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  • (cheering and applause)

  • "There are people who think Julia Roberts is hot?!

  • Her gigantic mouth looks like it will devour

  • an elephant in one bite."

  • (laughter from audience)

  • Thank you, kemotherapy7, and good luck.

  • "Don Cheadle seems like the kind of guy

  • who I wouldn't want to hang around with

  • under any circumstances ever.

  • - He's so f*cking wack." - (audience laughs)

  • "Honestly."

  • "Ashton Kutcher needs to get hit by a bus ASAP."

  • (audience laughs)

  • "I hate Courtney Cox.

  • - I f*cking hate her." - (audience laughs)

  • - "F*cking hoe." - (audience laughs louder)

  • That's sweet.

  • "If I said it once, I've said it a hundred times.

  • - F*ck Andy Garcia." - (audience laughs)

  • "Mindy Kaling is not funny or attractive.

  • She has an annoying voice and just plainly sucks.

  • Why does she have her own show?"

  • - I feel like this is more than 140 characters. - (audience laughs)

  • "David Blaine looks like his voice

  • - is putting his face to sleep." - (audience laughs)

  • "Don Rickles looks like Yoda."

  • - (audience laughs) - Mmm.

  • "Ethan Hawkes seems like a guy

  • who wasn't supposed to be a movie star,

  • but he slipped through the cracks

  • and everyone was just like, 'Ok.'"

  • (audience laughs)

  • "Matthew McConaughey is a d*ck turd."

  • (audience laughs)

  • A d*ck turd...

  • - What the f*ck's a d-ck turd? - (audience laughs)

  • "Oh, f*ck off, June Squibb."

  • (audience laughs)

  • ben1283, you f*ck off!

  • (audience laughs and applauds)

  • "I hope Jeremy Piver's d*ck falls off in public."

  • (audience laughs)

  • "Kit Harrington is a pretty terrible Jon Snow.

  • In the show he seems like a big bitch

  • with a stupid look on his face. #badcasting."

  • (audience laughs)

  • "Emma Stone looks like she smells like cat piss."

  • Okay.

  • "Gary Oldman sucks and his accents are f*cking

  • annoying as sh*t."

  • (laughs)

  • - Yup. - (audience laughs)

  • "Sophia Vergara sounds like she has

  • a d*ck in her mouth.

  • I hate hearing her talk."

  • What's wrong with having a d*ck in my mouth?

  • (audience laughs and cheers)

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(cheering and applause)


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