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  • In some documents, you may want to include an email address or Web address.


  • You conform at thes is hyperlinks, also known as links.


  • This lets people access the information directly from word.


  • For example, I'd like to add an email address in the contacts section of this newsletter, so I'll just type the address here.


  • And when I press the space bar or the enter key on my keyboard, word will automatically format.


  • The text is a link you can do the same thing with.


  • The Web address in this example will enter the address to a pool safety website, www dot pool safely dot gov, and there we go.

    この例のWebアドレスは、プールの安全性に関するWebサイト、www dot pool safely dot govへのアドレスを入力し、そこに行きます。

  • Creating links automatically doesn't always work, though.


  • For example, if you want the text to be something other than the Web address in those situations, you conform at any of your existing text.


  • As a link, I'd like to add a link to the city of Orlando's website so you could go directly to the website while reading the document offers.


  • Select the text that I want to turn into a link, then right click and shoes link.


  • You can also use the Link command on the insert tab every link has two parts.


  • The most important part is Theodore s, which could be a Web address and email address.


  • Ah, file or even a location in the same document.


  • Just use the buttons here to navigate your options.


  • In this example, we're going to enter www dot city of Orlando dot net.

    この例では、www dot city of Orlando dot netと入力します。

  • The second part of the link is the display text, which is the thing people will actually see when they read the document.


  • The display text could be the same as the address or just whatever you want.


  • When you're ready, click OK, and now the text is formatted as a link.


  • It's a good idea to test all of your links before sending out your document to make sure that they work normally.


  • When you're in a Web browser, you would just click the link to open it.


  • But in word you have toe hold control on your keyboard while you click, just like it says in the instructions here.


  • Okay, the website open correctly, which means our link is working.


  • Let's go back to our document for one last thing.


  • If you want to edit or remove a link, all you have to do is right, Click, then make your selection from the menu.


  • Now you know two different ways to create links inward by converting the text yourself or using the automatic formatting feature G C F global creating opportunities for a better life.

    今、あなたは、テキストを自分で変換するか、またはより良い生活のための機会を作成する自動書式設定機能G C Fグローバルを使用して内側にリンクを作成するための2つの異なる方法を知っています。

In some documents, you may want to include an email address or Web address.


AI 自動生成字幕

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