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  • Apple's worldwide developers conference was full of interesting announcements, starting with Apple's Racial Equity and Justice Initiative and Covad 19 address.

    Appleの世界的な開発者会議は、Appleの「人種的公平性と正義のイニシアチブ」と「Covad 19」のアドレスを皮切りに、興味深い発表が目白押しでした。

  • Two weeks ago, we announced Apple's Racial Equity and Justice Initiative with a commitment of $100 million.


  • This initiative will challenge systemic barriers that limit opportunity for communities of color in the critical areas of education, economic equality and criminal justice.


  • The new developer Entrepreneur camp for black developers.


  • We want to do everything we can to foster the brightest lights and best ideas.


  • Right now, our world is also battling a virus that is affecting the daily lives of billions of people.


  • Today, the world is counting on all of us and on the products and experiences that we create to move forward with that.


  • Let's get started by sending over to crack.


  • Its first product announcement was IOS 14.

    最初の製品発表はios 14でした。

  • New features include an app, library size options for widgets and picture in picture video.


  • Wouldn't it be great if there were way to organize all of those APS without doing a thing?


  • Well, this year we're doing just that with something called the APP Library.


  • It's a new space at the end of your home screen pages that automatically organizes all your APS In one simple and easy to navigate view, Let's turn toe widgets.

    それは自動的にすべてのあなたのAPSを整理するあなたのホーム画面のページの最後にある新しいスペースです 1つのシンプルでナビゲートしやすいビューで、レッツターンtoeウィジェット。

  • They now come in a variety of sizes.


  • I'm just gonna tap and hold on the weather widget on.


  • I could drag it out of today view and onto my home screen.


  • Now, when I tap on one, I can actually page through all of the different sizes available.


  • The smart stack Just gonna tap it and drop it here with the smart stack, I can easily swipe through widgets to pick just the one I want for the moment.

    スマートスタック タップしてここに落とすだけで、ウィジェットをスワイプして今のところ欲しいものだけを簡単に選ぶことができます。

  • Next, we're also bringing picture and picture toe iPhone.


  • When I swiped to go home, the video automatically goes into picture and picture right over the home screen.


  • And when I launch another app like notes, I can keep watching.


  • Now I can drag the picture to another part of the screen.


  • If I wanna make it bigger, I can even pinch to zoom, and as I move between applications, it stays with me, and what's cool is I can also swipe it to the side, and the audio keeps playing when it's off screen, and Siri got seriously updated Syria's always been great for getting information and now has over 20 times more facts than just three years ago.


  • This year, you can now ask Siri to send an audio message, and Syria will start recording when communicating with someone in another language, Siri can help with translations.


  • That's why we're introducing a new app called Translate.


  • You can translate your text and voice between any combination of these 11 languages.


  • Just tap on the microphone and say, What are your store hours?


  • Cuales allosaurus, lasutina and just turn the phone to landscape toe open conversation mode.


  • We have designed a side by side view that's easy for two people to know which side to follow in the conversation.


  • This mode is incredibly intuitive, with just a single microphone button, because the APP intelligently detects the language spoken and shows translation on the correct side of the screen.


  • Next up messages.


  • We are introducing a new way to let you stay connected to your most important conversations by letting you pin them at the top of your list so you can always get to them.


  • In Iowa's 14 we're adding even more ways to create your look with over 20 new hair and headwear styles toe let you reflect your hobby, profession and personality.


  • We've also added something that's even more relevant today.


  • Face coverings and we're adding Mawr age options to, and now you can mention people in group chats or respond and in line messages.


  • An Apple Maps gots a major upgrades.


  • Not only can you now see dedicated routes for cycling, but also evey routing for electric cars with IOS, 14 maps will track your current charge and factor in things like elevation and weather toe automatically.


  • Add charging stops along your route.


  • Apple is even doing away with car keys.


  • You can now leave the keys at home and unlock certain cars with your iPhone and the very first car to support.


  • This will be the new 2021 BMW five series, and I placed my phone on the charging pad and then push to start.

    これは2021年式の新型BMW 5シリーズになるのですが、充電パッドの上にスマホを置いてからプッシュして起動させました。

  • Oh, with each key you share, you can set options like a restricted driving profile perfect for teen drivers.


  • The new BMW will be available to customers next month.


  • In addition to adding this featured, Iowa's 14 were also enabling it in Iowa's 13 so customers can use their car keys even sooner.


  • Introducing APP clips a new feature designed to make sure you really do have an app for that.


  • They start with this card, which quickly pops up, and with just a tap, you can launch the APP clip.


  • You don't need to enter credit card numbers because APP clips can use Apple pay for payments, and you don't have to manually log into an account because it could take advantage of Sign in With Apple.

    APPクリップはAppleペイを使って支払いができるので、クレジットカード番号を入力する必要はありませんし、Sign in With Appleを活用できる可能性があるので、手動でアカウントにログインする必要もありません。

  • You'll be able to tap on NFC tags out in the world on things like parking meters.


  • Or you can scan codes to launch APP clips that work with products you purchase APP clip code so you tap on them or scan them with a camera to bring up an APP clip small in size so they launch fast photos, music calls and more have all been upgraded on the iPad OS to the sidebar is a really powerful way toe.

    または、あなたが購入した製品で動作するAPPクリップを起動するためにコードをスキャンすることができますので、それらをタップしたり、カメラでそれらをスキャンすることができますので、彼らは高速写真、音楽通話などを起動し、すべてのサイドバーにiPad OS上でアップグレードされている小さなAPPクリップを持ってきました本当に強力な方法toeです。

  • Organize your photos to I can easily drag a photo to the sidebar and then just drop it to add it to an album.

    あなたの写真を整理する 私は簡単にサイドバーに写真をドラッグして、ちょうどそれをドロップしてアルバムに追加することができます。

  • We've brought this sidebar too many APS across iPad os like notes where it provides quick and easy access to all your folders.


  • I can quickly jump between the new listen now and my playlists now on incoming call is presented with a compact notification that doesn't take you out of context, and you can simply tap to answer or flick it away to dismiss.


  • As soon as you start typing, you get relevant suggestions to complete your search, and you can get to your Web Search results with just a tap apple pencil just got even more powerful.


  • And so now, when I draw a simple shape and posit end, it'll automatically convert to that ideal shape, retaining the same size and angle that you drew it at.


  • You notice how we can select the handwriting while avoiding the drawings nearby.


  • I can easily change the color or moved around the document.


  • Let's say you want to search for Edison Bulbs in safari.


  • Using scribble.


  • I could just write directly into the text field, and it automatically gets converted to type text.


  • It also works in any text field, so I can easily add a new reminder to my shared reminders list with my husband.


  • You'll notice how scribble recognizes both English and Chinese in the same line, Apple packed more features into its airpods, including the ability to automatically switched between devices and spatial audio.


  • For unauthentic surround sound experience, you need the sound field to stay fixed, so the voice feels like it's coming from the actor and not some random point in space.


  • So we use the accelerometer and gyroscopes and airpods pro to track the motion of your head.


  • Remapping the sound field so it stays anchored to your device even as your head moves.


  • And it's not only your head that can move, but you might move your iPad or iPhone a swell.


  • That's why we constantly compare the motion data from your head and your screen.


  • The sound stays in sync.


  • Don't worry.


  • The Apple Watch was not left out of the OS Upgrade parade.

    Apple WatchはOSアップグレードのオンパレードから抜け出せませんでした。

  • The fitness app now supports dance in dance.


  • We combined data from the accelerometer and the gyroscope to detect the difference between dancing with just your arms, just your lower body or when you put it all together and dance with your entire body.


  • Then we add in heart rate data for the most accurate calorie burn calculation.


  • Watch us seven also tracks accurate calories for court training.


  • Those exercises for your abs and back functional strength training.


  • AH, workout type that helps you get stronger and move better for everyday activities and also cool downs.


  • Toe.


  • Add onto another workout when you want to continue with easy moves and stretches as you bring your heart rate and breathing back to normal.


  • And on the flip side, it has sleep.


  • Tracking Apple Watch tracks your sleep using a machine learning model that senses your motion and even interprets the micro movements caused by the rise and fall of your breath.

    Tracking Apple Watchは、あなたの動きを感知し、さらには息の上がり下がりによって引き起こされる微小な動きを解釈する機械学習モデルを使用して睡眠を追跡します。

  • It can even track your hand washing and watch us seven.


  • Apple watches the first watch to deliver automatic detection when you start washing your hands and sensing of how long you actually wash.


  • Our approach here is using machine learning models to determine motion, which appears to be hand washing and then use audio to confirm the sound of running water or squishing soap on your hands.


  • During this, you'll get a little coaching to do a good job.


  • You'll see a countdown along with haptics and sounds to make sure you wash as long as you're supposed thio.


  • If you pause early, there's a plight note to keep washing.


  • When you're done, you'll see, hear and feel it.


  • On a more serious note, Apple pivoted to privacy.


  • We're looking at more security mawr tracking control and more transparency in APS.


  • APS store policy will require APS toe asked before tracking you across.


  • APS and websites owned by other companies were going to require each developer to self report their practices.


  • We'll show you what they tell us.


  • You can see if the developers collecting a little bit of data on you or a lot of data, or if they're sharing data with other companies to track.


  • You were going to put this information on product pages in the APP store.


  • So for each app, you can see highlights of their privacy information before you download it.


  • Your smart home could also get smarter apples.


  • Home products got a whole Siris of updates, including automation, adaptive lighting and facial recognition.


  • Telling you who's there by leveraging the friends and family you've already tagged in your photos at and face recognition extends the home pod announcing who's at the door and with Apple TV.

    あなたの写真にすでにタグ付けされている友人や家族を活用して誰がそこにいるかを伝えると、顔認識は、ドアに誰がいるかをApple TVと一緒に発表するホームポッドを拡張します。

  • You'll get a live view whenever someone rings the Bell.


  • Now for the Big Mac OS update, Big Sur Apple has redesigned every app, updated the notification center and widgets and added a control center to the Mac.

    さて、Big Mac OSアップデートのために、Big Sur Appleはすべてのアプリのデザインを一新し、通知センターやウィジェットを更新し、Macにコントロールセンターを追加しています。

  • And what's really cool is that I can customize the menu bar with any of these controls.


  • So say I want one click access to Do not disturb.


  • Well, I can just click and drag it right into my menu bar and customize just like that.


  • Safari got a slew of new features, like extensions built in translation and a visual way to control tabs.


  • Privacy is essential to everything We do it Apple, and it's critical on the Web.

    プライバシーはすべてに欠かせない We do it Apple、それはウェブ上で重要です。

  • If I click on the intelligent tracking prevention button, I could see the number of known trackers that Safari protected me from on this Web page.


  • I can click here to see a list of the known trackers right here in this pop over, and the full privacy report is just one click away.


  • You can just hover over tabs and see a nice preview of the page.


  • I'm ready to clean up now, and that's easy to.


  • I could just bring up the context menu here and close all tabs to the right and all the Mac APs will feel different because the Mac is getting a new processor.


  • Apple Silicon is Apple's response to Intel.

    Apple Siliconは、Intelに対するAppleの対応です。

  • Our team deliver 10 generations off, increasingly complex and rich designs, always improving performance.


  • Now, when we talk about performance, we have to talk about power because all systems built today are constrained by power consumption, thermals or both.


  • Does stops deliver the highest performance but consume the most power notebooks?


  • Tradeoff, performance for overpower, making them part of it.


  • As you can see normally, to get more performance, you have to consume more power.


  • When you take a closer look at this chart, you realize you want to operate in the upper left corner.


  • You want to deliver the highest performance at the lowest power consumption, and that's exactly where we want to take them back.


  • One huge feature is the uniforms architectures that allows almost every app to function on all platforms.


  • The transition to Apple Silicon is also great for developers who've already optimized their APS for other apple platforms.


  • The shared architecture across our products means that their code will absolutely sing on our new Max resented two and a new Quick Start program will make it easy for developers to transition APS between platforms but developers halftime.


  • The vast majority of Mac caps could be re compiled is universal in a few days, so users can have fast native APS.


  • Rosetta two runs.


  • Existing Mac caps are virtualization.


  • Technology makes it easier than ever to bring other environments like Lennox to the Mac and Mac users can.


  • For the first time, run IOS and iPad OS APS directly tapping into the world's most vital app.

    初めて、世界で最も重要なアプリを直接タップしてIOSとiPad OSのAPSを実行します。

  • Ecosystem.


  • We're launching a quick start program.


  • The focus of the Quick Start program is to enable developers to make their APS universal and take advantage of all the capabilities of Apple silicon.


  • This program also includes new developer transition Kit hardware so developers could get going even before we ship production systems.


  • Developers will be able to apply to the program at developer apple dot com today.


  • We will be shipping units out starting this week so you can get toe work.


  • So what's the timeline for this transition?


  • Well, for developers, it begins this week with the valuable information delivered at this conference as well as applying for the quick start program and for the customers.


  • We expect to ship our first Mac with Apple Silicon by the end of this year, and we expect the transition to take about two years.

    今年中にはApple Siliconを搭載した初代Macを出荷する予定で、移行には2年ほどかかると予想しています。

  • We plan to continue to support and released new versions of Mac OS for Intel based Macs for years to come.

    今後もインテルベースのMac OSの新バージョンをサポートし、リリースしていく予定です。

  • Our OS releases will be available as developer Betas today, and each of them will have a public beta, including Watch OS for the very first time starting next month.

    弊社がリリースしているOSは本日デベロッパーベータとして公開され、来月からはWatch OSをはじめとする各OSのパブリックベータが開始されます。

  • And all of this great software will be available to our customers this fall.


Apple's worldwide developers conference was full of interesting announcements, starting with Apple's Racial Equity and Justice Initiative and Covad 19 address.

Appleの世界的な開発者会議は、Appleの「人種的公平性と正義のイニシアチブ」と「Covad 19」のアドレスを皮切りに、興味深い発表が目白押しでした。

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