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  • this video is made possible by skill share Learn anything you want to learn with skill Share for free for two months at s K l dot s h slash Real life Lord 18 I purposefully released this video on the ninth of November 2018 2 days from now on the 11th of November will mark exactly 100 years since the end of the first World War one of the most destructive and violent wars ever fought in human history.

    この動画はスキルシェアによって可能になっています スキルシェアで学びたいことは何でも学びましょう スキルシェアで2ヶ月間無料で s K l dot s h slash 実生活主18 私は意図的に2018年11月9日にこの動画を公開しました 今から2日後の11月11日に第一次世界大戦の終わりからちょうど100年を迎えます 人類の歴史の中で最も破壊的で暴力的な戦争の1つが今までに戦った。

  • While the Second World War and the destruction it caused often overshadow the first World War, I felt like now would be a good time to remember and visualized.


  • The enormous loss of life that the Great War caused will be counting soldiers and civilians separately, as well as deaths and injury.


  • Separately, a casualty could be a confusing statistic in war because it means that a soldier has been taken out of action but not necessarily killed.


  • Each of these models represents 1000 people who died or went missing.


  • While each of these models represents 1000 people who were injured, which, when combined, equal the number of casualties and will begin the counting with the United States.


  • Over 116,000 soldiers died and another 204,000 were injured fighting against the Germans and Austrians on the Western front.


  • This amounted to 0.17% of the American population at the time, becoming a casualty of war.


  • But America only fought for a little over a year between 1917 and 1918.


  • The war had already been going on for over 2.5 years before that.


  • So let's take a look at some of the countries who were fighting from the beginning.


  • The war began when Austria Hungary declared war against Serbia in 1914 and Serbia suffered worse than any other country.


  • During the war, 375,000 Serb soldiers lost their lives in the fighting, while another 625,000 civilians died from famine and disease.


  • That amounted to over 22% of the Serbian population dying during the four year long war, more than one out of every five people in the country.


  • Serbia was a member of one of the two alliances that fought against one another in the war, called the An Thant, which also included the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Italy, America and many others, all of whom would suffer terribly.


  • The United Kingdom would send over 815,000 soldiers to their graves, like on the first day of the battle of the song, in which 19 1000 would die in Onley 24 hours the bloodiest single day in British history.

    イギリスは、歌の戦いの最初の日のように、彼らの墓に815000人以上の兵士を送るだろう、その中で19 1000人が死ぬだろうオンリー24時間イギリスの歴史の中で最も血の通った単一の日。

  • Over 123,000 British civilians also lost their lives during the war.


  • Totaling up to just over 2% of the British population were about one in every 50 people dying, but many more were wounded.


  • 1,675,000 more soldiers, which adds together to 5.77% of the UK population, then becoming casualties of the war.


  • Subjects of the British Empire like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India and South Africa also fought in the war and took high casualties.


  • Percentage wise, New Zealand suffered the worst, losing 3.8% of our population as wartime casualties, while numbers wise, Australia took the hardest hit, losing over 61,000 of her soldiers and suffering another 152,000 wounded, with Canada and India both not too far behind.


  • But the other major on top powers lost in incredible amount Mawr.


  • The Italians joined the war in 1915 but in three years of fighting suffered 555,000 military fatalities, along with 592,000 civilian deaths.


  • Another 947,000 Italian soldiers became wounded, representing 5.8% of the Italian population, becoming casualties, a figure roughly comparable to the UK percentage.


  • But then there's Russia and France, both of whom suffered higher casualties than the entire Serbian population combined.


  • During the war.


  • Russia was the first country to come to Serbia's defense during the war and suffered catastrophic losses.


  • 1000977th 1000 soldiers died fighting against the central powers, while another 1,000,140 1000 civilians lost their lives.

    第1000977回 1000人の兵士が中央大国との戦いで戦死し、さらに1000,140,000人の民間人が命を落とした。

  • But Russia suffered vastly higher injuries.


  • 4,350,000 soldiers were wounded during the fighting, which together represents 2.5% of the Russian population that became casualties.


  • These enormous losses eventually helped contribute to Russia's spiral into revolution and their surrender in the war early in 1917 but percentage wise, the allied country that suffered during the war the most besides Serbia was France.


  • Most of the Western Front took place in north eastern France and Belgium, and during four years of fighting, 1,377,000 French soldiers gave up their lives in defense of their country, along with 340,000 civilian fatalities.


  • This represented a loss of life for 4.3% of the entire French population.


  • But many, many more were wounded.


  • 4000266th 1000 additional French soldiers were wounded or maimed by the war, representing a total casualty amount similar to Russia's but from a much smaller population.

    第4000266回 1000人のフランス兵が戦争で負傷または負傷し、ロシアと同様の死傷者を出したが、人口ははるかに少ない。

  • In total, around 15% of France's population became a casualty during the first World War.


  • Ah, horrible loss of life that would it be fully recovered 20 years later at the start of the Second World War.


  • Other Anton countries, in order of wartime casualties, include Romania, which also suffered terribly at 10.4% of their population becoming casualties, as well as Greece, Belgium, Portugal, Montenegro and Japan, with Onley about 1000 casualties during the entire war.


  • But now let's take a look at the other side.


  • The central powers, which were led by Germany.


  • Germany was fighting on two fronts for most of the war and also suffered cataclysmic losses.


  • 2,037,000 of her soldiers died fighting in the west and the east, and 594,000 of her civilians died, largely due to starvation caused by the allied blockade of the country.


  • Another 2.5 million German soldiers were wounded during the course of the war, amounting to 7.8% of Germany's population becoming a casualty.


  • While Germany suffered the highest raw numbers of the central powers casualties, she didn't suffer the highest percentage wise, while Austria Hungary took less casualties.


  • Overall, they represented a higher proportion of that empire's population, 10.77%.


  • Over 1.3 million soldiers were killed and another 3.6 million injured.


  • All of which helps to explain why the Austro Hungarian Empire itself wasn't able to survive the war.


  • But the worst suffering on the central power side occurred inside of the Ottoman Empire, and most of it was self inflicted.


  • The Ottomans joined the war in 1915 and suffered 548 1000 military fatalities and another 582,000 wounded, fighting against mostly the British, French and the Russians.


  • But absurdly high civilian deaths inside of the Ottoman Empire were largely due to the Ottoman government's policy of ethnic cleansing against her Armenian, Greek and a Syrian ethnic minorities collectively known as the Armenian genocide.


  • 1.5 million Armenians were systematically killed by the Ottoman government during and shortly after the war, along with 600,000 Greeks and 225,000 of Syrians.


  • Accounting for all of this.


  • In addition to the military casualties, an enormous 17% of the Ottoman Empire's population was killed or wounded during the conflict, which can also help to explain why this empire to didn't survive long after the war was over.


  • And finally Bulgaria was another member of this alliance that suffered greatly as well, with 6.8% of their population becoming casualty victims of the Great War in total and across all countries, about nine million soldiers lost their lives as well as seven million civilians.


  • 36% of all deaths were on taunt military, 22% were the central powers military.


  • Another 22% were central power civilians and the final 20% were on taunt civilians.


  • The first World War was and still remains, the bloodiest war ever fought in the history of the United Kingdom.


  • France, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


  • The Second World War was actually not as bad for all of the's mentioned countries, but it would be worse for others like Russia into Germany.


  • Hopefully, after two terrible lessons during the 20th century, humanity will never forget what can happen when we let our differences get the better of us.


  • Lessons of any kind are valuable for both societies and for individuals.


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this video is made possible by skill share Learn anything you want to learn with skill Share for free for two months at s K l dot s h slash Real life Lord 18 I purposefully released this video on the ninth of November 2018 2 days from now on the 11th of November will mark exactly 100 years since the end of the first World War one of the most destructive and violent wars ever fought in human history.

この動画はスキルシェアによって可能になっています スキルシェアで学びたいことは何でも学びましょう スキルシェアで2ヶ月間無料で s K l dot s h slash 実生活主18 私は意図的に2018年11月9日にこの動画を公開しました 今から2日後の11月11日に第一次世界大戦の終わりからちょうど100年を迎えます 人類の歴史の中で最も破壊的で暴力的な戦争の1つが今までに戦った。


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