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  • *Chill Music*

  • More Music

  • Scary Music o_O

  • More Music

  • Ay, Whoa whoa whoa chill with the Shoe dawg.

  • Mah Gawd.

  • Are you Talking?! Roach: Yes I'm talking bruh, Chill with da shoe

  • Yes I'm talking chill with the shoe dawg

  • How is he talking how are you talking??

  • Coz I'm not trying to die today

  • I'm tried of yall' discriminating against us roaches.

  • Discriminated against roaches?

  • Nah,Nah nah NAH, Don't act dumb we all know humans will kill roaches before they kill any other bug

  • That's Fact. There's a Fly on the wall over there, That you saw,three hours ago. And you haven't gone for him yet'! But as soon as I,

  • Show up it's All Death con 1 up in here, Dats not kool

  • Ok I just don't want you in my house

  • OH,Oh so this is yours? this is you're Abode?

  • This-This 800 square foot claustrophobic inducing penthouse pact tight with a Building with dozen's units filled of other hundreds of people?

  • You Pay rent my guy,You aint own nothing'!

  • Okay,Look you don't have to be rude a bout it. :|

  • Roaches been on earth, For like 200 Million years. Everything was cool than all of a sudden yall' show up and yall' own everything. Uh nuh. You know what? Nevermind

  • I'm tired, Jus-Just let me go outside dat slide door open over there,How about dat? I'll get out chur way I'll leave we all gud.

  • Go Ahead, Roach: Appreciate it.

  • Was good breh? OMG You see dat?? Roach:AHHHH!! OH OoooO, he almost got away, You see dat?

  • *Upbeat French Music * (I think ) SUBCRIBE ! :D

*Chill Music*


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もしもゴキブリが話してくれたら (If Roaches Could Talk)

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