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  • Steve was his name

  • just a man from block land

  • he just dug, what he could

  • and hit wood with his hand

  • but he soon found out that he was much, much much more than a man

  • When he found a small cave

  • there was a strange tall man

  • he told Steve that he was

  • Enderborn, he must save

  • the world from the greatest threat it has ever seen,

  • "Now you must go to slay the Enderman

  • to collect ender pearls to fulfill the plan

  • destined to save the world from an ender dragon

  • and we'll see, on this day, that a legend began"

  • Steve now he knew

  • that he was Enderborn

  • ventured home made a sword,

  • and then left before dawn,

  • and he slayed Endermen until he had enough...

  • He searched far he searched wide until he found the Stronghold

  • so he could find the end and do what's foretold

  • used the pearls that he gained to open the door

  • to the end, save a world, that he cares so much for

  • Right through the door

  • was a world, filled with black

  • Endermen, they stood guard and prepared to attack

  • but he climbed the black towers and smashed the crystals

  • Dragon flies, dragon turns, then swoops down for Steve,

  • standing calm, cause he knows, he has a trick up his sleeve

  • swings his sword, like a Nord, on the dragons big snout

  • dragon turns, flies away, with a roaring loud shout

  • Dragon flies, dragon turns, swoops for one last fight

  • grabs his bow, cause he's pro, Steve hits him mid flight

  • dragon dies, dragon fades, said he glew like the sun

  • so its said, on this day, that a legend began

Steve was his name


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