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  • (S&M) It's time for Wonderful Adventure Now Akita! (S) The onsen edition.

    (S&M) ワンダフルアドベンチャー・ナウ秋田の時間です。(S)温泉編。

  • (W.A.N.K music)


  • (S) Ah, yes! Some of you might have felt a little twinge of nostalgia hearing that intro.

    (S) あ、そうだ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(笑このイントロを聞いて、ちょっと懐かしさを感じた人もいるかもしれません。

  • For the next 3 days, we'll be in northern Japan in the Akita prefecture.


  • We're gonna be taking in the fall leaves and doing some onsen hopping.


  • We're actually 550 kilometres from our home in Kichijoji but getting here was actually kinda easy!


  • (To the tune of Shakira's Hips Don't Lie) Akita Akita~

    (シャキーラの「ヒップ・ドント・リー」の曲に合わせて) あきたあきた~。

  • I should've had more coffee!


  • (S) You can get coffee on the train!


  • (S) Hey! Adventure!


  • (S) That's not adventure, it's supposed to be high-five! (M) Oh!


  • (Train horn in the distance) Ruin my adventure!


  • (W.A.N.K music)


  • I don't know what your train toilets are like, but I enjoy this one. I think it's a very clean one.


  • An actual bidet! The train toilet is amazing!


  • I'm gonna... I'm gonna make sure it works, hold on. Give me... Give me 20 minutes.


  • We got 3 minutes, girl, we gotta go! (Martina, off camera) Oh my god

    あと3分だぞ、お嬢さん、行かなきゃ!(マルティナ、オフカメラ) Oh my god

  • (S) Holy sh*t (M) Let's go

    (S) しまった(M) レッツゴー

  • (M) You know when you like the person in front of you but you don't know how to tell them so you just tease them?


  • (S) No, I don't want teasing! Just tell me, okay? I'll believe you.


  • (S) Thank you!

    (S) ありがとうございました!

  • (M) Very easy to get here!


  • It felt really overwhelming at first because we've never done this before, but the local bus was easy to catch!


  • Ganiba was great because it was the last stop!


  • (M) There were between 7 to 15 different onsen to choose from. We went for one called Ganiba!


  • And the only way I could remember that was "Ganiba, Ganiba dun dun dun". I did this dance move because it's a... it's a crab


  • (M) This is a very rustic, typical ryokan. It's a Japanese-style hotel. (S) Yup!


  • (M) We ended up sleeping on the ground! They put together the futons for you!


  • (S) I'm excited to see what our bed looks like! If you could just open the door...

    (S) うちのベッドがどんな感じなのか楽しみですね!ドアを開けてくれれば

  • (S) Just...


  • (S) Can you just... open the door? (Laughing)


  • (M) It's cozyyyy! (S) Oh daaang!

    中)居心地がいいですね~。(S) おーダァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァァッ

  • (S) Nice! Nice and cozy!


  • (M) I took cold Japanese meals, so if you're not okay eating a lot of Japnese foods this could be tough for you.


  • Might wanna bring something with you.


  • (S) We wanted to live stream this but I don't think we can.


  • Look at this tremendous thing right here!


  • We have this beautiful nabe (Japanese hotpot) here... Some gorgeous mushrooms...


  • (S) They have a whole aji (horse mackerel) with a stick of ginger


  • (M) Is it aji or ayu (sweetfish)? (S) Ayu! (M) Ayu, I'm pretty sure.


  • (S) Here we have some gorgeous crab!

    (S) ここでは豪華なカニをご紹介します!

  • Mmm... It's like macaroni and cheese, potatoes, and crab.


  • (S) Well, I'm enjoying my dinner. (M) Well, I'm enjoying you talking about food while I sit here suffering that I only had three(?)


  • (S) We are the only people here eating. Everybody finished eating!


  • (M) When we checked in, they said we can choose when we're gonna eat dinner. At 6, 7, or 8 o'clock.


  • And we were like: we don't usually eat dinner that early, we'll go for 7 o'clock. And then we were starving!


  • But! The good news is that we were like: (singing a fancy song) (S) Yeah, we took our time!

    でも!いいことに、私たちはこんな感じだったんです。(派手な歌を歌う) (S) うん、時間をかけたんだ!

  • (M) And I picked up my fish and I was like: (Eating noises?) I picked up my rice (More eating noises)


  • And I actually drank some soup and it was so hot that I physically spat it out into my bowl!


  • I was like (splat noise) (S) This is why I can't take you to nice places. (M) No one was around!


  • (M) Good job, Martina!


  • (Martina, off-camera) I'm literally! Gonna die! If I don't have any more food!


  • (S) What am I gonna do with my life?

    (S) 私はこの先どうしたらいいんだろう?

  • (M) Well (S) I'm so hungry!


  • (M) Here's my suggestion to Simon: he goes down to the front desk and he goes "Excuse me, do you have any gohan?"

    (中) ここでサイモンに提案したいことがあります。

  • And "gohan" has a double meaning! (Simon, with an accent) You have any gohans? (M) Because "gohan" means food but it also means, literally, rice.

    そして「ごはん」には二重の意味があるんです。シモン)ごはんはあるの?(M) だって「ごはん」は食べ物の意味ですが、文字通りご飯の意味もあるんですよ。

  • No matter what scenario, they look at him and go: "Gosh this guy is huge" and he goes: (sad sound effects)

    どんなシナリオでも 彼らは彼を見てこう言うんだ"Gosh this guy is huge" そして彼は行く。(悲しい効果音)

  • Remember when I paid to see a dog earlier?


  • (S) Oh! What's that? Hello!

    (S) おぉ! なんだそれ!?こんにちは!

  • (S) Nice doggy! Oh! Oh, are you coming up? Hello!

    (S)ナイスワンコ!おぉ! おぉ! 上がってくるのか!?こんにちは!

  • (S) Ohohohoho! Thank you!


  • (M) And they'll go: "Listen up gaijin (foreigner), we have food but shh shh, it's a secret!"

    (中)そして、彼らは行く。"聞いてくれ 外人(外国人)、俺たちは食べ物を持っているが、シーッ、シーッ、それは秘密だ!"

  • And then they'll give him extra rice or food! If it doesn't work, they'll say "Oh you've got those snacks in the corner!"

    そして、余ったご飯やごはんを与えてくれる!それがダメなら "あそこにおやつがあるじゃないか!"って言うんだよ

  • And then Simon will go: "Aha! Understood!" and he'll shuffle on over!


  • (S) So! We have another problem here. We have no food and we only have 5 TV channels and one of the TV channels is a FOOD channel!


  • (M) 2 channels. (S) 2 channels! This is another f*cking food show!

    (M) 2chです。(S) 2ch!これまたクソ食らえの番組だな!

  • (M) And this one has been exclusively about saba, so... (S) So we have 2 shows...

    M)で、この1本は専らサバの話になってしまったので(S) ということで、2つのショーがあるわけですが...。

  • What can we do? We can't eat and we can barely watch TV.


  • (M) This will list all the menu (S) This is our menu. What's room service?


  • (M) Well, let's check room service. There's beer. (S) Beer, whiskey... (M) Shochu. I mean, various kinds of...


  • And here is Akita local stuff. So this is like, daiginjo sakes and then we can have, like, a sake flight of 3 or so.


  • Then this is two kinds of wine.


  • (S) So if we're hungry what do we do?


  • (M) That's it, actually.


  • (S) That's it!


  • (M) So


  • (S) No food for us!


  • (M) So beer it is!


  • I think they just want us to go to sleep!


  • (M) The onsens were divided up. You have the men's and women's onsens.


  • We also had and amazing onsen! (S) They had mixed gender onsens which were outdoors and absolutely gorgeous!


  • Where you could sit in the hot water and look at the leaves falling into the water.


  • Well that right there


  • Was an amazing experience.


  • It's so cold when you step outside, it was like 11 degrees, 12 degrees (51-53 F)


  • I stepped outside in my little robe and oh God, it's so cold! Samui!


  • And then I get into the water and now I'm just a furnace!


  • I'm dripping with sweat, doesn't feel cold (out here) anymore. Just fresh and crisp


  • This is an amazing, amazing experience!


  • And after going to an onsen, as you know, you need to have some milk!


  • I have a nice chocolate milk here!


  • Ooh! Coffee milk! That's not what I was expecting! Very happy!


  • (S) Milk!


  • Now. To avoid any confusion or any complications, before we came here we called up the onsens if they were okay with tattoos.


  • And they all are! There were no issues. Not every onsen is like that.


  • We've called other areas of Japan that did have issues with our tattoos. But this area was totally cool with it!


  • (M) Yeah!

    (M) イエーイ!

  • (Singing a tattoo song)


  • That's my tattoo song!


  • (S) That's a cool song.


  • Enough talking, let's go explore this! You ready? (M) Let's go for it ducky, you ready?

    話はもういい これを探ってみよう!いいかい?(M) 行くぞ、準備はいいか?

  • (S&M) Nanananananananana!


  • (M) You forgot how to do it!


  • I think you're supposed to go right and I'm supposed to go left!


  • (S&M) Nanananananananana!


  • (M) No! I mean, come back here. We're supposed to be in the middle and we go nanananananananana!


  • Okay, so... We got this little onsen pass. Multi pass!


  • And we can get on the onsens and we can go to different ones located in the mountains.


  • (S) Onsen hopping, what what!


  • So we are at Ganiba onsen. We're going right now to this one. (M) Which is the most famous one.


  • (S) Tsurunoyu hot springs. This one's very famous. Now we're going to do all the onsen hopping.


  • We're going to try to go to as many onsens as possible.


  • I read as a rule of thumb, you're only supposed to go to 3 onsens a day. We're gonna try to go to 7!


  • (M) I'm gonna try to go to 2. So... (S) Okay. (M) You go to your 7.


  • (S) Once we go to each one we can use this as a little postcard!


  • (M) It's so pretty! (S) Right?


  • (M) Thank you!


  • We got our stamps!


  • (M) 'Kay. So, we are at arguably the most popular onsen in the Akita area. And I can understand why.


  • (S) This is a scenic dream! Point your camera anywhere and you will have a beautiful picture.


  • Everywhere around you, it's stunning!


  • (M, in Korean) Women's and mixed gender


  • (M, in Korean) Mixed gender


  • (S) I've never... Ah sh*t! (Martina laughing)


  • (M) All over your pants... (S) Noo!


  • (M) Got it! (S) Got it.


  • (S) Okay!

    (S) オーケー!

  • (M) All right (S) Beer time!


  • (M) Hey! Memory of a lifetime, Captain Beer-pants.

    中)おい! 一生の思い出、ビールパンツ隊長。

  • (S) Hey. Girl, thank you for going on this adventure with me.

    (S) ねぇ。お嬢さん、一緒に冒険してくれてありがとう。

  • (M) Thanks for organizing it for me, ducky.


  • (S) This is wonderful. (M) Stop spilling my beer. (S) Oh f*ck! (M) It's opened didn't you know that?

    S)これは素晴らしい。中)ビールをこぼすのはやめてくれ(S)ヤバい!(M) 開いたぞ!知らなかったのか?

  • (S) Okay, fine, geez, just trying to have a moment here!

    (S) オーケー、いいよ、ジーズ、ここで時間を持とうとしているんだ!

  • In that case, you're not gonna get any of my tsuruman(?) that I bought for us to snack on.


  • Trying to be a romantic and sh*t like "I love you, girl" and (gibberish) I'm gonna eat by myself!


  • (M) Ducky, I gotta say this is hands down my favourite onsen I've ever been to.


  • Not just because it looks beautiful but because the actual water is so lovely.


  • I feel so nice right now.


  • So when you come in here, on the left is men and women's private.


  • Then there's the mixed gender one.


  • And then there's the men and women's changing room.


  • The women's side is totally private, so don't worry.


  • You go in there and you change, it's got an indoor hot spring, and outdoor one. It's gorgeous.


  • There was only one other lady there. She peeked over to the mixed gender side and she says:


  • "Do you wanna try together?"


  • And I was like: "Scary!" I'm too scared because as I was walking through the changing room there's men and I'm like there's (dog bark) so I didn't


  • I was feeling scared and shy!


  • Anyhow! So she said we're gonna open the door and people can definitely see.


  • So you take your little manner towel. Which, it's like a tiny one. And you just kinda cover your bits.


  • And as you enter, you kinda roll it up as you go. So, we did and she went first


  • Such a brave woman! And she inspired me to go too!


  • As soon as you're in the water no one can see anything. (S) Like two inches below the water it's completely murky.

    水の中に入った途端、誰も何も見えなくなる。(S) 水面下2インチのような......完全に濁っています。

  • (M) Then to get out, I showed everyone my butt cheeks... I did, I just did.


  • I came towards the little swim-away exit to the women's and picked up my towel and used it to cover my breasticles


  • I didn't know how to open the door (laughing) (S) Ahh! (M) And went like this! (S) Ahh!


  • Onsen tip! The hotel that you're going to be staying at will provide you with a towel for the onsen.


  • But when you go onsen hopping, bring that towel with you. Because the other onsens ain't gonna provide you with sh*t


  • So if you go there, you