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  • The Day of the Dead 2

  • People from different countries see death in different ways. 3

  • In Taiwan, we seldom talk about it even on Tomb Sweeping Day. 4

  • In Mexico, people celebrate the Day of the Dead with joy. 5

  • During the festival, they also sweep tombs, 6

  • but they remember their dead relatives in a lively way. 7

  • Two months ago, I visited my friend, Rosa, in Mexico. 8

  • I was there for the Day of the Dead on November first and second. 9

  • We invited the ghosts back to our world. 10

  • We painted our faces and dressed up in costumes. 11

  • Later, we danced at a street party. 12

  • It was so fun. 13

  • Back at Rosa's house, 14

  • there were flowers, candles, candy, and food on the table. 15

  • Her family cooked a big meal for everyone, 16

  • and then shared touching stories of their dead relatives with me. 17

  • For Mexicans, the Day of the Dead is all about love, not fear.

The Day of the Dead 2


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