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  • my life.


  • Good.


  • Yeah.


  • I wanna welcome to watch Mojo.


  • And today we're pitting two upcoming Xbox consoles against each other to help you decide which one you should buy.


  • It's the Xbox, Siri's X versus the syriza s.


  • Will the smallest Xbox in history come out on top, or should you get the superior powerhouse?


  • Let us know which one you plan on getting in the comments below Round one Price.


  • It's no secret that 2020 has been a rocky year for most of the world, and that is putting it gently.


  • So many folks may not be ready to throw a few $100 down for a high end console like the Xbox Siri's X.

    だから多くの人々は、Xbox SiriのXのようなハイエンドコンソールのためにいくつかの$ 100ダウンを投げる準備ができていないかもしれません。

  • With the price of 4 $99.1 can think of many ways to better their life.

    4 $99.1の価格で、彼らの人生をより良くするために多くの方法を考えることができます。

  • With that much money on that, you could have the power within one night to dream 75 years of time.


  • For some, that's a good few cartload of groceries.


  • For others, that's a good chunk of rent or bills.


  • Thankfully, customers do have an option of making payments on a monthly basis at 34 $99 per month, with zero a P r.

    ありがたいことに、顧客は毎月34ドル99で月々の支払いを行うオプションを持っていない、ゼロP r。

  • As enticing as this sounds, this Onley strengthens the Siri's s as it comes at a cheaper price to $99 or monthly payments of 24 $99 with no a PR here, you.


  • Yeah, we're keeping this round short.


  • The clear winner is the Xbox, Siri's s as it's the most financially friendly to those on a tighter budget.


  • Sure, the Siri's X is higher end.


  • But if you can't fork over that amount of money or don't do enough gaming to care about high tech, you're better off getting this Siri's s.


  • You'll save money and still get enough value out of it.


  • Winner Siri's s Round two Smart delivery backwards compatibility may not be on the radar for some companies, but there are still plenty of players who want to revisit older titles, and they want to do so at the highest quality possible.

    勝者 Siri's Round 2 スマート配信の下位互換性は、一部の企業にとってはレーダーに載っていないかもしれませんが、古いタイトルを再訪したいと考えているプレイヤーはまだたくさんいますし、可能な限り最高品質でやりたいと考えています。

  • Luckily, Xboxes looking to satisfy those players through their own smart delivery feature with Xbox, Siri's X and S.


  • Your favorite games seamlessly scale across devices whole, maintaining what's new and innovative about our next generation consoles.


  • If a game is supported by this feature, you'll be able to play the best version of the game possible.


  • So if you bought an Xbox one game before buying a Siri's X or S, you'll have access to that game on your new console and at the highest fidelity.

    だから、SiriのXやSを買う前にXbox Oneのゲームを買っておけば、新しいコンソールでそのゲームにアクセスできて、最高の忠実度でプレイできるようになります。

  • Sounds simple enough.


  • Unfortunately, this feature comes with two caveats.


  • With the new Xbox consoles, specifically the Siri's S C.

    新しいXboxのコンソール、具体的にはSiriのS Cで。

  • The Siri's X will be able to play your games at their full potential.


  • The SYRIZA s, on the other hand, will only be ableto output these games at the same quality as an Xbox one s.

    一方、SYRIZAのsは、Xbox oneのsと同じ品質でこれらのゲームを出力することしかできません。

  • Granted, that isn't that big of a downgrade.


  • But knowing you aren't getting the best quality possible is somewhat disappointing.


  • Sorry, Siri's s.


  • But your bigger brother is taking this one winner Siri's X.


  • Finally, you would dream where you are now.


  • Round three Visual design.

    第3ラウンド ビジュアルデザイン。

  • We can deliver the same core gaming experience while also making it is easy as possible for developers scale their games across both consoles with minimal effort.


  • We aren't necessarily judging these consoles based on their appearances after all, it doesn't matter how they look as long as they run amazing games, right?


  • Sure.


  • Some, maybe a little more concerned about a consoles visual appeal.


  • But that's not what we're getting at here.


  • We don't just want a pretty face.


  • We want something that's going to be efficient as well.


  • Our smallest, most affordable, all digital next generation Xbox console.


  • We all joke about the Siri's X looking like a mini fridge or a PC tower that looks slightly off.


  • But our concern lies elsewhere.


  • The consoles events are located on the top, which raises an alarm for us.


  • Isn't that going to attract a good amount of dust?


  • Won't that make the inside of our consoles susceptible to dirt?


  • And hopefully the holes aren't big enough for bugs to crawl inside?


  • Seriously, this has been a more common problem than you might think.


  • Way go over the plan.


  • The Siri's s seems a little more manageable as its events are located on the sides of the console where the dark circle is placed.


  • It might be a pain in the butt to get the dust out of each individual hole, but the smallest Xbox ever shouldn't have much of a problem keeping filth out of the system, and the best part doesn't look like any bugs will have an easy time getting in there.

    それは、個々 の穴のほこりを取得するには、お尻の痛みかもしれない, しかし、最小の Xbox 今までのシステムの汚れを維持する問題の多くを持っている必要があります, と最高の部分は、任意のバグのように見えませんが、簡単にそこに取得する時間を持っています.

  • Syriza s steals the win here, Winner Siri's s You can make a you Round four performance.

    シリーザがここで勝利を盗みます 勝者シリィがあなたのラウンド4のパフォーマンスをすることができます。

  • Both consoles are powered by the Xbox velocity architectural, which means you can expect the same next generation benefits from Xbox Siri's s, including faster load times, consistent and higher frame rates.

    どちらのコンソールもXboxベロシティアーキテクチャを採用しているため、ロード時間の高速化、安定性、フレームレートの向上など、Xbox Siriと同じ次世代のメリットが期待できます。

  • Of course, this is arguably one of the most important factors when buying a brand new console.


  • You want something that's going to run games at their best quality, and you wanted to do so without having a meltdown, crashing or catching fire.


  • Both Siri's X and Siri's s have significant upgrades.

    Siri's XもSiri'sも大幅にアップグレードされています。

  • Toe load games faster.


  • But it's pretty obvious who's taking this round here.


  • You can see how much more quickly games can load on Xbox.


  • Syriza s the player on Xbox.


  • Siri's s is already enjoying the outer worlds.


  • The SYRIZA s boasts some moderate upgrades for $300 price tag.


  • 10 gigabytes of Ram Ah, 512 gigabytes.

    10ギガバイトのラム あ、512ギガバイト。

  • Solid state drive and four teraflops give you enough power to experience games in next Gen fashion.


  • On top of that, it has the potential to run games at 120 frames per second at 120 frames per second.


  • Every reaction and input is translated toe onscreen action even faster, although this isn't much compared to the Siri's X.


  • While it does come at a hefty cost, you're getting a machine that wields a lot of horsepower.


  • Users will be given a terabyte of storage, 16 gigabytes of RAM and 12 teraflops toe Optimize your game at its utmost potential.


  • It can also run games up to 120 frames per second, and you even get a blue ray disk drive.


  • So those of you who like physical copies of games aren't being left out were obviously giving this round to the Siri's X as it boasts more power than the Siri's s.

    だから、ゲームの物理的なコピーを好きな人が放置されていないのは明らかにこのラウンドを与えていた Siri の X は Siri の s よりも多くの電力を誇っています。

  • When it comes to Triple A games, you're going to want the best performance possible, especially considering how big they're getting.


  • Winner Siri's X.


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  • Round five resolution Xbox Siri's X is designed to deliver a next generation gaming experience in native four K at 60 frames per second, with support for up to 120 frames per second.

    ラウンドファイブの解像度 Xbox SiriのXは、ネイティブ4Kで毎秒60フレームの次世代ゲーム体験を提供するように設計されており、毎秒最大120フレームをサポートしています。

  • Notice how we left out resolution in the previous round?


  • Well, we did it because this factor extends a bit farther than just what's going to look prettier on my TV.


  • Let's cut to the chase.


  • The Siri's s only displays at 14 40 p while still retaining the 1 20 FPs potential.

    Siriの表示は14 40 pのみで、1 20 FPの可能性を維持しています。

  • Siri's S is designed to deliver the same great next Gen experience at 14 40 p.

    SiriのSは、14 40 Pで同じように素晴らしい次世代の体験を提供するように設計されています。

  • As for the Siri's X, users can expect support for not just four K resolution, but a K as well.


  • This is where customers need to think long and hard about which console to purchase.


  • If you're someone who doesn't care much for the latest and graphics, you're probably going to lean more toward the Siri's s, in which case you do.


  • You four k resolution still isn't the standard, at least not at the time of this video's release.


  • As many people and their TVs have gone so far as ultra HD, but there's still plenty of time to wait and see where things go.


  • Developers will typically optimize their games first for four can Siri's X and then scale down the rendering resolution toe 14 40 p for Xbox Siri's s.

    開発者は通常、4つの缶SiriのXのために最初に彼らのゲームを最適化し、その後、XboxのSiriのsのためのレンダリング解像度トー14 40 pをスケールダウンします。

  • This is where the Siri's X takes on a somewhat different identity.


  • This isn't just a brand new consul you're buying like a new computer or laptop.


  • This is an investment with four K and eight K support.


  • This is where customers should ask themselves if and when they might get a four K TV.


  • If you want the best possible resolution and performance, Siri's X is the way to go.


  • Even if you don't have a four K TV at launch, you could always save up and get one later down the line.


  • As they're becoming much more affordable, move in the back of your head is gonna be so full of phosphorus it will be a war crime.


  • With that in mind, Siri's s may be good for those looking to get a new console at a cheaper price, but the Series X is something that can easily pay off whenever customers feel they need to jump to four k winner Siri's X in the mood for more awesome gaming content.

    それを念頭に置いて, Siriのは安い価格で新しいコンソールを取得するために探している人のために良いかもしれない, しかし、シリーズXは、顧客がより多くの素晴らしいゲームコンテンツのための気分で4 kの勝者SiriのXにジャンプする必要があると感じたときに簡単に支払うことができるものです.

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my life.


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