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Hi everyone! welcome back to my channel.
If you have been following me for a while, you probably know that I'm a really big fan of Taiwan.
Actually, last year I used to live in Taiwan, because I applied for a “working holiday” and I got it.
I moved to Taiwan, and I was living there for about 5 or 6 months.
But then…
as you know, the corona crisis happened and at first, I was planning to stay in Taiwan during the crisis,
because I felt very safe there. Taiwan was handling everything very well.
But then, as the virus was spreading in Europe and there were less planes flying to Europe, I realized that I might be stuck in Taiwan.
If something happens to my family, if somebody gets sick, there is no way I can go back home.
That's when I decided I would go home as fast as possible to be close to my family during this crisis.
At that time, when I just left, I was thinking I was going home for just a few weeks at most.
But now, this whole crisis has been going on for months and it was not what I expected.
It looks like it's not over yet. It looks like we might get a second wave.
In the comments I often see the question: “when will you go back to Taiwan?”.
I was wondering the same thing. I've been thinking about it a lot and today I want to tell you what my plan is about Taiwan.
I hope you are sitting comfortably, I am going to make myself a cup of tea. I advise you to do the same!
Welcome on my Rooftop!
I have not filmed here before, but this looks like a nice place to talk on our ease.
I hope you are comfortable and got some tea like me.
Let's go back to the subject.
When I came back to Belgium at first, I wasn't doing much.
I was living at my parent's house and all my siblings came back home so it was really nice.
After a week or two I was thinking:
I might be stuck here for a few weeks so it might be good to get a temporary job to get some money for when I go back to Taiwan.
I applied at a job agency, I gave them my CV (resume).
When they contacted me, they had a few boring job offers, very temporary job offers.
But one job offer was very interesting to me. That one had to do with education and with things that I studied.
I went to that place for a job interview. The first job interview was in person.
I was interviewed by two people there and it went really well. They told me there would be a second interview with another person.
The last person I would have to talk with. At that time started the lockdown. My meeting with that person became an online interview.
It went very well and the job sounded interesting to me. I started the job there, but it was under a job agency contract.
Sorry, there is a tractor coming through…
I don't know if you saw that.
Sorry for the noise.
I started a job there, but my contract was a job agency contract that could easily be terminated.
Every week, whenever I wanted, I could have quit if I wanted to.
I started my job there and I soon noticed that I liked the kind of work that I had to do there.
It was very different every day, it is not a job where every day is the same, getting really boring very fast.
I think it is challenging and interesting. Everyday there are new challenges and new problems I have to face try to find solutions for everything.
I really like that.
Now, after working there for 3 months they offered me a real contract, not from the job agency but at that company.
Since I like this job I accepted, and I made up my mind to work there for 2 years.
After 2 years I will re-evaluate if I like my work there and if I want to continue to work there or if it is time to make a complete career switch.
I'm not sure about that yet but I can definitely see myself work there for a while.
Suddenly my plans completely changed because this was not my intention.
When I came back to Belgium, I thought this would be very temporarily, just waiting to go back to Taiwan.
But now I am very happy that I found this job because when I'm looking at this whole situation with Corona,
nothing is sure and I don't even know when I would have been able to go back to Taiwan.
because I used to be in Taiwan on a “working holiday” but my working holiday was for 6 months and after 6 months I could apply for another 6 months.
When it was time to apply, to extend my working holiday, I wasn't in Taiwan anymore.
I had to go back already so I couldn't extend my visa there, I think there is no way to do it online.
My working holiday is over, I guess the only way I can go back to Taiwan is as a tourist. That is very nice already!
As a tourist or maybe one day if I find a job in Taiwan and they can sponsor my visa, that would be a possibility.
I was thinking: 2 years that is a long time not to go to Taiwan, so I definitely have to go before.
My plan right now is to go to Taiwan this winter.
Of course, there are two factors that could change my plans but (I hope not):
One is of course coronavirus: will there be any flights to Taiwan? Can I enter without a visa?
There are some questions still there. I am not sure how this situation will be once winter comes.
I hope that this stupid virus dies when the warm weather disappears, but I am not sure about that.
Corona is the first factor and the second factor is that I have to get permission from my workplace to go on a holiday for 2 weeks during winter.
But I think it shouldn't be a problem if I ask it far in advance, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be allowed to go to Taiwan.
That is my plan for now.
I wanted to keep you all updated because I know you are all very curious to know when I will be back in Taiwan.
My answer is: hopefully (let's all hope) this winter.
When I go back, I'm so excited because it will not be summer. Summer is so warm in Taiwan.
I am happy that I can go back during winter. It is so nice!
Winter here in Belgium can be very cold but in Taiwan winter has the perfect temperature to enjoy everything.
I am very excited. I'm planning to save…
You might have noticed that since I made my channel, after a few months I could turn on monetization.
Maybe you saw an ad at the beginning of this video? I am trying to save money for my trip to Taiwan with my YouTube channel.
I am not sure if it will work because you might be aware that that the ad-money that I get is very low
because YouTube keeps a big part.
There are also some rules like: a person needs to watch at least 30 seconds of an advertisement or the full advertisement
or maybe they need to click on the advertisement I am not sure how it works but anyway
It is not going fast but I am trying!
I will make videos and hopefully I can reinvest the money that I made with YouTube for my YouTube material:
camera, microphone lighting upgrades and for my Taiwan trip.
Wish me luck! I will try hard and I will keep making videos and I hope you all enjoy.
If you have any suggestions of things you would like me to do…
Right now I'm thinking: I would love to review some Taiwanese products.
I will go to the Taiwanese restaurant in Leuven (that is my plan) to buy some products
like the condensed milk one. I would love to give my opinion reviews of products.
I will see if I can try some Taiwanese products in Belgium that I can try and review for you.
Let me know if you have other ideas or other suggestions of content you would like to see from me.
I think I said everything, everything I needed to say…
Maybe just a code word. If you watch until now, the codeword of today is:
It's getting windy here!
Thank you so much for watching. I hope to see you very soon in the next video.
Stay safe and healthy. Bye-bye ~


When will I return to Taiwan? 我什麼時候回台灣?

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