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  • this video is brought to you by squarespace  these are my hidden food spots in daikon yuma  

    今回はオラおすすめ 代官山フードスポットを紹介すっぞ

  • so i'm back with another food tour this time we're  in daikon yama so daikon yama is just outside of  


  • shibuya station in fact if you wanted to you  can walk here but there's also a train daikon  


  • yama station and what a lot of people don't  know is that it has some of the best hidden  


  • food gems in all of tokyo and i'm going to take  you on a personal tour around this area and if  

    渋谷駅から歩くこともできるし、 代官山駅で降りることもできる

  • you've ever been to daikon yama then you know  just right behind me is tea site which is one  

    知らない人も多いんだけど ここは隠れたウメェ店がいっペーあるんだ だから今日はオラが選んだスポットを案内すっぞ

  • of the most popular spots that people go to  here in daikon yama there's a bunch of stores  


  • here there's a style bookstore and there's  even a starbucks which makes it a perfect  


  • place to chill but since it's the most popular  spot then a lot of people come here so there's  


  • not a lot of hidden food spots so instead i'm  gonna take you on a tour through this whole  


  • daikonyama station area and show you my hidden  food spots but before i start like always if you  


  • wanna help support the channel check out the tokyo  merch if you wanna see what i'm doing on the daily  

    でもすげー人気でみんなが集まるから 隠れた名店感は全くねぇな だから今回はここは省いて、 代官山駅周辺にある美味い店へ案内していくぞ

  • check out my instagram account and if you have  any questions about japan or japan travels  


  • check out my discord community  that all said let's get our food on  


  • daikon yum is a residential area with  a unique blend of style and culture  

    日本観光のついての質問はオラの DISCORDコミュニティにアクセスしてみてくれ

  • popular among celebrities and locals alike for its  trendy cafes gourmet foods fashion and artsy shops  


  • and unlike shibuya and ibisu express trains  don't stop at daikon yama station so there's  

    代官山はトレンドやカルチャーが入り混じった セレブに人気の住宅街エリア

  • a lot less foot traffic here helping to create  its laid-back vibe kind of my speed these days  

    最新のカフェやグルメスポット、 ファッションやアートで溢れるスポットだ

  • number one tempura moto yoshi emo this  tempura soft cream specialty shop is  

    渋谷や恵比寿と違って、代官山駅には急行が止まらないから 人混みも少なくてゆったりした雰囲気なんだ

  • one of the hottest spots in daikon yama right  now it opened last year by a high-end tempura  


  • restaurant in minami aoyama moto yoshi it's  located right by the station and offers an  

    このいも天ぷらとアイスの専門店は 今代官山で最もアツいスポットだな

  • amazing salt soft cream paired withjapanese sweet potato tempura called  

    南青山にある高級天ぷら店「元吉」が 去年オープンしたんだけど

  • shiosoft mataju and it's finished off withsprinkling of bamboo charcoal salt and tempura  

    駅のすぐ近くにあって「塩ソフト丸十」っつー、 スッゲーウメェ塩ソフトクリームに

  • flakes the word mataju itself is from a secret  language used only by tempura chefs meaning  


  • sweet potato i guess the secret's out now so  look at this beautiful creation this is just  


  • made right on the spot so this is freshly fried  in tempura so you should eat the tempura fried a  


  • sweet potato right away or it gets too cold you  want it to still be crispy take a bite of this

    サツマイモって意味なんだって もう隠れた言葉じゃなくなっちまったな!

  • that is a nice fried sweet potato you  can also see that there's some tempura  


  • flakes right there just to make it extra crispy  


  • the salt soft cream has a perfect  amount of saltiness to complement the  


  • sticky sweetness of the tempura fried sweet  potato it pairs so well with that ice cream

    すぐに食ったほうがいいぞ じゃないと冷たくなっちまう

  • number two meet yazawa black cows this shop is  a crazy popular steak and hamburger restaurant  


  • originally from the gotanda area they only  offer 100 real deal purouge wangu beef and  


  • it's served to perfection damn my mouth is  watering already oh okay take the mask off  


  • look at that comes in like a premium box  packaging what's interesting about this place  


  • is that they not only have burgers but they  also have these bento box where you can get  

    塩ソフトの塩加減がちょうど良くて、 サツマイモの天ぷらの甘味を程よく引き立てるんだ

  • steaks or like hamburg which is  pretty awesome oh that smells so good


  • look at that bacon egg burger  and it is premium vlog you  


  • a5 i'm just looking inside you can have like  this toasty sesame bun see the egg right there  

    この店は五反田にあるハンバーグとステーキで 有名な店のテイクアウトショップなんだ

  • the bacon you have a super nice  vlog you like a bite of this


  • oh that's so good i gotta take a second bite that  has prim written all over it you have the wagyu  


  • a5 hamburger that's so tender and then when you  take that first bite you notice that the bun  


  • itself is lightly toasted so it has like a crispy  texture to it bacon itself is tender it's not  


  • like super super crispy like it's really really  meaty you can see the barbecue sauce coming out  


  • the back they're kind of like special mayonnaise  onions and relish pairs so well with a crispy bun  

    ここはハンバーガーだけじゃなくて ステーキやハンバーグが入った弁当も売ってるんだ

  • when you order it it takes about 10 to 15  minutes because they make it on the spot it is  


  • ultra fresh and what's also interesting  about this place is depending on the day  


  • they have wagyu shipped from different places  all throughout japan so this next spot is a  


  • new addition to daikanyama and it's literally my  favorite sushi spot in this area let me take you  


  • now number three maguro and delhi karohachi just  opened this last september karohachi is a takeout  


  • fish shop that offers high quality and ultra fresh  fish sushi hot deli and bento boxes at reasonable  

  • tokyo prices here you can even mix and match to  make your own sashimi platter personally i love  


  • how you can get sashimi to order but todaywanted to share with you one of my favorites  


  • alright so we are taking street food to the next  level sushi street food but you all know how  


  • it is for the life of me i can never pronounce  this milfue milfie but check it out anyway that  


  • is some layered tuna you have the otoro and  naokami so you have like the super super  


  • fatty tuna and then just the less fatty tuna  and it's just layered in this little sushi  


  • roll oh let me just take a bite out  of this got some soy sauce on there


  • just melts in your mouth that is some buttery tuna  i would just eat this today i would be completely  

    スッゲークリスピーなやつじゃなくて 肉肉強い感じだな

  • satisfied but since the show must go  on let me take you to the next spot


  • number four hachiya from the outside hajiya  looks like a chic japanese restaurant but  

    ここにはスペシャルソース、 マヨネーズとオニオン、ラディッシュが入ってる

  • hidden behind the stylish doors is a fantastic  t-stand that offers a new way to enjoy  


  • japanese tea after you order the shop prepares  the tea one by one with delicate care just look  

    これ注文してから出来上がりまで 10−15分くらいかかるんだ

  • at how gently the staff whisks the teacan't wait but i need to wait i can't wait  

    注文してすぐに焼くから 作りたてを食えるんだ

  • okay i'm gonna wait so i got the hojicha  affogato soft syrup you can smell the hojicha

    一つ面白いのが、この店は日によって  日本中の異なる産地から和牛を仕入れるんだ

  • wow i love when you take that bite you get all  of that hojita it goes kind of through your  

    次に紹介するスポットは 代官山でも特に新しい店

  • senses and it just kind of like cleanses you  what i love about hojicha it has kind of like  


  • this burnt tea taste but it's not bitter almost  like a sweetness to it and since it's affogato  


  • they've made the hojicha super thick kind of  like espresso when they pour it on you get a  

    maguro & deli かどはち

  • really really concentrated version of the hojicha  oh and michael usually orders their latte this is  


  • essentia latte with a creamy milk foam poured  on top this place is truly unique and one of a  


  • kind so if you love matcha if you love green tea  and you love hojicha come to this spot before we  


  • continue on i want to give a quick shout out  to our sponsor for this video squarespace if  

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  • and get 10 off your first domain or website and  with that let's continue on this hidden food tour


  • number five spring valley brewery what time is  it beer o'clock so hidden away just a few minutes  


  • from daikon yama station is a full-on japanese  brewery serving craft beer brewed on site yeah  


  • in the middle of tokyo so svb is located  just inside of log road where you can enjoy  


  • an assortment of craft beers and pair it with  food directly sourced from farms and producers  


  • alright so we're here in spring valley  brewery he has an actual brewery here in  


  • daikanyama there's not a lot of stations that  have breweries so i definitely had to take you  

    普段のオラだったらさ、これだけ食っても 全然お腹いっぺーになるんだけど

  • to this spot and you can see that i have a full  flight of beers here to sample they have just  

    動画はまだまだ続くからな 次の場所でもっと食おうぜ

  • so many beers on tap and this you can actually  sample all the different ones they have 496  


  • copeland after dark on the cloud daydream and  jazzberry just to start this is pretty awesome  


  • right and it's actually quite affordable it's only  1300 yen it's not the biggest beer in the world  

    カッケー佇まいの入り口をくぐると そこは素敵なティースタンド

  • it's just like here is the beer and here is  my iphone actually one of the ones that i  


  • really like is the jasberry it's almost kind of  like a wine cooler it has that very taste to it


  • wow that's interesting so  this daydream has hints of  


  • sancho and yuzu it's really really interesting  so if any of you ever do come here and try this  


  • flight tag me on instagram and let  me know which one is your favorite

    でも待たなきゃな でも待てねぇ!

  • number six grand premium gram is a souffle pancake  shop inside of the address building and today  


  • we're going with a treasured treat their take out  pancake style cream sandwich look how fluffy these  


  • pancakes are oh i got them fluffy puffy hillary  duffy cakes so this spot is hidden in the address  


  • you might have seen this one already on my  uber eats video i did let me just take a bite


  • that is so creamy and delicious the first thing  is when you take a bite in this you can feel just  


  • how soft the bread is it's just a perfect texture  nice and soft fluffy but has a nice density to it  


  • it definitely does taste like a pancake in  fact i can probably eat two or three of these


  • so this one is for my organic and vegan viewers  let's go inside and let me show you number seven  


  • hatana daikanyama hatena is a vegan organic cafe  but with a twist that even puts a smile on my meat  

    これはアフォガートだから 多分ほうじ茶を濃い目に作ってるんだよな

  • eating face their shop is popular for organic junk  food yeah you heard me but it's organic and vegan  

    エスプレッソ みてぇな感じ

  • so it must be good for you right so this is your  organic and vegan surprise for this video this is  


  • tatsage supposed to be fried chicken but it's  actually using some soy meat but in fact that's  


  • the only thing that's not organic in here  but everything else is organic and vegan  


  • it has the donut top to it nice and fried  let me just try to kill this right now  


  • for a vegan creation that's not bad first of  all the tatsu again itself is pretty nice and  

    抹茶や緑茶、ほうじ茶が好きなら ここはオススメだぞ

  • crispy definitely is not chicken but it almost  tastes like chicken look at that you can almost  

    ここでスポンサーSquare Spaceの宣伝だ

  • see like the little striations in the meat  it's heavily doused in like a teriyaki sauce  

    Square Spaceはウェブサイトの制作運営にオススメな サービスを提供しているぞ

  • this white sauce right here it's kind of like  a like a sourness to it pretty simple but done  

    オラのウェブサイト「TOKYO ZEBRA」も Square Spaceを使ってるんだ

  • pretty well and it's all vegan um i think  the winner is the bun here like the donut  

    Square Spaceはユニークなテンプレートがたくさんあるから 誰でも簡単に始められるんだ

  • bun is really really nice one thing about  this shop is that they not only have fast  


  • food but they also have kind of like a lot  of desserts so you can get not only kind of  

    例えば、「ポートフォリオ&ギャラリー」 プロジェクトを見せられる

  • like a tatsuya or teriyaki chicken or something  like that you can get some sweets here as well  


  • now that we have our organic and vegan  fix let's move on to the next spot

    ストーリーやアップデートや 動画や写真を添付することができるぞ

  • and number eight surprise nippon this modern style  

    オラみたいな分析オタクには嬉しい 分析機能も入ってるぞ

  • onigiri sandwich shop is  produced by a food designer


  • it even uses a special machine to create the  better bryce used to craft the sandwich-like  


  • sushi rolls at the shop known to many japanese  as onigirazu but the shop calls them omusando  


  • i am so excited for this one surprise  surprise i've got a big piece of meat from  


  • surprise these are thick pieces of beef katsu look  at that you can see it's still a little bit rare  


  • on the inside but crispy on the outside they fried  it right when i ordered it they're using ishigaki  


  • beef and this is like this right here is beef  cuts but let me just take a bite real quick  


  • wow this sings to my inner soul that is literally  so beautiful oh it's nice and tender and look  

    ビール o'clock!

  • at that you have the seaweed wrapping everything  around with rice so you got two pieces of  


  • ishigaki beef katsu and you have their tonkatsu  sauce in here which is a little bit sweet but like  

    マジな日本のブリュワリー クラフトビールが楽しめるぞ

  • the winner winner right now is this beef just  a little bit you can still see the meat juices  


  • coming from it oh that's beautiful i love the  crunchiness also of the lettuce you know the  


  • shredded lettuce in there it gives it a nice  texture i love just the fact that the red meat  

    いろんなクラフトビールとペアリングできる メシも楽しめるぞ

  • itself in here the center of the meat it's not  too oily which makes it just a pleasure to eat  


  • and what i love about it the most is that it's  cooked perfectly you don't get it too uncooked you  


  • don't get it like overcooked it's just prepared  how it should be nice and crispy on the outside  

    ブリュワリーがある駅なんてそうそうないから、 今回はどうしてもここに連れてきたかったんだ

  • in a center juicy inside this place also has  some other healthier options like this one  


  • is just straight like the kimchi namuru basically  you have all of like the pickled vegetables you  


  • have like a spicy kimchi in here and it's just  right on top of an egg on the leaf it's very  


  • similar to shisha and look it doesn't it's leaking  right now you can see it's a dripping of all of  

    496、コープランド、アフターダーク、オンザクラウド、 デイドリーム、そしてジャズベリー

  • that kimchi juice all right so that concludesvideo of my hidden spots here in daikanyama if  


  • you like this video help me out and hit that like  button a quick shout out to newton thank you for  


  • helping me film this one and finally if you want  to see more food tours japan related videos or  


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this video is brought to you by squarespace  these are my hidden food spots in daikon yuma  

今回はオラおすすめ 代官山フードスポットを紹介すっぞ


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