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- Don't forget your mask.
Did you lose it another mask?
How many masks have I bought for you, and you can't find any?
Don't play with your mask.
Stop touching your mask.
Just don't touch anything.
Just walk hands down.
Do I need to bubble wrap you?
Look, more masks.
Don't touch anything.
The store is lava.
When's the last time you washed your hands?
Wash your hands!
Don't touch your face.
Here's some sanitizer.
Really scrub it, really scrub it.
I know it burns, but that just means it's working.
Did you just sneeze?
Was that a sneeze?
Just real quick, let me take your temperature.
It's been four minutes.
I need to take your temperature again, hold on.
Do you think it's just allergies, it's allergies, right?
There's allergies in the summer, right?
Summer allergies, is that a thing?
Yeah, stand still, stand still.
On your forehead.
Nope, not there.
I can put it there if you want me to put it there.
Guys, it's fine, it's fine.
Everything's gonna be fine, we're fine.
It's gonna be fine, it's gonna be fine.
This is awful, this is a disaster.
Don't need that, don't need that, don't need that.
It's like I'm making money.
Guys, it's gonna be great, It's gonna be fine.
I'm sure school will open at some point this year.
Maybe instead of jeans for back to school, we just, jammies.
Just like think of it like your school uniform.
You can wear these all day. it'll be amazing.
You can wear 'em to lunch.
You can wear 'em to class, it's just jammies all day.
- Would I shower?
- I mean, showering is optional.
You know, buddy, we don't actually need a new backpack this year.
It's okay. It's okay.
We are gonna save so much money.
Are you excited for the new school year?
It's gonna be so awesome, having you guys home all day, again, forever.
(crunches chips)
(man coughs)
Look, there's somebody, don't get too close.
Oh, that's a cute dress.
Too bad I'm not going anywhere, ever.
Do you think we'll ever wear real clothes again?
I legit have not worn a real bra in a long time.
I don't think my body would like accept real clothes, like buttons and zippers, heels, forget it.
I don't think I need to wear heels again, ever, yeah.
Who are these people wearing real clothes?
Where's the first place we should go when this is all over?
Not a football game, Paris, let's go to Paris.
Did you see this?
We're never going anywhere, ever again.
Get comfy, guys!
Hey friends, what you up to?
Right now the party in my head's a little crowded.
There's a lot going on up there right now.
Are you guys starting back to school in person, virtual?
I'm thinking of making their desks like their own little classroom, but then I realized I'm not a DIYer.
There's a lot going on, there's a lot going on.
Also, I've actively started planning vacations that we may never, ever take.
So good times, 2020.
By the way, none of this was on my vision board, I'll have, you know.
I have the vision board upstairs.
None of this was on it.
Just wanted to put that...
- [Penn] Get comfy, Sunny.
- [Kim] Get comfy, Sunny, we're gonna be here a long time.
- [Penn] Really hard to shoot with you making that noise.
(laughs) So cute.


【 新型コロナウイルス】2020年のお母さんは大変!(Moms in 2020)

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