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  • This is a day in the life of a Japanese Space Engineer.


  • This is Takashi, 32 years old with a wife and son living in Tokyo, and he's just waking up for work.

    彼の名はタカシ、32歳 東京に妻と子供と住んでる

  • This is Takashi's wife, Haruka, she works full-time as an I.T consultant and since both of them work full-time


  • which is becoming more common in Japan these days, they help each other out with the morning chores


  • Like she prepares breakfast while Takashi takes care of their son.


  • So the first thing Takashi does every morning is to pack his son's bag for Hoikuen


  • Which is Japanese for nursery school. His son is four years old and attends nursery school on the weekdays while Takashi and Haruka work

    タカシとハルカも同様、両方ともフルタイムで 働いてるから、家事は分担してる

  • Oh and that's his son, Kei-kun! His name is Kei, but the word Kun is usually attached to the end of a Japanese boy's name.

    例えば、ハルカが朝食を準備する間に タカシは子供の面倒を見る

  • Oh, wow, it seems like he has a lot of energy this morning

    朝イチ、まずタカシは 子供の保育園のバッグを用意するんだ

  • In japan there's an old custom called Teishu Kanpaku

    保育園は英語でnursery school

  • Which basically means a husband


  • madly rules the household but I guess Takashi's family is not the case. Gender equality is becoming more acknowledged in Japan as younger families


  • tend to help each other out. Like them!


  • Oh, he's being the Otobansan at his nursery

    本名はケイだけど、日本では男の子の名前に 君をつけて呼ぶ習慣があるんだ

  • Only one person is selected each day to be responsible for making sure everyone gets food before eating


  • He loves the job some when at home he wants to do it all the time


  • Oh, no, I think he's freestyling it now

    「夫が度が過ぎるほど家庭を支配していばること」 なんだけど

  • Even on a busy weekday morning they make time to have breakfast together as the rest of the day is spent away from each other


  • You always eat bread for breakfast?

    男女平等な考え方は 日本でもだんだん広まってきていて

  • While Takashi's wife is helping Kei-kun finish breakfast Takashi tidies up the room and puts away the Japanese futon into the Oshiire


  • A traditional Japanese closet specifically designed for futon. Believe it or not about 47% of the population


  • of Japan, sleep on a futon meaning half the country sleep on the floor countries


  • Like Japan with limited space in the house are able to maximize the floor space

    保育園で、みんなに食事が配られてるかを確認する お当番さんってのがあるんだけど

  • By putting away the Japanese style mattress in the morning in order to re-purpose the space for the day


  • Would you be able to sleep on the floor in your country?


  • Now it's time to help Kei-kun to change into his day wear


  • Oh nice he has his own style. I like it

    タカシの家では忙しい平日の朝でも、 必ず揃って朝メシを食うようにしてるんだ

  • Before Takashi goes to work, it's his job to take Kei-kun to Hoikuen. Buckle up, Kei-kun!


  • So Takashi rides an electric Japanese mamachari style bike to take caicoon to nursery school


  • It's super common for most families with children in Tokyo


  • Since many don't own cars, but still need a way to transport their kids back and forth when trains and buses are not an option

    タカシは部屋を片付けて 布団を押入れにしまうんだ

  • Now he's ready to go to work taking care of his son before work is sometimes a hustle but he enjoys every minute of it

    押入れっつーのは、布団をしまうための 日本の伝統的なクローゼットだ

  • Takashi needs to work by train just like most everyone else in Tokyo for him

    信じられねぇかもしんねーけど、 日本人の約45%は布団で寝てるんだ

  • It's one hour door-to-door with one train transfer in between which is pretty average in Tokyo


  • He uses the commute time to check his urgent work emails and review reports from last night


  • Takashi like many other Japanese use the commute time to be efficient like reading up on news or studying new language on their smartphone

    布団を朝しまうことによって、 部屋の空間を最大限に活用するんだ

  • But of course there are many others that use the time to catch up on their sleep i'm back with another day in the life

    そうすれば、日中そのスペースを 他の目的で使えるだろ

  • It is super hot outside, but we're doing this. Anyway Takashi's train should be arriving right now. There it is


  • Good morning. What time did you go to sleep last night? It's super hot today, isn't it?


  • Oh, wow, you can see Tokyo Sky Tree from here that's pretty dope


  • It's almost 10 a.m. Are you late?


  • So Takashi works as a Space Engineer at Astroscale a growing venture company with about 80 employees in the Tokyo Headquarters


  • They are one of the only companies who develop satellite technologies to clean up debris in space even partnering with Jaxa


  • Japan, Aerospace Exploration Agency for missions

    タカシはママチャリスタイルの電動自転車に乗って 送り迎えをするんだ

  • Takashi normally works at his own desk with monitors

    電動自転車は東京に住む子連れ家族の間では スッゲー人気があんだぞ

  • But because of COVID-19 he prefers to sit at the lounge when he comes to the office

    東京は車を持たない家庭が多いし、保育園の送り迎えで 電車やバスでできないことが多いからなんだ

  • In fact these days that 70 to 80 of the Tokyo office are working from home on any given day


  • takashi also works from home most days

    出勤前に子供の世話をするのって 大変なこともあるけど

  • But there are times like today where he needs to work on hardware which requires him to be physically in the office


  • So, what are you working on right now?


  • Now he's attending a weekly internal meeting every member updates what's going on with each project

    彼の場合、ドア toドアで1時間 乗り換え一回だから

  • Currently they're working on a project called elsa d short for end-of-life services by astroscale demonstration


  • A spacecraft designed to remove failed satellites from orbit kind of like a car removal service in space and it's scheduled to launch

    タカシは通勤時間を利用して、仕事の緊急メールや 昨日のレポートに目を通したりするんだ

  • Later this year

    タカシみたいに通勤時間を 有効活用する日本人は多いぞ

  • Now they're heading to the clean room to work on the lcd satellites

    例えば、スマートフォンでニュースを読んだり 言語を学んだりな

  • Before entering the clean room Takashi needs to suit up to minimize the chances of introducing outside debris


  • And dust which could impact the operation of the satellites and even alter their testing results


  • And as a final precaution, he gets into the air shower to remove any remaining debris or dust on the suits


  • So they just went inside of the clean room, unfortunately, I can't go inside myself but here's some footage that it would look like inside


  • Oh they're back


  • So, what's this?


  • Apparently, they also connect the vacuum pump to it to simulate the pressure in space. Have you ever put food in there?


  • Finally he gets a break


  • What's the most enjoyable part of working here?

    タカシはASTROSCALEって会社で スペースエンジニアとして働いてんだ

  • So Takashi has another video conferencing this is probably more than what he would have normally but since staff are working remotely


  • It's the easiest way to communicate these days, especially when reviewing project documentation together


  • So these days a lot of meetings are done remotely, which they're doing right now, but it might take some time

    宇宙ゴミ除去の衛星テクノロジー開発に 取り組む唯一の会社なんだ

  • So while they're doing that, let's explore the space pun intended

    JAXAとパートナーを組んだ ミッションもあったんだって!

  • This is a scaled model of the Elsa D satellites


  • The blue wings are the solar panels which power the satellite itself and the gold sheets around the center body works as heat

    今はCOVID-19の影響で 出勤時はラウンジを使うんだ

  • Insulation the bottom magnet picks up the space debris and once picked up it shuttles it to a lower

    実際、今の東京本部では 70-80%がリモートで仕事をしてるんだって

  • Altitude in the atmosphere and burns them up both and this one came before the lcd its job was to observe


  • How much space debris was out there sensors that are housed inside catch small space debris

    今日みたいにハードウェアを触る仕事がある時は オフィスに足を運ぶ必要があるから

  • And then it estimates a total amount of space debris out there


  • So I was actually planning to show you guys around this place


  • But a lot of the places I actually don't get access to for example right behind me is the mcc mission control center


  • And they won't let me inside because there's top secret stuff going on there. But oh, well, let's go find Takashi


  • The building across the street is part of their office as well. I guess that's Tokyo real estate for you


  • And now they have some time to prepare and discuss the technical points with a big meeting later this afternoon


  • Finally lunchtime they regularly eat at restaurants

    宇宙軌道上に残された不要な 宇宙ゴミの確保実証を行うための衛星だ

  • But they're in a rush today to make their off-site afternoon meeting so they decided to pick up lunch from the supermarket instead


  • Whoa, he got the soba and niggy toto don set great choice


  • Now takashi and his colleagues are heading out to meet gitai a Space Robotics Company to have a technical discussion about using their


  • technology on future space to removal projects

    クリーンルームに入る前に、外部からのホコリやゴミが 入らないようにスーツに着替えるんだ

  • Wow, they're taking off their shoes before entering the office this must be a very Japanese Company

    衛星のオペレーションに影響が出る可能性があるし 結果に影響が出るからだ

  • Since it's his colleague's first time meeting they exchanged meishi also known as business cards

    念には念を、スーツについたホコリやゴミを エアシャワーで落としてから部屋に入るぞ

  • Which is still a major part of Japanese business culture. There are certain manners on how to give and receive the cards


  • Which is one of the first things you learn when you work in a Japanese company, for example


  • When there are multiple people like today you exchange cards


  • One by one in order the person with the highest position to the person with the lowest position


  • Oh and it looks like they made a 3D printed model of the arm that they're working on at this point, though


  • It's probably classified information. So this meeting looks like it's going to take some time

    バキュームポンプを接続すると 宇宙空間を再現できるんだって

  • Let's try to explore this place since we didn't get to explore Takashi's office


  • So just right behind me it looks like they have a bunch of different spare parts to build everything it's so cool


  • So this room is completely empty right now and to be honest with you


  • I don't really know what's behind me. But it looks pretty interesting


  • Let me know in the comments if any of you know what it is or what it does

    スタッフがリモートで働いてるから 普段よりもビデオ会議の回数が多いんだ

  • Oh, that guy's working on something. Let's ask what he's doing


  • Can you show me what the machine looks like?


  • Wow! You have a working model and it's connected to VR goggles. Oh, it's controlling the robot over there


  • That's next level stuff. And of course it can pick stuff up


  • Excuse me. Can I ask what you're doing?


  • Can you show me?


  • I see the arm takes those pieces and puts them together like that


  • Well that was unexpected. But I think it's time to go back to the meeting to see what's going on

    青い羽はソーラーパネルで、 衛星を動かすエネルギーになる

  • Oh, perfect. Just in time. Looks like they're finishing up

    本体をカバーしてる金色のシートは 保温効果があるんだ

  • Wow! that was quite long. So are you going back to the office now?


  • What's in the bag

    確保したら高度の低いところへ移動して 両方燃やしちまうんだって

  • As he takes math and japanese kimono classes after his nursery school


  • Kumon schools originated in japan to help supplement kids education by giving them 30 minute assignments every day


  • Nice he doesn't have a fever so he can go to the classroom


  • Kei kun usually stays a bit longer


  • But because of the pandemic he only gets his homework checked and then picks up new ones to minimize his stay there


  • Yay, finally home


  • What are you going to do now?

    例えば、後ろにあるのは MCCミッションコントロールセンターっつーんだけど

  • While Haruka prepares for dinner takashi does a little bit of work

    トップシークレットでいっぺーだから オラは入らせてもらえなかったんだ

  • So Takashi plays tamiya mini four-wheel drive race cars with Kei kun when he has time

    ま、いっか! じゃ、タカシを探しに行こうぜ

  • In fact Takashi used to play with it when he was a kid and just like dad keikun is into cars and machines


  • So it's perfect for their father and son time. It's pretty amazing how he manages his work schedule and family time in Japan


  • Whoa dinner's ready. That looks pretty good


  • And of course dinner wouldn't start without Kei Kun's caisona


  • So after dinner and taking their baths they all spend time by taking turns playing their favorite PS4 game together Dragon Quest Eleven


  • So it looks like this is what they do at the end of the day

    今日は外部とのミーティングに 行かなきゃなんねーから急いでんだ

  • They're probably going to finish off around 10 o'clock because that's when Kei Kun's goes to sleep


  • And then his parents will probably go to sleep around 12 o'clock


  • So that's pretty much a day in the life of aJjapanese Space Engineer


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This is a day in the life of a Japanese Space Engineer.



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