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  • Montreal is located in the middle


  • of the St. Lawrence river in southwest Quebec.


  • It is Canada's second largest city

    カナダ第 2 の都市であり

  • and has the largest population of French speakers outside of Paris.

    フランス語を話す人口が パリに次いで 最も多い街でもあります

  • Montreal is a Canadian city with a French soul,


  • a big heart and a very hip attitude.


  • A city that enchants visitors with an old-world charm


  • and an unpretentious love of good food and festivals.


  • The first Europeans to arrive here


  • were from France and while the British later claimed ownership,


  • an elegant sophistication lingers like a perfume.


  • Order un cafe, stroll the cobblestone streets

    注文したコーヒーを飲みながら 石畳の街路を歩いて

  • of the Old City and soak up the history and architecture of the area.


  • Some of the buildings here date back to the 17th century,

    この街には 17 世紀の建物もいくつかあり

  • making it one of the oldest urban areas in North America.


  • The Old City is also a great place to discover Montreal's famous food scene.

    旧市街も モントリオールの美食体験にうってつけの場所です

  • Visit one of the intimate bistros here and order Poutine

    居心地の良いビストロで 地元の人気料理

  • the locals love it.


  • Or, follow your nose to one of the city's many wood fired ovens


  • and try a real Montreal bagel.

    本場のモントリオール ベーグルを味わいましょう

  • Walk off the delicious food with a stroll around Place Jacques-Cartier,

    次はジャック カルティエ広場に向かいましょう

  • named after the intrepid explorer who claimed Canada for France.

    この名前は カナダをフランス領と主張した大胆な冒険家に由来しています

  • When Mark Twain visited Montreal in the 19th century

    19 世紀に訪れたマーク トウェインは

  • he nicknamed it theThe City of a Hundred Bell Towers.”


  • The city's churches are simply magnificent,


  • especially the Christ Church Cathedral, the Josephs Oratory

    特にクライスト チャーチ大聖堂や聖ジョセフ礼拝堂

  • and the Notre Dame Basilica.


  • But amidst all this history, Montreal is also thoroughly hip.

    豊かな歴史とは裏腹に モントリオールは最先端の街です

  • The city hosts more than 100 festivals throughout the year

    年に 100 を超えるフェスティバルが開かれます

  • but even if you happen to be here between events,


  • there is always something cool going on.


  • Head to the Quartier Latin,

    カルチェ ラタンでは

  • popular for its artistic atmosphere, cafes and clubs.

    芸術の香りとカフェ クラブ文化を堪能できます

  • Or visit Le Village on Saint Catherine Street East

    聖キャサリン通り東のル ヴィラージュを訪ねましょう

  • which closes to cars in summer, making it a great place to party.

    夏の間は歩行者天国となり 賑やかな集まりに最適です

  • Another great area is Plateau Mont-Royal

    プラトー モン ロワイヤルは

  • where you'll discover groovy boutiques,


  • funky cafes and colourful murals.


  • For art of a different kind,


  • head downtown to the the Golden Square Mile and the Montreal Museum of Fine Art.

    ダウンタウンのゴールデン スクエア マイルとモントリオール美術館に行きましょう

  • Like Montreal itself, this museum combines the old and new with great èlan.

    モントリオールの街と同様 館内では新旧の躍動的な作品を組み合わせています

  • Admire exquisite works of the great masters


  • as well as an impressive collection of local and international contemporary art.


  • In Montreal, even Mother Nature is chic.


  • Get outside and enjoy the city the way Montrealers do

    市街を出て 地元の流儀で自然を楽しみましょう

  • with a hike up Mont-royal,

    ハイカーに人気のモン ロワイヤルは

  • the 764 foot green jewel that rises from the downtown area

    標高 230 m 強の美しい緑地で

  • and gave the city its name.


  • Or, discover the Montreal biodome,

    モントリオール バイオドームは

  • where five of the most beautiful ecosystems in America


  • have been recreated in what was once the olympic velodrome.

    アメリカ大陸屈指の 5 つの素晴らしい生態系を再現しています

  • For more jewel-like color, visit the Montreal Insectrium

    さらに宝飾品のような美しさを放つのは モントリオール昆虫館

  • the largest insect museum in North America.


  • Right next door is the Montreal Botanical Garden.


  • Stroll amongst the tranquil ponds in the Japanese Zen garden.

    日本風の禅庭園で のどかな池の間を散策できます

  • Experience the principles of yin and yang in the Chinese Garden


  • And of course, you can't leave town without a trip to La Ronde,

    もちろん モントリオールの人気アミューズメント パーク

  • the city's beloved amusement park.

    ラ ロンドもお見逃しなく

  • Take a flume ride or brave one of the heart-stopping roller coasters


  • with names like Le Vampire and the Cobra.

    「ル ヴァンピール」や「ザ コブラ」に挑戦してみませんか

  • As the sun sets on your adventures,

    日が落ち 冒険の 1 日が終わる頃

  • head back downtown and discover Montreal after dark.


  • Enjoy cool jazz, smoky blues


  • or wind down with something a little more quirky.

    ちょっと風変わりな音楽も聴けますヨーロッパ風 カナダ風 伝統的

  • EuropeanCanadian….traditional….


  • cutting edge. Montreal is all of these things but it is also so much more.


  • With its french past and funky present,


  • Montreal is a city with a certain je ne sais quoi.

    独特の趣を言葉に表すのは困難でも やすやすと旅人の心をつかむ街です

  • A flavour and a feeling that is hard to define but very easy to love.

Montreal is located in the middle



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