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  • hi Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question actually I


  • was surprised I've gotten this request several times in the past year yes I am


  • behind on requests thanks for all of them I just can't keep up so we have two


  • words jealous envy of a person's achievements and zealous very eager or


  • enthusiastic so let's take a look at these words several of my clients


  • actually struggle with the J vs. the Z sound why do my students struggle with


  • this some languages don't have the J sound so for the J sound the tip of your


  • tongue is going to touch your teeth J J J starts by touching the teeth and

    舌が歯を触るJ J Jは歯を触ることから始まり

  • then it pulls back J J J you can see my lips are slightly puckered for


  • that sound they're more rounded not puckered and then again my tongue is

    その音は、彼らはより多くの丸みを帯びています 凹んでいないし、再び私の舌は

  • moving from the D and then it's pulling back J J J for the Z my lips are a

    Dから移動してJ J J Jに引き戻されてZのために私の唇は

  • little more retracted means they're pulled back kind of like a smile and the


  • tip of my tongue is either going to be down or behind my top front teeth and


  • the air is going to keep moving out zzzz yes my voice box is on and moving so again

    空気はどんどん外に出ていきます zzzz はい、私のボイスボックスはオンになっていて、また動いています。

  • for the J touch the teeth j and for the Z do not touch the teeth zzzz alright next

    "Jは歯に触れてJ" "Zは歯に触れないで" "次はzzzだ

  • we're going to move to the short e for both of these words and then end with


  • the L to do this you're going to open your mouth slightly tongue is going to


  • be about here eh l eh l so again you're gonna open your mouth move your tongue


  • from out here and then touch the tip of your tongue to the back of your top


  • front teeth and then end with that second syllable us relaxed mouth for


  • that short u and that end with an s by letting that air keep moving out of


  • the mouth the tip of your tongue is either down or behind your teeth it is


  • not touching your teeth so let's put those all together jealous jealous

    歯を触っていないので、それらをすべて一緒にしましょう 嫉妬嫉妬

  • jealous


  • zealous zealous zealous jealous and zealous and for a sentence she was


  • jealous that he was so zealous give it a try I know people are going to notice


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  • thanks everyone take care


hi Jennifer from Tarle speech with your pronunciation question actually I


AI 自動生成字幕

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