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  • Hi, my name is Rebecca, and in today's lesson I am going to show you four different ways


  • in which you can offer help in a polite way to someone and also how you can accept or


  • refuse that help, in a gracious manner, okay?


  • So let's look at the board. This can help you in a personal situation and also at work in a professional situation,


  • so let's have a look. Okay, so there are different ways


  • in which we can offer help, some are more formal and some are more informal.


  • The first two I am going to talk about are more formal and the next two are informal.


  • In a formal situation or in any situation where you want to be more business-like or


  • more professional you could say, "Would you like me to," for example, "open the window?"

    "窓を開けてくれないか?" などと言うのもいいでしょう。

  • "Would you like me to open the window?" or "Would you like me to get you some water?"

    "窓を開けようか?" "水を持ってこようか?"

  • or you can use this expression as well -- very polite: "Shall I shut the door?"


  • "Shall I switch off the television?" Okay, well, that's probably going to be more at home.


  • So let's say it was an informal situation. You could say, "Let me switch off the TV",


  • or just "I'll get the door for you." "Let me help you with those bags." Okay?

    "ドアを開けるのを手伝おう "とか"バッグを運ぶのを手伝おう "とかいいですか?

  • So again, depending upon who you are talking to and in what context, you are going to use


  • something more formal or something more informal, okay? And any of these will work very well.

    もっとフォーマルなものでも インフォーマルなものでも いいですか?どれでもいいですよ

  • Now how do you accept or decline -- which is to say "no" to that help?

    今、あなたはどのように受け入れるか、または拒否する - その助けに "いいえ "と言うことですか?

  • Well, in a formal way you could say "Thank you very much."

    フォーマルな言い方をすれば "ありがとうございました "と言えますね

  • So if someone says, "Would you like me to get you some water?" You could say "Yes, thank you very much."

    誰かが「お水をお持ちしましょうか?」と言ったら"はい、ありがとうございました" と言えばいいのです。

  • If someone says "Shall I open the window?" You could say, "Thank you."

    "窓を開けましょうか?"って言われたら"ありがとうございます "って言えばいいんだよ

  • If someone says, "I'll get the door for you." You might just say, "Thanks." Okay?

    "ドアを取ってきます "って言われたら"ありがとう "って言えばいいんだよいい?

  • So again, the level of response, it matches the level of the question, right? The level of the offer,


  • if it's more formal then you're going to respond more formally.


  • If it's more informal you will respond informally, all right?


  • You can also be very, very polite and if someone says, "Would you like me to get you some water?".


  • "Thank you very much. That's very kind of you."


  • Okay? So you could go on and be even more polite.


  • Now let's say you don't need any help. So if someone says, "Let me switch off the TV."


  • You can say, "No, thanks." Okay? Or if someone says, "I'll help you with those bags." "No thanks. I'm good."

    "結構です "って言えばいいんだよ(達也)いい?誰かが "バッグを運ぶのを手伝うよ "って言っても"結構です。"いいよ"

  • Okay, "I'm good" is kind of slang, because normally we don't say "I'm good," but it's

    "I'm good "はスラングのようなもので 普通は "I'm good "とは言わないからですが

  • used a lot, especially in North America, and it means "I'm fine, thanks. I don't need anything."

    特に北米ではよく使われていて "I'm fine, thanks."何もいらないよ"

  • All right?


  • Or you could say if someone says "Would you like me to get you some water?"


  • You could say, "No, thank you. I'm fine." Or "Shall I help you with those suitcases?"

    "結構です "って言えばいいんだよ"結構です""スーツケースをお持ちしましょうか?"とか

  • "No, thank you. I can manage." Okay?


  • So something like that... Again, depending on the situation, you could always just say,


  • "Thank you" here, and "No, thank you" here, all right?

    "ありがとうございます "はここで、"いいえ、ありがとうございます "はここで、いいですか?

  • If you'd like to do a quiz on this subject, just to get a little more practice into how


  • you can ask these questions, and how to accept or decline, you can go to our website,


  • Thanks very much for watching. Good luck with your English.


Hi, my name is Rebecca, and in today's lesson I am going to show you four different ways



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