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  • and here's another 13 D printer.


  • They've been used to create everything from coat hangers and instruments to cars and cups and clocks, and a number of engineers have been working to develop them as virtual chefs.


  • This is easier to do for food that still has to be cooked afterwards, like breadsticks or ravioli than something that's already hot and ready to eat.


  • But the U.


  • S University has been experimenting with the cooking process in an effort to make three D printed food something you can machine yourself at home.


  • E.


  • Try to imagine what your kitchen will look like in 10 years.


  • You might have an extra appliance that it doesn't have today, and that would be, ah, food printer.


  • Or maybe it would be a sexier name for it, but it allows you to do things you can't do today.


  • It's easy to dismiss three D printing food as a novelty, but at Columbia's Creative Machines Lab, they're predicting that your future kitchen may have a three D printer.


  • Right now, what comes out of the machines isn't cooked.


  • So the teams trying to figure out the best way to cook food as it prints Why do you need to incorporate lasers into three D printing of food?


  • So lasers offer you much higher resolution with cooking as opposed to conventional cooking methods, like using an oven but a laser.


  • It gives you that accuracy and the resolution and precision you need, because now it's a pinpoint of energy that you can control where it goes to show me how this works.


  • This guy's just browning the top, and it only cooks about just under a millimeter of dough on the top, which doesn't sound like a lot.


  • But again, if you think about how these how this will be used on a three D food printer, you're only laying it out about a millimeter two of food, so you only really need to cook 1 to 2 millimeters.


  • It's the start of turning three D food printing into a consumer product we're talking about, like printing like Google.


  • A lot of people have this kind of misconception that this is sort of Frankenstein food, right?


  • Its's doesn't seem so appetizing ingredients that you put into a food printer our flour water.


  • It's kind of like E having your own chef in a way that really knows everything that your body wants.


  • That's this magical combination of having sort of a personalized chef but also having it relatively low cost and made on the spot.


  • I think when when I talked about people about footprint and the first thing is like Oh, you know, way make a cake, or can we make a You know, some carrots like Sure, you could do those things, But what would you want to do that when you have a machine that could pretty much make any combination of flavors?


  • Thanks so much better than just like playing carrots.


and here's another 13 D printer.



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食品を3Dプリントできますか? (Can You 3D Print Food?)

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