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-You know what I read the other day? -Hmm?
Eminem is fucking 41.
- What?! - Yep!
- No, he's not. - Yeah!
- No, he's not. - Dude, no, it's true.
And his daughter, Hailey, 18.
I feel so old!
Lately it's like I turn on the TV
and all the athletes and pop stars
are younger than me.
Yeah, Blake Griffin is 25.
- I'm 26! - I'm 26.
- We're so old. - So old!
I would say going to the bathroom is my greatest struggle.
We are closer in age to Homer Simpson than we are Bart Simpson.
I read on Buzzfeed that if Bart Simpson were a human
he'd be 37 years old.
We are so old. - We're so old.
I thought about my dead husband today
and realized I could no longer clearly picture his face.
Do you guys realize we've been out of college almost as long as we were in college?
I want to get a dog to be less lonely,
but I think I'd die first and then he'd be lonely.
Aubrey is gonna be a mom!
She's our age and she's gonna be a mom.
- Papa, you ready for church? - I'm not your father.
Sorry, I have dementia.
Ever since I started working full time two weeks ago, I automatically wake up earlier on the weekends.
It's like my body knows. It knows!
I can't sleep at night because all my bones hurt..and my regrets.
Yesterday, while I was fucking my girlfriend,she found a gray chest hair!
Well, there goes the last of them molars.
When I smile now, I have, like, lines.
This is normal now.
Nintendo 64 came out 18 years ago!
You're fucking lying!
I used to have 33 cousins.
Now I have no cousins.
The Chuck-E-Cheese mouse is different now!
- Different how?! - It's skinny!
Kids born in 2000 are teenagers now!
- No...no. I won't...I don't - Teenagers!
I'm going to be sick.
Well, at least we're not fucking idiots.
We're so old!
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If You're Only 20-Something, Stop Saying You're Old

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