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  • From stray coffee cups in Westeros to Bradley Cooper's fake baby, things don't always go as planned when filming a TV show or movie.


  • There have been numerous mistakes in the past decade that slipped through the cracks and made it onto the big and small screen.

    過去 10 年間に、見落とされてしまって、大小のスクリーンに現れた多くの間違いがありました。

  • Here are 18 of the biggest blunders of the 2010s.

    ここに、2010 年代における、18 の最大の失敗をご紹介します。

  • In 2019, HBO aired the final season of "Game of Thrones".

    2019 年、HBO は「ゲームオブスローンズ」の最終シーズンを放送しました。

  • And while fans weren't exactly happy with how everything turned out with the rushed plot, there was also a major gaffe that managed to throw viewers completely out of the fantasy.


  • In this scene, a coffee cup from craft services (no, it's technically not a Starbucks cup) was accidentally left in the final cut.


  • It's clearly visible on the table next to Daenerys, and, as far as we know, there were no baristas at Winterfell.


  • The cup was later edited out of the shot.


  • After the coffee-cup debacle, no one would have expected yet another mistake in the final season of "Game of Thrones."


  • In one of the most important and highly anticipated scenes of the series, the leaders of Westeros were choosing who would take the throne.


  • I suppose this is the most important moment of our lives.


  • Unfortunately, someone on the cast or crew left some water bottles in a few of the shots, turning the serious moment into a bit of a joke.


  • There's a heartwarming moment in "American Sniper" that quickly turns laughable.


  • In this scene, Bradley Cooper has returned from war and is picking up his child.


  • But since director Clint Eastwood thought using a real baby would be too unpredictable, they decided to use a doll instead.


  • And it's painfully obvious, especially when Cooper is seen moving the baby's arm with his finger.

    そしてそれは痛々しいほど明らかです。 特にクーパーが、指で赤ちゃんの腕を動かしている部分では。

  • The events in season five of "Breaking Bad" are set in 2009 and 2010, but one of the characters can apparently see into the future.

    「ブレイキングバッド」のシーズン 5 のイベントは 2009 年と 2010 年に設定されていますが、登場人物の 1 人は、未来を見ることができるようです。

  • In this scene, Todd's uncle references the raid and death of Osama bin Laden.


  • Whacking bin Laden wasn't this complicated.


  • Which didn't actually happen until a year later, in 2011.


  • In "The Dark Knight Rises," the sun seemingly sets super early.


  • The stock market heist scene takes place soon after the opening bell, and it's clearly light outside.


  • But soon after, there's a car chase, and when they all emerge from the tunnel, it's pitch black.


  • Dark "night" rises, indeed.


  • But that wasn't the only mistake in the film.


  • Typos happen all the time, but the copy editor at The Gotham Times probably lost their job over this one.

    誤植は常に発生します。しかし、The Gotham Times のコピーエディターはおそらくこれで失業しました。

  • In the main headline on the front page, heist is spelled wrong.


  • In this scene, Rachel McAdams' character is writing down notes from her conversation with one of the abuse victims at a diner.


  • The camera cuts to the notebook several times, and while she seems to fill up the page, a few shots later it's nearly blank.


  • Maybe it's disappearing ink?


  • During the final battle scene in "The Avengers," there's a lot going on, so it's not that surprising that there would be a few continuity errors here.


  • In this scene, the front of a car is clearly dented and beaten up, but after Thor lands on the ground, the car has miraculously turned to perfect condition.


  • A blessing from the gods.


  • There's another continuity error in the final battle.


  • Here, we see Captain America is shot in the stomach, and his suit is torn and damaged.


  • A few minutes later, however, it's back to normal.


  • Guess Captain America is also a pretty good seamstress.


  • Elsa belting out "Let it Go" is one of the more memorable scenes in "Frozen," but no matter how many times you've watched it, you may not have noticed this one pretty bizarre error.


  • In this scene, after she lets down her hair, she swings around and her braid appears to magically pass right through her arm.


  • "Suicide Squad" wasn't exactly flawless, but there was one scene in the film that makes absolutely no sense.


  • In this scene, the characters are all putting on their costumes, but Harley Quinn's transformation is a bit more drastic than the others'.


  • Somehow, she manages to get a haircut and dye her hair seconds after she puts on her outfit.


  • Seriously, what the hell's wrong with you people?


  • While technically not in the show, this promotional image for "Downton Abbey" made headlines for something fans spotted in the background.


  • Can you find it?


  • Yes, like "Game of Thrones," there's a plastic water bottle in the shot, sitting right there on the mantle.


  • You may have been too teary-eyed at the sight of all the Avengers assembling to notice this one.


  • In this scene, we clearly see Thanos destroy Captain America's shield.


  • It's cracked in half.


  • But soon after, when the camera pans out at the portals opening, the shield is back to its original state.


  • If only we could snap our fingers and do the same for Iron Man.


  • Henry Cavill is known as Superman, but he appears to also have superpowers in his role as agent August Walker in "Mission: Impossible - Fallout."


  • In this scene, Cavill's beard quickly grows while he's punching.


  • As if that wasn't bad enough, a pocket also appears on his dress shirt.


  • In the world of "The Walking Dead," physics apparently don't apply.


  • In season five, Daryl and Carol are trapped in a van that's teetering on the edge of an overpass.


  • Eventually, the van falls and flips forward, but somehow, it lands on its wheels seconds later.


  • Before the coffee cup and water bottle, there was another error in "Game of Thrones" that had people scratching their heads.


  • In season six, we learned Melisandre turns into an old woman when she takes off her necklace.

    シーズン 6 では、ネックレスを外すとメリサンドルが老婦人になることがわかりました。

  • But in season four, there's a scene with her in a bathtub, sans necklace, and yet she's still young and beautiful.

    しかしシーズン 4 では、彼女がバスタブに入っているシーンがあり、ネックレスはありませんが、彼女はまだ若くて美しいです。

  • While demogorgons and strange young girls with telekinesis aren't very realistic, there's one mistake the production team on "Stranger Things" made with the props.

    デモゴルゴンやテレキネシスのある奇妙な若い女の子は、あまり現実的ではありませんが、「ストレンジャーシングス」の制作チームは小道具で間違いを 1 つおかしました。

  • Throughout season one, the kids are using realistic TRC-214 walkie-talkies to communicate with each other.

    シーズン 1 を通じて、子供たちはリアルな TRC-214 トランシーバーを使用して、互いに通信しています。

  • The only problem is that these didn't actually exist until about two years later, in 1985.

    唯一の問題は、これらが実際には約 2 年後の 1985 年まで存在しなかったことです。

  • While there's certainly a lot of time-hopping in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one jump in "Spider-Man: Homecoming" seemed to mess everything up.


  • The movie's supposed to be set eight years after "The Avengers," which was set in 2012, hence "Homecoming" takes place in 2020.

    この映画は、2012 年の設定である「アベンジャーズ」の8年後ということになっているため、「ホームカミング」は 2020 年に起こっています。

  • But that doesn't line up with the rest of the films, like "Avengers: Infinity War," which was set in 2018.

    しかし、それは 2018 年の設定の「アベンジャーズ:インフィニティ・ウォー」のような、他の映画とは一致していません。

  • So the entire timeline would get shifted, making the dates the heroes jump back to in "Endgame" incorrect.


  • Director Joe Russo eventually admitted that this "8 years later" title card was "incorrect" during a press interview.

    ジョー・ルッソ監督は、この「8 年後」というタイトルカードが「正しくなかった」ことを、記者会見で最終的に認めました。

  • Were there any other big mistakes you noticed in the past decade?

    過去 10 年間に、あなたが気付いた他の大きな間違いはありましたか?

  • Let us know in the comments.


From stray coffee cups in Westeros to Bradley Cooper's fake baby, things don't always go as planned when filming a TV show or movie.


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