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  • >>T: Good morning and welcome to SF, I’m Trisha Hershberger

  • >>S: and I’m fucking Steve Zaragoza

  • >>T: and weve got some really great news for the cursaholic in your life!

  • >>S: Shiiiiitttt

  • >>T: Turns out a new study presented at the annual British Psychological Society Annual

  • Conference shows that higher emotional states make people swear more often andmore colourfully

  • It’s spelled with the o-u-r cause it’s british

  • >>S: This is news thatll cause you to take your momma to church because saying words

  • like (long line of beeps) in a lovely string of poetic genius could now be linked to heightened

  • emotional states and maybe even good for you emotionally.

  • >>T: These findings can also help to throw out the idea that folks who curse a lot have

  • lower IQs or are inarticulate. I never thought that by the way.

  • >>S: (tenderly) I motherfucking know, baby, it’s ok. The study conducted by Amy Zile

  • and Dr. Richard Stephens from Keele University was originally trying to see if cursing could

  • help folks cope with pain.

  • >>T: But their findings pointed more to the theory that swearing could be the language

  • of emotion.

  • >>S: Hey Trisha, do you speak emotion? I do. (long line of beeps) Translation? I love you.

  • >>T: I love you too Steve. The study monitored the swearing of individuals over a one minute

  • period of playing video games at different emotional levels. IEGolf games verses

  • FPS. They really couldve just watched any gaming video on SFNerd. (cut to Cursing vid

  • mariokart?)

  • >>S: So turns out cursing is the way to go, not only to convey strong emotions, but also

  • to help as an emotional coping mechanism.

  • >>T: So what is your favorite swear word combo?

>>T: Good morning and welcome to SF, I’m Trisha Hershberger


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罵倒は体に良い! (Cursing is Good for You!)

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