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  • when you ran for office.


  • Your slogan, hope and change the last couple of years have been a lot of sadness and destruction.


  • What still gives you hope hope is not blind optimism.


  • Hope is not ignoring problems.


  • Hope is believing in the face of difficulty that we can overcome and get a better world.


  • Hope is looking squarely at our challenges and our shortcomings and saying, despite that, I think through effort and will and community, we can make things better and so I've never lost hope.


  • Over these last four years.


  • I've been mad.


  • I've been frustrated, but I haven't lost hope and the reason is because I never expected progress to move directly in a straight line.


  • If you look at the history of this country, you you make progress and then there's some backpedaling and backlash and you know, you consolidate some victories and then there's some slippage and then you get a renewed surge of energy and then you makes more progress and then there's a little bit of back stepping and then you push again and I have never given up that sense of we are resilient and strong enough to push through what we've seen in these last four years.


  • Now the question is making sure that we understand we can't afford another four years of this.


  • Because what happens is you do get to a point where you go so far backwards that it becomes really hard than to dig yourself out of that hole.


  • And and I'm so confident in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, surrounding themselves with people who are serious, who know what they're doing, who are representative of all people, not just some people and us being able to then dig ourselves out of this hole, and we're in a deep one.

    私はジョー・バイデンとカマラ・ハリスにとても自信を持っています 真面目で、自分たちが何をしているのか分かっていて、一部の人だけでなく、すべての人の代表であり、私たちがこの穴から自分たち自身を掘り出すことができる人たちに囲まれています。

when you ran for office.


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