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So we read this book called Why we Sleep.
You know, the things so many of us crave but can never seem to get enough of.
The book makes it clear that a lack of sleep can affect everything from your mental health, cognitive abilities, immune system and basically every aspect of your life.
But the irony is that we don't fully understand why we or any animal for that matter sleeps.
We just know that without it, most species slowly deteriorate.
This is one scenario that honestly happens to me all the time, and I'm sure happens to you as well.
You're getting ready for your day.
You shower, you polish your pearls, you've got your coffee and you do whatever else it takes to get your brain and body moving, only to have the first person you and cannot say, Oh, honey, you look tired.
Which got us wondering about the idea of beauty sleep like does sleep deprivation play an intrinsic role in the way that we look?
So we are going to stay awake for the next 36 hours and document and take progress pictures of every stage.
Here are the rules of our experiment will take photos every six hours.
We've set up a dark corner in our house so we can control the lighting is best as possible.
No makeup or facial touch ups, though.
No napping, which is honestly gonna be really hard for us and finally were allowed to have our normal morning coffee.
But after that, absolutely zero caffeine and at the end of the 36 hours awake, we're going to see just how messed up we look.
We have this set up to help us measure exactly where we go.
Way have the same photo each time.
No expressions that we could match it.
Even a little fact about me.
The last time I pulled an all nighter the second I went to bed at this the bed I was 18 years old.
You're 18 and old.
Woke up Pete.
The bat was so embarrassed that I took all my sheets and I threw it into a backyard somewhere.
Never told my parents in their type of sheet.
Sounds like no.
So obviously the 1st 14 hours or so, we're pretty standard.
We woke up at 8 a.m. and then just had to go on living our normal lives while taking pictures every six hours.
But for whatever reason, because we knew we had to be up all night.
We were feeling away more tired than normal.
How are you so tired?
Not after.
What time is it now?
So tired.
I don't do this.
Did you know that 386 billion square feet of cardboard is made each year?
That seem absurd to kill some time and keep busy.
We took the dog for a walk and then went to the office for some science.
You know, scientists actually don't really know why we look so messed up when we don't sleep.
But there are two specific theories of evolutionary biologists have on.
We're gonna explain them today using tired three d printed crag.
It doesn't stack.
Oh, no.
Oh, my God.
Do this.
So this is tired, Greg Boo.
He's ugly.
And this is not tired.
The first theory is that since Greg is sleep deprived, he is more prone to accidents out.
Great lady and tired.
Greg also has a weakened immune system that cough cough mars.
Thankfully, Greg's face is perceived as less attractive and less socially appealing.
Therefore, untiring, happy, happy image notes to avoid Greg at all costs.
The second theory is that tired Greg is likely less optimistic and less good at showing emotions, which makes sense, cause his face is frozen in this tired state.
His busted faces signaling for Mitch to stay away so that he could be alone and not piss people off and get some sleep until he looks better.
And it's finally able to talk to people again.
Hey, these lights are helping Fasching banality shut.
My eyes became int.
Why did you read it Way Just finished recording a podcast.
We decided we need something to keep us busy.
What was the park us about?
Oh, podcast is about sleep deprivation.
Oh, what do you know?
It was insane.
Our brains are completely shut off.
We did talk about some cool other studies.
So if you want to listen, the podcast will put a link in the description.
I feel like I'm going crazy now that they were done.
The podcast, my brain slowly melting.
We're not usually up this late.
Another six hours had passed, so we came home to take some photos.
Okay, so it is currently 4:15 a.m. Actually, don't feel so so tired.
But what I am noticing is that my cognitive abilities definite slowing down.
You wanted to acknowledge the fact that my memories are not actually being formed properly.
So I had this beautiful brain here, and the fact is, we when you're sleep, survived any time you're trying toe, learn or remember something.
This is a lot harder to do than I thought, because I have learned this.
But now I am having a hard time.
We're calling it and saying it, and there's a lot of things happening at once, so don't usually have some science video.
20 time You're trying to learn something.
An area in your brain called the hippocampus is really active.
It's basically like taking in all the information and processing it for you.
But when they look at brain scans of people who are sleep deprived, the hippocampus is basically off.
On top of that, the proteins that are actually required to build connections between neurons are no longer available when you're over tired and so effectively, it's really hard to even make a memory Physically.
Studies have actually found that people who are sleep deprived around 40% less efficient at remembering things.
That's like the difference between literally ace an exam or failing at miserably.
So if you're watching this video and perhaps you're cramming for an exam procrastinating, I'm bagging you.
It's really worth it for you to go to sleep because you really aren't making any solid memories right now.
How do you feel?
Um, I'm so tired.
It's just, like, kind of like, yeah, I can't mold in an art class.
And I made it to make an art piece about how my obsession with celebrities away that I cope with me.
Some things never change, should be in things.
Got a little weird.
I discovered sick top.
I want to be homo SAPIENs.
Ah, homo Neanderthal s.
Oh, my God, you thing.
And then it happened.
The sunlight is sunrise.
I literally can't everything from really right now I am having a second wind.
Yeah, actually, your 3rd 1 or fourth, but I don't know.
I will make I feel good.
I'm happy to see the sun.
Hey there.
But you bring all like twice on her world's coming alive literally The second we came out here, those planes going over those alarms going off or in the city way telling you about again.
So both Corrigan, I at this point in the morning are actually kind of feeling a little bit energized, like I'm still tired and cloudy but weirdly have a second wind, and it goes with some interesting science.
One of the main reasons that you get really tired is because something in your brain builds up called a denizen over time, and the only way to really get rid of it is by either drinking coffee because it blocks the identity receptors in your brain or by going to sleep.
Obviously, we have not gone to sleep, so we have a law of identity building up.
But the other main factor is your sleep cycle and your circadian rhythm.
So as the sun comes up, your body actually just starts to produce hormones that are in sync with daylight, which makes your body up.
So in this case, even though our denizen levels are really high as the sun's coming up, our bodies are actually waking up a bit.
As a result, we have sort of like a little up moment, but we are probably going to crash really hard later on as that cycle kind of phases out in the afternoon for us.
As our morning hormones that were acting as uppers began to wear off, we had to take another photo, and then it was the home stretch.
This is not need to go back to bed.
Yeah, this is really, really that this is the worst.
I don't know that I've ever really made it this far before without, like, having some seriously I push for and then immediately crashing after I haven't had any visual hallucinations.
No, not at all.
I definitely have had, just, like, major lapses that we're looking at, uh, get individual whose relations that you would get while I can't speak visual illusion issues that you Oh, my God.
That you would just be like a cosy little line.
I don't think we'll reach that.
The only thing that could help us get through at this point was mindless but active video games as well as scrolling social media.
I can't help but notice you're looking awfully cozy over here.
I need I shall mass for literally three seconded.
Really Look so tired to me go look yourself in the mirror.
No way.
Oh, my God.
And I saw me right now.
I would be like you're sick.
Way finally took the last photos and then went straight, so we've had a chance to rest.
Now we have the photos ready for us to see how bad?
Well, it kind of feels like the whole thing was like a dream.
I honestly don't really remember that.
Yeah, so we'll know.
It wants me not.
I feel refreshed.
That's why they look so snatched.
Oh, my God.
Oh, no.
Look, like I'm crying.
Yeah, you do like, your eyes are a so much smaller and you can see that your eyes are red.
I think I literally look like I have just been crying, right?
Just died.
I am actually more pale in the right one, which is rare from you haven't got It was so sad.
Like my whole face is inflamed.
Actually, I look literally busted, but also the one on the left looks really mean.
You do have a kind of an intense straight face.
I 100% would stay away from the first on the right.
I really would.
I look absolutely pissed off in the morning.
Yeah, you look sad.
I mean, in my forehead, you can see I'm, like, wrinkling my eyes.
Probably cause I'm, like, trying really hard to keep.
Yeah, they say they're supposed to from Nazi wrinkles.
Round rises, maybe.
What they mean, I didn't know what they meant by that.
To be honest, you don't look that that, like you're unattractive person.
I think anyone would be able to say, that's a tired person and that's not Yes, And I would really rather hang out with the person on the left and on the left.
You look hot and on the right.
I think you look.
But I'm also just, like a little bit worried.
Like a good take away from all of this for you.
Is that yes.
If you want to look good for your wedding for a date for one of those photo shoots were you like a hug?
A pumpkin?
It's important to get a good night's sleep.
And as some people might serve, you do need to get your beauty sleep.
Thank you guys for watching.
We actually haven't posted video in about three months or so.
Took a bit of a break, and we've been thinking about trying different formats of videos and stuff.
So hopefully enjoyed this one.
And we also just released a podcast about sleep deprivation with a lot more studies.
It WAAS filmed will sleep deprived, so it's kind of messy, but it's very entertaining.
We'll put a link below the click on or search for.
It's called Side No thanks again for always watching and supporting our videos.
Make sure to subscribe if you're new and we'll see you soon for a new video.



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