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  • I'm in France!


  • So today I'm doing this 3 countries in one-day tour. Started in Barcelona.

    だから今日私はこの3カ国をやっています 日帰りツアー。バルセロナでスタート。

  • We went to Baga already and then we just came to France in Ax-Les-Thermes.

    すでにバガに行って、それから ちょうどエクスレテルムでフランスに来ました。

  • Sorry if I'm butchering that but I think I'm pronouncing that right.

    私がそれを屠殺しているなら申し訳ありませんが、私は思う 私はその権利を発音しています。

  • Next, we're going to this country called Andorra


  • which I hadn't even heard of until I looked into this tour


  • so I'm pretty excited about that place.


  • Then we're going to make our way back to Spain.


  • All this in 12 hours and we have a wonderful tour guide.


  • His name is Xavi. His full name is spelled Xavier. X-A-V-I-E-R.

    彼の名前はシャビです。彼のフルネームはザビエルのスペルです。 ザビエル。

  • In Spain, it's pronounced "Chavier", so for short, it's "Chavi".

    スペインでは「チャビエ」と発音され、 つまり、「チャビ」です。

  • We have about an hour and a half in this French town.


  • It's so nice. Very beautiful. Love the mountains in the background.

    いいね。非常に美しい。 背景の山が大好きです。

  • Going to probably eat a little bit and maybe have some coffee and keep going on with this tour.


  • As I mentioned earlier, we stopped by Baga in Spain first.

    先ほど申し上げたように、 まずスペインのバガに立ち寄りました。

  • Baga was about an hour and a half ride from Barcelona


  • and Xavi told us a little bit about this town before we arrived.

    そしてシャビは私たちに少しについて話しました 到着する前にこの町。

  • It's Monday and this village is about to wake up.


  • We will see maybe one or two cars. There are about 2,000 people in Baga.

    おそらく1台か2台の車が見えます。 バガには約2,000人が住んでいます。

  • People living here run little shops


  • or work in bigger cities nearby or working from home


  • paying little rent.


  • We were given about 20 minutes to go to one of the two bakeries in the town

    私たちは行くために約20分を与えられました 町にある2つのパン屋の1つ

  • and after we ate our yummy pastries, Xavi took us on a quick tour around Baga.

    おいしいペストリーを食べた後 シャビはバガ周辺の簡単なツアーに連れて行ってくれました。

  • We first stopped by the church that was built in the 14th and 15th centuries.

    私たちは最初に教会に立ち寄りました 14世紀と15世紀に建てられました。

  • We didn't have time to go inside but the views next to the church were stunning.

    中に入る時間はありませんでしたが、 教会の横の景色は素晴らしかった。

  • Next, we made our way to the oldest part of this medieval town

    次に、最も古い部分に進みました この中世の町の

  • which was a small square built in the 13th century.


  • Xavi stopped here for a few minutes and told us some of the history behind Baga.


  • The people in Baga were very worried, so they wanted to have him back


  • and the Arab king asked him for something in return.


  • If you were a Moorish King, what would you ask the people here?

    あなたがムーア人の王だったら あなたはここの人々に尋ねますか?

  • We were only here for about an hour or maybe even less.

    私たちはここに約1時間しかいませんでした または多分それ以下。

  • I wish we would have spent more time here but I get that they're trying to fit three countries in one day

    ここでもっと時間を過ごせたらいいのにと思います 彼らは1日に3カ国に適合しようとしている

  • so we had to stick to a strict schedule.


  • Whenever we say we want to eat, we say "menjar". More similar to "manger" in French than to "comer" in Spanish.

    食べたいと言うときはいつでも「メンジャール」と言います。スペイン語の "comer"よりもフランス語の "manger"に似ています。

  • Our next stop was Ax-Les-Thermes and it was another hour and a half drive.

    次の目的地はAx-Les-Thermesでした そしてもう1時間半ドライブでした。

  • The views were getting more gorgeous with the Pyrenees Mountains nearby.


  • Fun fact: these mountains are a natural border between Spain and France.

    楽しい事実:これらの山は スペインとフランスの国境。

  • Xavi told us some interesting facts about France and its current president

    シャビは私たちにいくつかの興味深い事実を伝えました フランスとその現在の大統領について

  • and also the nickname of France which is "hexagone" meaning the hexagon

    また、フランスのニックネームである 六角形を意味する「六角形」

  • as the country has six sides to it. Many French think that this is a perfect geometric form


  • and it was created by God.


  • They are very proud of their country.


  • Once we arrived in Ax-Les-Thermes, Xavi took us to the main street to show us around a bit

    アクスレテルムに到着すると、シャビは私たちを 少し案内してくれるメインストリート

  • and gave us recommendations on where to eat if we were hungry.

    と私たちに推奨事項を与えました お腹が空いたらどこで食べるか。

  • He also showed us the natural hot springs where we could soak our feet in


  • which I definitely took advantage of.


  • Ax-Les-Thermes is actually an ancient spa town and its hot springs, which were used by the Romans,


  • were historically claimed to treat rheumatism and skin diseases.

    歴史的に治療すると主張された リウマチと皮膚病。

  • It was quiet when we went on a Monday in July


  • but during the winter it gets much busier as it is also a popular ski town.

    冬の間はもっと忙しくなります 人気のスキータウンでもあります。

  • Next, we made our way towards Andorra.


  • This was the country I was most excited about


  • because up until a few months ago, I didn't even know Andorra was a country.

    数ヶ月前までは アンドラが国であることさえ知りませんでした。

  • Andorra is situated between France and Spain and it's the sixth smallest country in Europe.

    アンドラはフランスとスペインの間にあり、 ヨーロッパで6番目に小さい国です。

  • When we reached the border of Andorra, Xavi asked us if we wanted our passports stamped here


  • and of course, we all said yes.


  • While Xavi took care of that for us, we hopped off the bus for a bit

    ザビが私たちのためにそれを世話しましたが、 バスから少し降りました

  • and took in the beautiful views of the mountains.


  • It was breathtaking.


  • Next, we made a quick stop at a mountain valley


  • and took a look at a typical house of Andorra in the mountains built to withstand heavy snow.


  • I wish we could have stayed here a bit longer because the views were just stunning.


  • It would have been nice to have a little picnic here or something.

    少しあればよかった ここかピクニックか。

  • Our last stop was Andorra La Vella which is is Andorra's capital.

    最後の目的地はアンドララベリャでした アンドラの首都です。

  • It's known as the mall and close by mountains as their main street is full of shops surrounded by mountains.


  • We stopped here for a couple of hours so we could do some tax-free shopping


  • which Andorra is quite well known for


  • or eat lunch if we hadn't done so in France.


  • I roamed around the mall a bit and walked the main street

    少しモールを歩き回った 大通りを歩いた

  • but I was a bit bored for the most part since I'm not much of a shopper.


  • At about 4 p.m., we hopped back on the bus and headed back to Barcelona.


  • We took a different route back and the views were awesome

    別のルートを取りました 景色は最高でした

  • as we drove by some farmlands, mountains and lakes.


  • Before we made our final stop in Barcelona, we stopped by a bar and Xavi bought us all a round of drinks.


  • This was such a fantastic tour and I cannot recommend it enough.

    これはとても素晴らしいツアーでした あまりお勧めできません。

  • Xavi was very knowledgeable not only in the history and culture of each country, but in the politics too


  • which I found super interesting.


  • If you get Xavi as your tour guide, you're in luck.


I'm in France!



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