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  • We produce too much waste.


  • Every year, humans create 55 billion tons of waste on Earth, and most of it is not properly disposed of.

    毎年、人間は 550 億トンもの廃棄物を地球上に生み出していますが、そのほとんどに適切な廃棄処理が行われていません。

  • This puts our planet's ecosystems and public health at risk while also contributing to increased greenhouse gas emissions and contaminating our air, soil, and water.


  • While waste comes from many sources, electronic equipment presents the fastest growing challenge around the world.


  • With e-waste now accounting for 70 percent of all hazardous waste and landfills, we believe the tech sector has a responsibility to help.

    E-Waste (電子電気機器廃棄物)は、危険廃棄物や埋め立て廃棄物の 70% を占めていますが、我々はテクノロジーセクターに改善責任があると考えています。

  • This is why Microsoft is committing to operating as a zero-waste company by 2030.

    だからこそマイクロソフトは、2030 年までに廃棄物ゼロ企業として活動すべく尽力しています。

  • As our customers' demand for Cloud services continues to soar, our network of data centers is also expanding.


  • Today we maintain more than three million servers and related hardware in more than 160 data centers.

    現在、我々は 160 か所以上のデータセンターに、300 万台を越えるサーバーと関連ハードウェアを保有しています。

  • Servers last about five years on average which has the potential to add up to a lot of waste.

    サーバーは平均して 5 年ほど持ちますが、大量の廃棄物となる可能性があります。

  • We believe that we can improve our current waste reduction efforts and take an innovative approach inspired by the concept of circularity, all managed by modern Cloud technology.


  • We're setting up circular centers on our data center campuses, meaning we'll soon be able to process e-waste right on-site.


  • By using techniques such as intelligent scheduling, powered by machine learning to quickly and efficiently sort through whole devices and their parts, we are increasing the circularity of those assets while also reducing carbon emissions.


  • Based on early piloting, we're on track to increase our reuse of servers and component parts to 90 percent by 2025.

    初期試験をベースに、我々は 2025 年までにサーバーや部品の再利用率を 90% まで上げていくつもりです。

  • Our big goal is zero-waste by the end of the decade and our circular centers will play a big role in getting us there.

    我々の大きな目標は、2030 年までに廃棄をゼロにすること。そして循環センターが目標達成に大きな役割を果たすでしょう。

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We produce too much waste.


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