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Hi Bob Thing Disguises working Patrick.
I mean, Patricia Sponge Bob.
You never told me at a girlfriend.
Oh, notice girlfriend throw.
Your girlfriend is not actually Larry.
She's not like girlfriend.
She's just that it's cool, buddy, You don't have to explain your girlfriend and may, but she's not my girlfriend.
I don't know why you're standing here talking to May when you should be talking to your girlfriend.
Come on, Patricia.
Congratulations on the new girlfriend.
Bob, this is not the time for Sunday stroll.
It's time for work For Mr Crabs.
The Krusty Krab doesn't open for another two hours.
There would be no such thing is open and too early.
May boy.
Excuse us, miss.
It's going bad.
Who's your friend, Mr Crabs?
This is Patricia Trish.
Most beautiful sound I've ever seen.
Do we need any more help down at the Krusty Krab now?
We dio great.
She can start right away.
On who are you?
My ribbon asking beauty.
That's Patricia I know.
Is Christie Crab employees Well, she sure is stunning.
Just keep your eyes on the customer's misters.
Quit word.
I drew this for you.
Like those is uncanny if I didn't say so, Master.
Very squid.
Word order Abcnews.
Excuse me.
Squid word.
Oh, this order goes to table seven.
And remember your for me.
That's a seven.
Patricia Moose Turk rubs you ordered to Krusty meals.
Did I order to muse?
Oh, City me?
I can't possibly eat too crusty meals myself.
I guess you just have to help me finish all this food.
We may have only known each other for a short time now, but I feel like a special connection has been made.
Why a woman?
You know, I don't call me that sizzle.
Lips squared for nothing free there Saturday night.
That sort spoon public lawyer having a staring contest go free water.
But I don't come back until all those Patties crabby Now that we're alone, how would you like to be my date Friday night?
To a or two sports bar?
But I won't be flying submarines at night.
I have to get back toe crusting the crab.
Were those two so nice to me?
They were never this nice toe.
Patrick, It's weird.
Are you sure about Saturday night?
Persistent Butch, That's in a branch?
No, thanks again But I made reservations for two.
We should do No.
No word, no move, no.
Is it about me that makes those two so friendly?
Was something to do with this disguise?
Were this any longer?
You reveal your secret identity, you'll have to leave the source.
SpongeBob I just can't live like this anymore.
Attardi Pretending to be someone I'm not time to us.
Have an announcement to make.


Meet Patricia! (Who is Definitely Not Patrick) ??Full Scene | SpongeBob

21 タグ追加 保存
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