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The best way to make more friends is to put yourself in environments that you naturally like.
Because people who share values and people who share interests already have two very powerful things in common to build a strong foundation for that relationship.
The biggest problem that people have today is that time factor, and like any relationship a friendship takes time.
It takes time to develop trust, and that requires shared experiences.
So people who want to make more friends need to make a commitment to create space in their life for friendships, to have time to speak with that person, to have time to meet with that person.
And to have time to share new experiences with that person to build a friendship.
You know, today's friendships in many ways are maintained through social media, and so there's very quick updates and that personal interconnection is lacking.
In the real world, it's more about quality, not about quantity.
And in the social media world, you know, we look at our friendships based on the numbers of people that we have, you know, following us on Twitter or on our pages on Facebook.
So in the real world, friendship is about connection.
It's about trust.
It's about respect.
It's about communication.
It's a little bit deeper than those updates that we keep all of our friends connected with as we go through our daily lives.
So to get out and away from the computer that's keeping you connected with your friends, pick something that interests you.
Go sign up for a cooking class, you know, go take an exercise class or work with a running coach, something that motivates you, something that, again, inspires you, something that makes you become the person you want to be.
And just by putting yourself in that environment, you're naturally going to connect with other people.
And that is the best way to start a friendship.



本当の友達のつくり方(How to Make Friends | Better You)

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