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  • It may feel like just another day at the office.

  • But occasionally

  • life feels more like an action movie

  • than reality.

  • The authorities are working hard to protect you and to protect our public spaces.

  • But sometimes,

  • bad people

  • do bad things.

  • Their motivations are different.

  • The warning signs made vary.

  • But the devastating effects are the same...

  • ...and unfortunately you need to be prepared for the worst.

  • If you were ever to find yourself in the middle of an active shooter event,

  • your survival may depend on whether or not you have a plan.

  • The plan doesn't have to be complicated.

  • There are three things you could do that make a difference: Run. Hide. Fight.

  • First and foremost,

  • if you can get out, do.

  • Always try and escape or evacuate

  • even if others insist on staying.

  • Encouraged others to leave with you,

  • but don't let them slow you down with indecision.

  • Remember what's important: you,

  • not your stuff.

  • Leave your belongings behind

  • and try to find a way to get out to safely.

  • Trying to get yourself out of harm's way needs to be your number one priority.

  • Once you are out of the line of fire,

  • try to prevent others from walking into the danger zone

  • and call 911.

  • If you can't get out safely,

  • you need to find a place to hide.

  • Act quickly and quietly.

  • Try to secure your hiding place the best you can.

  • Turn out lights,

  • and if possible

  • remember to lock doors.

  • Silence your ringer and vibration mode on your cell phone.

  • And if you can't find a safe room or closet,

  • try to conceal yourself behind large objects that may protect you.

  • Do your best to remain quiet and calm.

  • As a last resort,

  • if your life is at risk,

  • whether you're alone

  • or working together as a group: Fight. Act with aggression.

  • Improvise weapons, disarm him.

  • And commit to taking the shooter down,

  • no matter what.

  • Try to be aware of your environment.

  • Always have an exit plan.

  • Know that in an incident like this, victims are generally chosen randomly.

  • The event is unpredictable and may evolve quickly.

  • The first responders on the scene are not there to evacuate or tend to the injured.

  • They are well trained and are there to stop the shooter.

  • Your actions can make a difference

  • for your safety and survival. Be aware,

  • and be prepared.

  • And if you find yourself facing an active shooter,

  • there are three key things you need to remember to survive: RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.

It may feel like just another day at the office.


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走って隠れる。FIGHT.® アクティブシューターイベントでのサバイバル - 日本語 (RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.® Surviving an Active Shooter Event - English)

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