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  • HANK: Good morning, John!

  • I live in a city that most people would call a small town. Missoula, Montana has 70,000

  • people in it when the students are here, and when they leave for the summer, the population

  • declines significantly. Somehow, 70,000 people is considered to be a small number of people.

  • It actually is quite a large number of people, but, I mean, after all there are some cities

  • that have stadiums that hold more than 70,000 people, so.

  • For some perspective, Missoula packs those 70,000 people into 2600 square miles. Manhattan

  • has 22 times more people in 78 times less area. And, of course, there are many amazing

  • things going on in Manhattan. It isn't just 1.3 million people. It's 1.3 million of the

  • richest, most powerful, most influential people on the planet. Economic and cultural creation

  • on the scale of Renaissance Italy.

  • And that is an interesting comparison because Florence in 1500 contained some of the most

  • powerful economic and cultural forces the world has ever known. The Medici bankers,

  • Botticelli, Machiavelli, Michaelangelo, da Vinci, Brunelleschi. It revolutionized the

  • world from the seat of the Renaissance in Florence, Italy.

  • And what was the population of Florence, Italy? 1.3 million people? No. No millions of people!

  • No hundreds of thousands of people! 70,000. Of course there were tremendous political

  • and economic and cultural and historic forces that made Florence the seat of the Renaissance.

  • But one thing that I believe very deeply in my heart, and I think most historians would

  • agree with me, is that it didn't happen because there was just some random collection of really

  • great people. Great people are everywhere all the time. It just so happens that only

  • occasionally our cultural and historical and economic forces, such that they will be remembered

  • for hundreds or even thousands of years.

  • So I like to think of Missoula as like a little Florence. And everyone walking around is an

  • unnoticed da Vinci and an unmade Machiavelli. And I think about what separates the great

  • people that I remember from the great people that everyone remembers. I think it's 100%

  • circumstance.

  • We're launching a new channel this week with Jessi Knudsen Castañeda and her husband Augusto,

  • who you may know from their frequent appearances on SciShow. They bring to us animals that

  • they have rescued so that we can talk about them and educate the world. That's Jessi's

  • passion! That's her superpower.

  • And Caitlin Hoffmeister, who's also the producer of SciShow, is going to be documenting the

  • passion, and sweat, and toil that it takes to run a small business and feed hundreds

  • of mouths. Two of those mouths happen to be twin infant children.

  • Now that I've produced shows with a bunch of different interesting people here in Missoula--Emily

  • Graslie, and Lindsey Doe, and now Jessi--people have asked me why are there so many interesting

  • things going on in this one little small town in Missoula? That's the thing, though! That's

  • the point! There's interetsting things happening everywhere!

  • This isn't a magical place and they're not magical people. It's just people who have

  • found something that they're passionate about. But yeah, that can be a hard thing to come

  • by. I've watched everyone I've ever known struggle with that. Trying to find something

  • that they believe is important.

  • And I'm so grateful--changing topics here, really fast--that Nerdfighteria has provided

  • that for me. People talk about all the things that I've been able to do. But it is only

  • because I found something here that I can believe in. Because, yeah, I live in Missoula,

  • Montana, but my first allegiance is to this place.

  • A community of hundreds of thousands of people with shared ideas, and values and interests.

  • Bigger than Missoula and thus even more full of unappreciated and unnoticed da Vincis and

  • Machiavellis and Brunelleschis. The only difference between something being vitally important,

  • and not important at all, is whether or not you believe it is.

  • I believe that this is important, and that is a gift that you have given me. Thank you!

  • John, your life seems like a bit of a grapefruit right now. Don't freak out. Uhh, stay sane.

  • And I'll see you on Tuesday.

  • If you want to check out Jessi's new channel, there's a link in the description. And there's

  • also you can just click over here if you're not on your phone, you can click with your

  • mouse. But not with your phone, it doesn't work on phones. Boop.

HANK: Good morning, John!


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