy to arrange this because there wasn’t a pink Lamborghini a week ago
So thank you very much.
You’re a pretty charity.


Richard Hammond grants Emilia's Rays of Sunshine wish to go in a pink Lamborghini!

7789 タグ追加 保存
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