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It's not lunch, but it's home, I think is brilliant.
You be How wonderful to see you, dear.
Bed's empty.
No note.
Cargo out of dying.
You could have been seen.
Course I don't blame you, Harry, dear.
They were starving in months.
Hope bars in his window.
You best hope I don't put bars on your windows.
Ronald Weasley, Double Harry Time for a spot of breakfast.
Here we are.
Having Tuckett and weak.
May have you seen my jumper yesterday?
Was on the cat Have What did I do?
Journey has been talking about your summer that annoying really.
Morning Beazley's what A night Nine raids nine Great Dad works and Mr Magic in the misuse of Muggle artifacts office Dad loves Muggles.
Thinks they're fascinating.
Well done.
And who are you?
Oh, sorry, sir.
I'm Harry, Sir Harry Pota.
Good Lord.
Are you really well?
Runs told us all about you.
Of course.
When did you get here?
This morning.
Your son's flu.
That enchanted car of yours to Sorry.
And back last night Did you really?
How do you go?
I mean, that was very wrong indeed.
Voice very wrong of you Now, Harry, you must know all about Muggles.
Tell me what, exactly the function of a rubber duck.
Oh, um, well, that could be added with the post.
Oh, fetch it.
Really, Person, please.
He's always doing that.
Look, it's our home courts.
Oh, centers.
Harries as well.
You hear Harry doesn't miss a trick.
That man.
This lot won't come cheap.
Mom, spell books alone.
A very expensive.
We'll manage.
There's only one place you're gonna get over this, Di Going out.
Right, Harry?
Harry, You go first.
But how has never traveled by Floo Powder form Flu Panda, Will you confess drum so that Harry can see how it's done?
When you come, Di, gone away, you see is quite easy.
Don't be afraid.
Come on.
Can you go?
That's a mind your head.
It's Take your flu powder.
That's it.
Very good.
Don't forget to speak very, very clearly.


The Burrow | Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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